23 Obvious Signs He is Smitten By You

23 Obvious Signs He is Smitten by You
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Do you think that there is a guy who is in love with you so much? How can you say he is smitten with you? You better observe him carefully to confirm this.

A man in love would do everything just to get noticed by the girl he likes. He will be obvious. Therefore, it is possible that what you feel about a certain guy is true. It will be obvious because of his constant presence and efforts to please you.

Check out some of the signs he is smitten with you:

23 Obvious Signs He is Smitten with You Video

Always by Your Side

1. He Hangs Out with You a Lot.

One of the common signs that a guy likes you a lot is his desire to spend time with you. He always finds ways to be able to hang out with you. Sometimes, he would even invite your friends just to make sure you would go out with him.

2. He Always Sits or Stands Close to You.

Have you observed how he is often close to where you are? Even if you are with a group, he loves to sit, stand, or walk next to you.

3. He Automatically Accepts Your Invitations.

He will surely be there whenever you invite him for a get-together or a party. He always responds positively to your invitations because he takes them as chances to be with you. Also, he does not want to disappoint you, so he can willingly sacrifice his other activities.

4. He Joins the Group Whenever You are Around.

If he is an introverted person, he is most likely not interested in being with several people. Therefore, expect him to avoid group activities most of the time. However, if you have observed that he goes out with your common friends whenever you are included, you should wonder why. The answer becomes clearer if he does not join the group when you are not around.

5. He Can Talk to You for Hours.

Does it seem like he loves engaging in a conversation with you? If he is fond of talking to you about anything under the sun that your conversations can last for hours, he is smitten with you. He does not think of those hours as a waste of his time.

6. He Always Chooses You.

He will always choose you or your team whenever he has to pick sides. And even if others are criticizing you, this guy will always be your defender. He will always be on your side.

7. He Seems to Follow You Everywhere.

Do you feel that he is stalking you? If he seems to be everywhere you go, it could be a hint that he follows you a lot. But, on the other hand, he could be so head-over-heels that he wants you to be in his sight all the time.

Full Attention to You

8. He Enjoys Listening to Your Ideas.

Another sign that a man is in love with you is how he listens to you attentively every time you talk. No one can distract him from paying attention to you. And you can tell he is not just doing this out of courtesy because he will remember everything you said after that.

9. He Does Not Seem to See Other Girls.

If he is not dating anyone recently, you better ask why. Could it be because it is you he wants to pursue? He might even intentionally let you know that he is not seeing anybody else.

10. He is Not Interested in Other People When You are Around.

Whenever you are together in a group, does he seem uninterested in talking to other people? Does he stick with you most of the time? If yes, it is a sign that you fill up his senses. His full attention is on you.

11. He Serves You All the Time.

Another clue that he is smitten with you is how he loves to serve you. He carries your bags, holds your umbrella up, or opens the door when you pass by. When eating together, he refills your glass with drinks and offers to get you more food. In short, he loves to do everything for you.

23 Obvious Signs He is Smitten by You
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12. He is Never Busy Whenever You Need Him.

This man will always be available when you need him. He is just a call or message away. You can count on him to be there immediately whenever you need his help.

13. He Prioritizes You Over Other People in the Group.

You notice that he puts you first before anyone else. Other people can also observe how he treats you special compared to others. Even if his friends have asked him out first, he will cancel his plans with them once you invite him out.

14. He Compliments You All the Time.

Another sign of his adoration for you is how he showers you with compliments. Nothing escapes him, even your new hairstyle, lipstick, and thick eyelashes. He loves praising you even in public.

Craves for Your Attention

15. He Looks His Best Whenever You Have to Meet.

Of course, he wants to be attractive in your sight. For this reason, he dresses up whenever you have to meet. He may even notice his fresh haircut.

16. He Sends You Friend Requests on Social Media.

Even if you are not that close, he initiates a connection with you on social media. He sends you a friend request, hoping he will be updated with your life. Once you are connected online, he becomes your no. 1 fan, as he does not miss any of your posts. He will always react or comment on them.

17. He Messages You All the Time.

This guy sends you messages from morning to night. He loves greeting you and sending inspiring messages. He is also fond of checking on you, letting you know he cares.

18. He Finds Excuses to be Able to Talk to You.

He always approaches you or sends you messages. However, you find him annoying sometimes since his reasons are usually petty. He contacts you for non-important matters and other things that do not really concern you.

19. He Tries to Impress You.

Does he sometimes seem arrogant? If he sounds proud whenever talking to you, but others do not observe the same thing, it means he is only showing off to you. He wants to impress you with his achievements, talents, or anything he can boast about.

20. He Wants Your Company Whenever He is Down.

If this man asks for your presence whenever he is not okay, you get an idea that you are a source of comfort to him. He is willing to show you his vulnerable side because he trusts you and hopes you can accept him for what he is.

Being Generous

21. He Gives You Gifts, Even on Ordinary Days.

Another sign that he is smitten with you is his generosity. He is fond of giving you gifts, even with no special occasion. Sometimes, he even gives you some DIY items, making your suspicion about his feelings stronger.

22. He Treats You and Your Friends.

This guy wants to win the trust of your friends too. That is why he asks them out as well. He wishes to be part of your inner circle, so he willingly spends money on your group dates.

23. He Always Treats You to Delicious Food.

He loves bringing you to fancy restaurants or ordering tasty meals for you. Of course, no one can resist delicious food, and he knows this. Sometimes, he even cooks for you.

23 Obvious Signs He is Smitten by You
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Give Him a Chance

Are you sure now that he is smitten with you? If this guy is nice and you can tell that he is sincere in his feelings, why not try to give him a chance? Get to know him better and see if he is the one you have been waiting for.

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