19 Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

19 Obvious Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore
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Being caught in unrequited love is truly painful. You give everything to love someone, but you receive nothing in return. Well, love is meant to be unconditional, so you do not wait to be paid back for it. What makes it devastating is when you keep holding on to a relationship because you thought the feeling is mutual—only to find out you have been loving alone all along.

Worse, your relationship could have started full of love and commitment, but suddenly, it becomes a one-sided love story. How would you feel if you realized your boyfriend for a long time did not love you anymore? Would you keep the relationship and pretend nothing changed? Or would you choose to let go and move on?

Signs He’s Losing Interest In You

If you want to confirm if our boyfriend does not love you anymore, you can check out the following signs:

1. He Is Cold and Uninterested Whenever You Are Together.

Did he use to be sweet and excited whenever you would go out together? If he is not like that anymore, it is a sign that his feeling for you has already changed. You would know that he is not interested in being with you if he is cold and silent throughout your date.

2. He Is Often Harsh and Easily Angered.

If your boyfriend is irritable whenever you are around, it means he is not happy to see you. If this is true, do not be surprised if he gets angry at small things you do or say. Plus, he can be unusually rude even if you are not doing anything bad.

3. He Is Too Busy to Give You Time.

Does your boyfriend seem to avoid you? If it has been weeks since the last time you went on a date, something could be wrong. Being busy at work or school is not an excuse to avoid seeing you. If your partner still loves you, he will make time for your relationship no matter how busy he is.

4. He Does Not Remember Your Special Occasions Anymore.

Did he forget about your birthday or anniversary? It could be a sign that he does not care the same way as before. Love is worth celebrating, so if he has no interest in remembering the important dates in your relationship anymore, it means he does not see any point in celebrating anything with you.

5. He Is Not as Thoughtful as Before.

In connection to no. 4, your boyfriend could be less thoughtful now. For instance, he does not text you “good morning” or “good night” anymore. Or he has probably stopped surprising you with gifts and flowers, which you always loved about him.

6. He Does Not Initiate Communication with You Anymore.

What is worse than being not thoughtful anymore? It is when the person you love does not like talking to you at all. If recently you have noticed that your boyfriend does not initiate texts, calls, or chats anymore, consider it as an obvious sign.

7. He Has Stopped Expressing His Love for You.

Does he still tell you “I love you”? If not, maybe because he does not anymore. A person in love will never get tired of expressing their affection towards someone special to them. So, if your boyfriend does not bother to remind you of his love anymore, you should start wondering why.

8. He Is Keeping Secrets from You Already.

Have you caught your boyfriend lying to you? Has he started hiding secrets from you? If he is, it is a sign that there are things in his life that he does not want to share with you anymore. It is not surprising if he would cheat on you soon.

9. He Makes Decisions for The Future Without Consulting You.

Has he started making major plans without telling you first? Maybe he does not see you in his future anymore. That is why he does not see the need to consult you for his plans.

10. He Does Not Care About Your Feelings Anymore.

If your boyfriend does not feel bad for upsetting you anymore, it is another sign. A guy who loves you would not want to see you hurt. So, if he does not care about what you feel, maybe he does not love you at all.

19 Obvious Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore
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11. He Starts Comparing You with Other Girls.

Does your boyfriend want you to change to someone you are not? Has he started comparing you with other women he finds more fascinating? If this is the case, it means he no longer finds you enough for him.

12. He Is Passive in Resolving Conflicts.

Whenever you fight, is he still eager to patch things up? Or is he willing for your cold war to last for days or weeks or until you initiate reconciliation? One of the signs that your boyfriend is losing his passion for you is his inaction to your conflicts.

13. He Does Not Make an Effort to Fix Your Relationship.

In connection to no. 12, your boyfriend clearly does not love you any more if he is not interested in improving your relationship. If you are the only one who is trying to make things work, then it is not worth it.

14. He Is Not Involved in Your Life Anymore.

Imagine not being updated with your boyfie’s life—being the last to know about his ups and downs. Aside from the need for constant updates about the person you love, you also want to be part of their daily life, right? Now, if your boyfriend does not care about what you do or where do you go any more, what does it say about his affection for you?

15. He Keeps His Phone from You.

When was the last time you got to hold or use your boyfriend’s phone? Have you noticed that recently he does not leave it anywhere near you? Or does he always have an excuse to keep it away whenever you want to borrow it?

16. He Always Criticizes You.

Constructive criticism is healthy in any kind of relationship. However, if all your partner does is criticize you, then it is not healthy anymore. You know that there is no love when a person does not see anything good about you.

17. He Does Not Get Jealous Anymore.

Have you recently tried to make your boyfriend jealous to bring back his passion? If he does not care if you flirt with other guys, then he does not care about your relationship at all. Maybe he even hopes you will really find someone else for real.

18. He Expresses How Unhappy He Is in Your Relationship.

If your boyfriend constantly tells you he is not happy with you anymore, believe him. Love brings joy to a relationship, no matter how hard it is. So, if your man is not happy to stay with you, it means he does not love you.

19 Obvious Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore
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19. He Asks for Space.

If he has been expressing his unhappiness about your relationship, expect that soon he will ask for a break. Maybe he would ask for space or an indefinite cool-off. He would say you both need time to think about your relationship.

18 Terrible Signs He Pretends to Love You

1. He Is Not Consistent.
2. He Is Only Devoted to You Whenever He Needs Something.
3. He Asks Something in Return for a Favor.
4. He Often Waits for You to Make the First Move.
5. He Thinks Special Dates Are Not Worth Celebrating.
6. He Is Not Always Available.
7. He Is Not Always a Gentleman to You.
8. He Can Easily Take You for Granted.
9. He Is Sweeter to Other Girls.
10. He Does Not Care About Your Feelings.
11. He Is Not Supportive.
12. He Is Not Generous to You.
13. He Flirts with Other Girls.
14. He Hides Conversations with Other Ladies.
15. He Does Not Like You Checking His Phone and Stuff.
16. He Lies Often.
17. He Badmouths You to Others.
18. He Keeps Secrets from You.

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Let Go

If it is clear enough that your boyfriend does not love you anymore, leave some pride for yourself. Be the one to let go and set him free. There is no point holding on to a one-sided love story. You deserve someone who will love you wholeheartedly.

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