12 Habits To Build An Emotional Connection In Your Relationship

Habits For Strong Emotional Connection

A physical connection can be important in a relationship, but an emotional connection is extremely important. It’s the basis of your relationship and will keep you together during the tough times. It’s the bond that holds you together. If your emotional connection is lacking, don’t worry, there are habits you can build to strengthen it …

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5 Affirmations To Help You Embrace Commitment In Your Love Life

man and woman in love

Have you been hurt before and feel scared to embrace a commitment to someone? Are you worried that the feeling of being committed is going to cause you to feel despair in the future? This is normal. Many people cannot embrace commitment with someone new because they are stuck in the memories and pain of …

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Work On Waking Up With No Regrets In Your Relationship

no regrets challenge

There are two big relationship events that can cause you to feel a ton of regret. The first is when your partner dies suddenly. You can find yourself wishing you had been kinder and more loving, among many other things. The second is when your partner decides to leave you. You can find yourself regretting …

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28 Days Of Journal Prompts For Your Romantic Relationship

romance prompts

February is often coined the romance month. I change my whole house into a romantic theme for the month of February and I focus on the romantic aspect of my life. It is an important aspect of my life because when I’m happy in my love relationship, the rest of my life goes much more …

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Self-Love Will Guide You To Your Dreams

Self love quote

The following quote from Ebonee Davis is an important one to remember because self-love is so important for so many different aspects of life. When you make yourself a priority and take into account your happiness and well-being, you can’t live in a pit of misery. You can’t stifle yourself. You can’t hold yourself back from …

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10 Reasons Why You Can’t Move On From Your Ex

These Are the Reasons Why You Can’t Move On From Your Ex

Breakups are one of the most painful transitions that we face in our lives. The pain of losing that person you’ve loved and still love – someone you’ve shared your dreams, your life, and most especially, your love – can be heart-shattering. While some breakups can be easy to get over with, there will always …

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11 Quotes About Kindness: Just Be Cool And Add Kindness To Your Life

kindness quotes

Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a lot of kindness in the world, but I assure you there is! I see kindness every day. I practice kindness. I hear about kindness. I find quotes about kindness, like the ones in this article, from some powerful and good people. In order to see more kindness, you …

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Romance Challenge: Write A Love Letter Once A Week For One Year

Woman reflecting over journal.

Looking for more romance in your relationship? I have a great challenge idea for you. Get ready to write 52 love letters to your partner for the next year. It’s going to require some thought and honesty on your part, but you will find yourself enjoying the process and the reaction you get from your …

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7 Soulmate Quotes To Help You Understand What Soulmates Are

Quotes About Soulmates

Why do so many people look for soulmate quotes? Because we all want to believe in soulmates. Most people imagine another soul being born and then wandering the earth looking for them when they think of a soulmate. And let’s face it, the thought of one other soul being linked to ours for all eternity …

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Make Someone Smile Challenge: A One-Day Challenge

Make Someone Really Smile Challenge

This ‘make someone smile challenge’ is a one-day challenge.  I’m talking about making them genuinely smile. Not just making them crack a smile or, worse, give you a fake smile, but, instead, making them full-out smile because they feel so good. Are you up for this challenge? There are some really good reasons to take …

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