Try This Self-Hypnosis Lucid Dreaming Affirmation MP3

We should all be striving to have more lucid dreams. They are a huge asset to problem-solving, experiencing fun adventures, and feeling more in control of your world. Lucid dreaming allows you to experience more of your life – even if you are asleep.

Lucid dreams feel very real. It’s almost like you are awake, but there are things going on that would never happen in your waking life.

You can control your environment, including the people, places, and situations.

You can test things out in lucid dreams, work on building your confidence, or talk to people that you really want to talk to.

I’ve personally been able to talk to and hug deceased relatives in lucid dreams and it has allowed some closure that I didn’t get in my waking life.

If you want to experience more lucid dreams, then self-hypnosis and affirmations can help.

In fact, there is a subliminal affirmation track out there that can help you get into the same state of mind you get into during hypnosis – if you choose to sit back and relax – and then it repeats affirmations to you so that you can start affirming to your mind that you are able to lucid dream and can do it easily. The more you affirm it, the more likely you are to experience it.

Affirmations Work For Lucid Dreaming

The right affirmations can influence your behavior in the right way, and that includes experiencing lucid dreaming.

I have a friend who continuously affirmed that he could NOT remember his dreams. And guess what? He didn’t! He had been firmly telling himself that he didn’t dream so his mind believed him and didn’t allow him the experience.

He started using self-hypnosis and affirmations for dreaming and soon he remembered his first dream. He was shocked! He said he felt different – better – as if he was more in control of his life and had unleashed some sort of creative tool that he didn’t know he had.

He wanted to lucid dream, and using self-hypnosis and affirmations, his mind soon allowed him the pleasure of a lucid dream. He was able to connect with his deceased father and tell him a few things that he had never said, and that experience changed his life.

What would you do in a lucid dream? How would it affect your life?

Try The Lucid Dreaming Affirmation MP3

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this MP3.

The track is from Subliminal Guru. I’ve written a Subliminal Guru review if you are interested in checking out the company and what they offer with their affirmations.

Subliminal Guru uses brainwave entrainment, which simply means the MP3 helps you get into a state of mind where you are susceptible to soaking in the affirmations being said.

The affirmations are essential statements that allow you to believe that you can have a lucid dream and engage with it.

For instance:

  • Lucid dreaming is easy for me – If you tell yourself something is easy for you, then you are more likely to be able to do it.
  • I am awake inside my dreams – This affirmation is going to help you realize that you are dreaming and give you that ability to think, ‘Hey, I’m dreaming!’ which is often the trigger that causes you to experiencing a lucid dream.
  • I can control my lucid dreams – This affirmation is going to help you remember that you can control your lucid dream when you are in them. It will give you more control and power inside your lucid dreams.

You can read all the affirmations included in the track here, and you can even play a preview of it.

With Subliminal Guru tracks, you can listen to them as you do other things.

But, if you want to relax and listen to them with your eyes closed, this will be a huge benefit to you as you can get into that hypnosis state and allow the affirmations to soak in.

However, our brains are smart and can soak in subliminal messages even if we are not in a trance-like state.

If you want a hypnosis MP3 for lucid dreaming – where you should NOT do other things at the same time – then you can check out the Hypnosis Live Lucid Dreaming Mastery track here. This MP3 is created by the same company that makes the Subliminal Guru tracks and can instill the affirmations and beliefs needed to have a lucid dream.

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