14 Telltale Signs He is Protective of You

14 Telltale Signs He is Protective of You
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Having a guy who is protective of you can bring you to cloud nine. It is the secret wish of every girl to have a knight in shining armor—do you agree? No matter how strong a woman is, she would still need someone to make her feel valued, protected, and secure.

So, how can you say that a man likes you and is protective of you? Do you have any man in mind who seems to act like your bodyguard or a guardian angel? How can you confirm this? Check out the following signs:

Sensitive Around You

1. He is Curious About Your Friends and Colleagues.

If there is this guy who is fond of asking you about your friends, classmates, or colleagues, you can say he is investigating something. For example, he probably wants to know if you are surrounded by people you can be safe with. In addition, do not be surprised if he wants to meet them too.

2. He Quietly Observes Your Company.

And whenever you let this guy join your friends’ get-togethers, do you notice how he sits most of the time quietly, just listening to everyone talking? Yes, he could be shy around them, but it is also possible that he likes to observe the people you hang out with.

3. He Butts in When Someone Talks Down to You.

If this guy does not like you being insulted by others, he surely is protective of you. One sign is he immediately interrupts anyone who talks to you sarcastically or with a mocking tone. Even if you take it as a joke, he cannot bear that someone would disrespect you.

4. He Keeps You to His Side When in an Unfamiliar Environment.

How about when you are together in a new place? Whether you are with a group or just with each other, he makes sure to stay by your side. He does not like you getting away from his sight as if he is afraid something bad will happen to you. For this reason, he acts as your bodyguard.

5. He Tenses Up When a Stranger or Drunk Guy Approaches You.

Does this guy stiffen whenever someone who seems dangerous approaches you? For instance, a drunk man walks to you to ask for the time, and he immediately comes to your side, pulls you beside or behind him, then does the talking with the other fellow. And when the other person tries to mess around, you know that this Superman-friend will not hesitate to give him a good punch.

Going Strict

6. He Does Not Like You Wearing Skimpy Clothes.

If this person protests every time he sees you wearing short shorts and super revealing crop tops, it is clear that he is protective of you. He knows how men’s brains work, so he wants to keep you from their X-ray gazes. Expect him to explain that for most men, most men find it easier to respect modest and simple girls. And yes, he does not want you to be disrespected by being the object of guys’ fantasies.

7. He Tells You to Go Home Early.

Does he act like your mom whenever he calls just to tell you not to stay out too late? Even if he knows you are safe with the friends you go out with, he is not comfortable thinking that you will be going home past midnight. You might even be surprised to find out he has followed you to your whereabouts just to make sure you can get home safely.

14 Telltale Signs He is Protective of You
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8. He Discourages You from Clubbing with Friends.

And how about the idea of clubbing? Is he against the idea of you going to clubs with your friends? He could be so overprotective that he gets paranoid, thinking you would be surrounded by people who are high in alcohol and dangerous substance. Therefore, he keeps discouraging you from going to these party hubs, saying you and your friends can hang out in other places.

9. He Scrutinizes Your Suitors.

Another sign that this man is protective of you is when he disapproves of your suitors. He tells you that he hates to think of you ending up with someone who is not worth it. Therefore, he is eager to meet these guys, and when he does, he finds many reasons for you to stay away from them. Well, he is probably jealous, too; that is why he does not want you dating other men.

10. He Tells You Not to Be Too Friendly to Guys.

Does he get irritated whenever he sees you hanging out with some boy friends? Does he say you should stop being too sweet or comfortable with other guys? While he could be jealous, he probably wants you to be careful too. He does not like you being taken advantage of by guys who target innocent, sweet girls. In addition, he might tell you to avoid touching guys or let them touch you.

Treats You Delicately

11. He is Always Gentle Towards You.

How about the way he treats you? Is he always gentle, as if you are delicate chinaware? And even when he is angry, does he avoid raising his tone or using offensive words? Being gentle is one way he can protect you from himself. For this reason, he is being patient with you.

12. He is Careful with His Words When Talking to You.

In connection to no. 11, he is always careful when talking to you. He avoids words that can be offensive or discouraging. You can notice that he chooses his words carefully, especially when he is upset. He understands that a simple “sorry” cannot take back the painful words he might blurt out of anger.

13. He Rather Leaves the Scene than Argue with You.

And when he is at the peak of anger, he chooses to walk away rather than keep arguing with you. He is afraid he might say anything that can offend you. Worse, he is terrified by the thought that he would run out of patience and end up hurting you physically.

14. He Treats You Like a Real Gentleman.

Overall, he treats you like a princess. He is gentlemanly towards you every time you are together. He opens the car’s door for you, holds the umbrella over your head, and carries your bag. When walking along the street, he makes sure you are on the safe side beside him. Being a gentleman is his way of letting you know that you are secure with him.

14 Telltale Signs He is Protective of You
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Is He Your Prince Charming Already?

Knowing that this guy is protective of you, how do you feel about it? Do you feel giddy because someone wants to keep you safe by his side? You probably wish that he is the person you have been waiting for all this time.

Yes, this man could be the right one for you, but there is no assurance unless you know him too well. Before concluding that he is your prince charming, know his character and determine if your principles in life match or complement. Of course, you must also wait for him to confess his feelings before assuming that he likes you.

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