22 Sure Signs He is Slowly Falling for You

22 Sure Signs He is Slowly Falling for You
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Is there this guy who you think is starting to like you? Probably, you have known each other for a while, but it was only recently that you began hanging out with each other. But then, you notice that he is slowly falling for you.

Of course, you do not want to sound assuming. That is why you have no intention of confronting him about your observation anytime soon. However, you want to confirm his feelings for you so you will know how to properly treat him. Well, you do not want to give him false hopes.

So, to help you with your dilemma, here are some undeniable signs that this guy is becoming fonder of you.

Becoming More Attached

1. He Always Approaches You First.

While it is possible that he just likes your company so much, his excitement to see you can also result from his growing feelings. He is always so happy to see you that he cannot stop himself from running to your side.

2. He Loves Nonstop Conversations with You.

This is another sign that he is slowly falling for you. He talks nonstop whenever you are together, always coming up with additional topics. You can observe that he never answers you with a simple “yes” or “no”. There are always long explanations, and he ends by asking you back.

3. He Sticks Around Annoyingly.

And once he approaches you, does he stay for a long time? Instead, he sits close to you, joins your group for lunch or snacks, or simply lingers around. Sometimes, this irritates you because you feel he is already invading your privacy.

4. He Seems to be Following You.

What is more, this guy seems to be stalking you. Suddenly, he started appearing in your favorite hangouts. Of course, he would express his ‘surprise’ seeing you around, but you could not help wondering why he is suddenly frequenting your constant places.

5. He Messages You Every Day.

Have you observed that he is chatting with you every day lately? No day would pass without seeing his name in your inbox. Either he sends you inspiring messages, like Bible verses, or simply greets you a “good morning” or “good night”. Or he probably has millions of random topics to open up with you recently.

6. He is Becoming a Regular Visitor at Home.

If he seems to be frequenting your home recently, consider it as a sign. What could be his reason for trying to be close to your family? Also, maybe he wants to know you better by being in your natural environment.

7. He is Touching You More Often.

If he is becoming more ‘touchy’ lately, consider it as another sign that he is slowly falling for you. He wants to draw closer to you that He cannot resist touching your skin. He may start with ‘unintentional’ touching your arm or leg. Or he may pull you by the hand to lead you somewhere.

Getting Weird Around You

8. He Laughs at Your Corniest Jokes.

Does this guy patronize you a lot? Does he laugh hard at your jokes, even if they are corny? If he does, you can tell that he is attracted to you. He laughs at your jokes because he wants to be supportive, hoping it will make him attractive to you as well.

9. He Gives You the Hot and Cold Treatment.

It is not surprising for a guy to be hot and cold if he is slowly falling for you. He is at the point where he is confused about how to treat you. He could be too sweet and friendly one day, then rude and irritable the next. He loves your presence, but he is afraid his lingering around might be annoying already.

10. He Cannot Look You Straight in the Eyes.

You can also tell that something is going on inside him through his eyes. Does he avoid your gaze? It could be because he is afraid his eyes will betray him as they cannot hide his feelings.

11. He is Caught Looking at You Several Times.

On the other hand, this man loves to sneak some glances. He cannot help but stare at you whenever he thinks you are not looking. So, if you have caught him looking at you a few times already, that is a sign.

12. He Gets Clumsy When You are Around.

Another sign that this guy is starting to like you is how he acts awkward around you. Since the feelings are new to him, he does not know how to control them yet. That is why he is nervous whenever you are around.

22 Sure Signs He is Slowly Falling for You
Photo by joaocampanholo

13. He Tries So Hard to Make You Laugh.

Well, this fellow not only laughs at your jokes but also wants to show off his humor. Therefore, he cracks a lot of jokes whenever you are together. He hopes to be the funny guy who can make you cry with too much laughter.

14. He Brags a Lot.

If this guy is suddenly boastful these days, it could be because he wants you to know about his achievements. In short, he wants to impress you.

15. He Stammers When You Talk to Him.

Is he suddenly speechless whenever you approach him? And when he responds to your questions, does he seem disorganized that he unusually stammers? If yes, you can tell that your presence affects him so much.

16. He Compliments You for Almost Everything.

Another sign that his feelings for you are growing is his constant praise. If recently he loves to compliment your looks and actions, it means one thing—his attention is on you. He notices practically everything about you.

Growing Deeper in Connection

17. He Starts Opening Up About Private Matters.

Has this person started confiding in you about his personal concerns? Does he tell you about his secrets? It is either he has grown to trust you because of your deepening friendship, or this is his way of trying to get you into his world.

18. He Asks You About Your Love Life.

Is he interested in your dating life? If he is suddenly curious about who you currently date. Could it be because he secretly hopes you are not seeing anyone now?

19. He Becomes More Protective of You.

If you can feel that this guy is starting to be extra caring towards you, consider it a hint. Has he become more protective, acting like a true gentleman around you? Does he defend you from anyone who criticizes you?

20. He Opens Up About the Things He Likes About You.

You can also tell if a man is slowly falling for you if he likes talking about the things he admires you for. The fact that he has been pondering on your traits, skills, and actions means that he is constantly observing you.

21. He Starts Talking About His Plans to Settle Down.

This is another sign that he is already attracted to you. He wants to give you a clue that he is looking for a partner to settle down with. So, he wants to see your reaction and get ideas about your own future goals.

22 Sure Signs He is Slowly Falling for You
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22. He is Willing to be Your Crying Shoulder.

One of the clear signs that he already likes you is his desire to be your confidante and comforter. For this reason, he always reminds you that he will be available anytime you need someone to talk to.

Why Not Give Him a Chance?

If you have been praying for the right partner, maybe this is your chance to get to know him better. What if he is the one sent by God? Well, do not fall for him quickly, though. Be good friends with him for a long time and see if his affection is genuine.

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