25 Noticeable Signs He Has Strong Feelings for You

25 Noticeable Signs He Has Strong Feelings for You
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Can you sense that an attractive guy at work likes you? Do you need some signs to confirm that he has strong feelings for you?

Most guys are not expressive when it comes to their feelings. So instead of immediately confessing his emotions, he finds ways to let the girls know about their attraction.

Below are some of the signs that he likes you a lot:

Drawn to You

1. He Wants to Be with You All the Time.

You can feel that a guy enjoys your company. He never lets a single day pass without seeing you. He may invite you to lunch, coffee, a movie, or even go grocery shopping together.

2. He Chats or Texts You a Lot in a Day.

He is not content with seeing you at work. This man fills your inbox with daily messages. He will casually greet you with “good morning” and “good night” or open up about random topics.

3. He Finds Excuses to Visit Your Place.

Do you sometimes find it weird that he is in your vicinity? For example, he would suddenly call you to say he is close to your home and ask if he can drop by.

4. He Likes Inviting You Out.

As mentioned in no. 1, he likes to invite you to various activities with him. You are his favorite lunch buddy, and even after work, he will ask you out. Sometimes, he invites your other colleagues, but other times it is just you and him.

5. He Finds Ways to be Close to You.

You will notice he often stands or sits near you when you are with a group. Or he will find excuses to be by your side, maybe talking to you about work or other random reasons.

6. He Cannot Resist But Touch You.

You can feel that he cannot stop himself from touching you. He loves holding your hand, giving you a ‘friendly’ hug, or sometimes caressing your hair.

7. He is Always to the Rescue.

Can you feel that he is protective of you? For example, he always takes your side whenever you are in a conflict with other colleagues. Or when you are in trouble, he will always help you out.

8. He Never Says “No”.

Whenever you ask him a favor, he will never decline. His desire to please you acts like a magic spell that compels him to do as you wish.

9. He is Always Available When You Need Help.

He is your personal Superman. As mentioned in no. 7, he will be there for you whenever you are in trouble. Moreover, he can sacrifice time and effort to help you.

Can’t Hide Emotions

10. He is All Smile Whenever You are Together.

Have you noticed that he keeps beaming whenever you are talking together? If you know that he is not like that with other people, you can tell that you are special to him.

11. He is Nervous When You are Around.

Despite his evident happiness whenever you are together, can you sense that he sometimes feels awkward? Is he cautious in how he acts around you?

12. He Cannot Stop Himself from Looking at You.

Have you caught him staring at you more than once? And have other people told you that they saw him looking at you? If yes, it is confirmed that he is attracted to you. No, it is not just mere attraction, but he has strong feelings for you.

13. He Seems Excited.

Aside from his smiles, you can tell he is excited around you. He is so cheerful and energetic, which not visible whenever he is with your other colleagues.

14. He Praises You for Everything.

This guy loves to give you compliments. He praises your looks and how you do well at work. Also, he lets you know he appreciates your kindness to him.

15. He is Sulky Whenever You are Talking to Other Guys.

And have you ever felt that he is jealous whenever you are with other guys? He maybe is. You can tell this because he seems not in the mood as he finds an excuse to take you away from them.

16. He Gives a Hint that He is Not Seeing Anyone Else.

Has he ever mentioned to you that he is not currently dating anyone? However, he is probably preparing to confess to you soon. That is why he wants you to know that you do not belong to anyone else.

Wants Your Attention

17. He Likes to Treat You to Good Food.

Men know that girls have a weakness for food. So, if he often brings you some tasty snacks at work, consider it a hint. And whenever you go out together, he brings you to superb restaurants and snack bars.

25 Noticeable Signs He Has Strong Feelings for You
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18. He Often Seeks Your Opinion or Approval.

Another sign that he has strong feelings for you is his usual gimmick to get your attention. One way is asking for your approval, opinion, or comment on his decisions. This also gives you an idea that your thoughts matter to him.

19. He Makes Himself Funny and Goofy.

This guy also likes to make you laugh. That is why he does silly things whenever you are together. He cracks jokes and teases you a lot.

20. He is All Ears Whenever You are Speaking.

Whether you are alone together or with a group, you have his full attention whenever you talk. He shows you that he is very interested in what you say.

21. He Remembers Everything You Say.

And even after a long time, he still remembers what you said. He cannot forget the details and will even remind you about them.

22. He Tells You About His Life.

He is an open book to you. He tells you about his childhood experiences, past heartaches, and even his dreams. It just shows that he wants you to be part of his world.

23. He is Not Afraid to Show You His Vulnerable Side.

Aside from opening up about his life, this man will courageously let you see his weakness. Of course, a guy will not do this if you are not important to him. Indeed, showing you his vulnerability is a sign that he has strong feelings for you.

24. He Lets You Know About the Interests You Share.

A guy who is attracted to you will find out about your likes and dislikes. Then, if he realizes that you share some interests, he will capitalize on them. He will let you know about that and use them to connect more with you.

25 Noticeable Signs He Has Strong Feelings for You
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25. He is Fond of Deep Conversations with You.

Another hint that he has strong feelings for you is how he loves to have serious talks with you. He can talk to you about life, pain, love, and aspirations. And whenever either of you has a problem, he likes to spend time with you for deep conversations.

How Do You Feel About Him?

If you have this kind of guy around, just consider yourself blessed. Finally, someone sees your worth, and he hopes to get to know you deeper.

The question is, how about you? Do you feel the same towards this guy? If yes, maybe he is the one you have been waiting for all this time. Who knows? Why not give yourself a chance to know him better?

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