15 Typical Signs He Knows and Regrets Hurting You

15 Typical Signs He Knows and Regrets Hurting You
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No relationship is perfect, and no partner is perfect. If your boyfriend or husband has hurt you recently, you must think twice before breaking up with him. What if he really repents what he did? What if he did not intentionally hurt you? And what if he is willing to change so that he will never hurt you again?

How can you say that your partner deserves a second chance, though? Do you want to know the signs that he truly knows and regrets hurting you?

You can check out the following signs, and with a woman’s intuition, find out if he is really genuine in repenting from causing you pain. From there, you can decide whether to leave him or not.

Unending Apologies

1. He Sends You Notes and Flowers.

One of the ways your man will be apologizing to you is through notes and flowers. He will possibly do this if you refuse to meet and talk to him, he will possibly do this. Men think of beautiful bouquets as default peace-offering for girls, so your partner may not let go of the chance to send you your favorite roses. But, of course, with the flowers comes a card with a hand-written note saying “sorry” for what he did and asking for a second chance.

2. He Keeps Calling You Even If You Do Not Pick Up.

Aside from giving you flowers, your boyfriend or husband may keep trying to contact you on the phone. Expect 27 missed calls and more every now and then. If he is really sincere in asking for forgiveness, he will not stop trying to talk to you. And even if you block his number, he may use other means to call you.

3. He Sends You Long “Sorry” Messages.

Until you block him on Messenger or email, expect him to be sending you long messages apologizing for what he did. He may explain that he did not intentionally hurt you or admit that he has been careless about your feelings, and now regrets it. He may ask you for a second chance or tell you that he understands if you finally leave him.

4. He Asks a Friend to be Your Mediator.

It is also possible that your boyfriend or husband will ask for help from someone to beg for your forgiveness. It could be your best friend, a common friend, or your family member. He may ask the person to relay your messages or set you up on a date so you can finally talk with each other.

5. He Keeps Bringing Up the Topic.

And even if you decide to give him a chance, it is not surprising that he will keep apologizing to you every now and then. His guilt will keep haunting him, so he may keep asking if you have already forgiven him and what you want him to do to make up for the pain he caused. Even if you try to hide your pain, he knows that it will not go away quickly, so he will keep saying “sorry”.

Sudden Changes

6. He Stops Doing What Hurts You.

Of course, with repentance comes genuine change. Therefore, if your boyfriend or husband has truly regretted what he did to you, he will vow not to do it again. Aside from assuring you that he will completely avoid what hurts you, the change will be evident in his actions. You can prove this change in the long run.

7. He Becomes Sweeter and More Caring.

Another sign that your partner regrets hurting you is the change in how he treats you. He will double his effort to show his affection. You must not be surprised if he is sweeter than ever. He will also become gentler and kinder than usual. Then, whenever you need help, he will be available for you.

15 Typical Signs He Knows and Regrets Hurting You
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8. He is More Thoughtful than Ever.

Expect your partner to be more thoughtful. If he used to forget your birthday and anniversaries, it would be different this time. He will prepare surprises for you on special occasions. With these come special presents that he hopes you will like. Moreover, he will make sure to be the first one to greet you at these important events.

9. He Shows You He is a Changed Man.

Overall, you can notice that your partner is a changed person. He will do his best to change for the better because he wants to prove himself to you. As a result, he will give up bad habits and even improve how he treats you as his girlfriend or wife.

Makes Up to You

10. He Gives You Gifts.

Another sign that he regrets hurting you is his gifts, even on ordinary days. Do not be surprised to find chocolates, stuffed animals, or even fine jewelry on your working desk. It is one of the ways he hopes he can compensate you for the emotional damage.

11. He Makes Time for You.

In addition, he will be more available for you this time. If before you seldom had dates, now he will be asking you out regularly. If possible, he will also commit to driving you home from the office every day. Also, expect him to spend most of his free time with you.

12. He Treats You to Your Favorite Places and Foods.

Then, during your dates, it will be all about you. First, he will bring you to the restaurants or amusement parks you like. Then, you can enjoy all your favorite meals and desserts since he will indulge you with them. His goal is to make you the happiest as his way of making up for the times you were hurting because of him.

13. He Finally Flaunts You to the World.

If before he wanted your relationship to be too private, he may now finally brag about you. He may post about you and your relationship on social media. It is one of his ways to keep you from leaving him. He wants you to know that he is proud of you and has no reason to hide you.

15 Typical Signs He Knows and Regrets Hurting You
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14. He Asks You to Travel with Him.

Do you like holiday traveling? If you do, he may surprise you with trips to beautiful beaches you have always wanted to visit. By going on a trip together, your partner hopes that the good memories from these vacations will replace the painful ones you suffered from lately.

15. He Serves You Like Never Before.

And one of the best ways to make up to you is through service. Your boyfriend or husband knows this, so he will act as your slave in the weeks or months to follow. For instance, he will cook your food, help you clean your place, and even do your laundry. Then, after work, he will get you home, give you some massage, and do everything around so you can retire to bed early.

What Do You Think?

Can you say that your partner knows and regrets hurting you based on these signs? And if he exhibits many of the listed signs, are you sure that he is sincere in doing them?

Since you know your partner well, it is important to be critical of his intentions. If you cannot prove that he is genuine in making up for what he did, you better decide to save yourself from him. Without true repentance, it is possible that he will hurt you again.

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