18 Clear Signs His Love is Not Real

18 Clear Signs His Love is Not Real
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How sure are you that your boyfriend loves you? Do you have a hunch that his love is not real? If you are confused by his actions, it is important to confront the situation even if the truth might hurt. You need to free yourself from a relationship that will never last at all.

True love will give you a sense of security and happiness. It will not cause you to wish you were someone else or feel envious of others’ relationships. For this reason, if your current relationship gives you nothing but heartaches, self-pity, and insecurities, love may not be present at all.

So, what are the signs that his love is not real? Here are some that may help open your eyes to his real feelings for you:

18 Clear Signs His Love is Not Real Video

Has No Time for You

1. He is Always Busy Whenever You Need Him.

How many times have you tried to ask for his presence because you need help or comfort? And from those, how many times did he actually come to be there for you? If most of the time he is not available for you, he does not probably love you. Yes, people can be busy with responsibilities, but true love would make you prioritize the people who matter to you. So, if a person never sacrifices time for you, you can doubt their affection.

2. He is Too Tired for Late-Nights Chats and Calls.

People in love will be excited to talk to each other. And even if you are tired, you cannot resist sweet talks even just on the phone. However, if your boyfriend is not interested in talking to you before he goes to sleep, you have to ask why. He cannot make tiredness an excuse since talking with a special someone is supposed to recharge you. Of course, there are times when he could be so drained that he has to rest early. However, if this happens all the time, he is just not interested in you.

3. He Rarely Initiates Communication.

Who is the first one to greet in the morning? Or, generally, who always texts, chats, or calls first? If it is always you who initiates conversations, something is really off with your boyfriend. Why does it seem he is not interested in checking on you? Does he never miss you at all?

4. He Seldom Asks You Out.

When was the last time your boyfriend invited you on a date? In a month, how often do you spend quality time with each other? If he does not ask you out even if you are both available, it means he is not excited to be with you.

5. He Has Prior Appointments Whenever You Initiate.

And what about if you initiate planning a date? Is he always unavailable? Like he has a business meeting, team building, family time, or meet up with friends? When will he ever become available for you?

Never Invests in You

6. He Has Never Given You Any Gift.

It is normal for a person in love to wish to give special presents to the one they love. You do not have to be rich to give your beloved something special, right? If you do not have money, you just have to be creative and come up with a DIY gift. So, if you have never received a present—even a simple one—from your boyfriend, you cannot say he is in love with you.

7. He Does Not Like Spending Money on Celebrating Your Special Days.

When was the last time you celebrated your monthsary? Or did you ever celebrate Valentine’s? If he thinks it is impractical to spend money on special occasions with you, it seems that he has no reason to celebrate your relationship.

8. He Lets You Spend on Your Dates.

On the rare occasions that he agreed to go out with you, who usually paid for the dates? You? If you are the one who always pays for your bonding, you bet he does not care at all. A true man will do his best to provide for his partner. Even broke people would find ways to treat their loved ones once in a while. It is not about the amount. It is all about the effort.

9. He Has Never Offered You Help.

Has your boyfriend ever initiated to help you with something? If he is never available nor interested in doing something helpful for you, there is no love from him. True love is selfless and always cares about the needs of the other person.

18 Clear Signs His Love is Not Real
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More of a User

10. He Borrows Money from You and Never Returns It.

Does your boyfriend always borrow money from you but has never returned any of it? What if he only sticks with you because of this? If the guy really loved you, he would make an effort to give your money back simply because he values your hard work and trust.

11. He Usually Initiates Contact Whenever He Needs Something.

Can you recall the times when he would initiate communication? During those times, did he contact you simply because he missed you? Or was it because he needed something from you?

12. He is Nice to You Whenever He Asks for a Favor.

When is your boyfriend sweetest to you? If he is normally distant and cold with you, be mindful whenever he suddenly turns affectionate. If it is followed by asking for a favor, you can clearly tell that he only pretends to love you.

13. He Only Asks to See You Whenever He Wants Physical Intimacy.

Or you have probably felt that your boyfriend only likes to be with you for one thing—the satisfaction of his fleshly desire. Whenever he invites you to his place, is it inevitable to engage in passionate intimacy with him, as if he has planned it all along? Then, does he usually urge you to leave already after you are done?

Seems to Hide Your Relationship

14. He Tells You He Wants Your Relationship to be Private.

Have you ever tried convincing him to change his relationship status on social media or at least post your photos together? If the idea pissed him off, you can tell he is not in love with you. Making your relationship private is great, but hiding it completely is a different thing.

15. He Never Posts About You or Your Relationship on Social Media.

In connection with no. 14, another sign that your boyfriend does not love you is the absence of your existence on his social media timeline. Moreover, he may not even acknowledge your comments on his posts, as if they do not matter at all.

16. He Does Not Introduce You to His Family and Friends.

If your boyfriend has never introduced you to his family or friends, you cannot say he really loves you. If he were in love with you, he would have proudly shown you off to the people around him. What could be his reason for hiding you from them?

17. He Prefers Meeting You in a Private Place Rather Than Going Out.

Does it seem like he is afraid to go out with you in the public? If he always meets you in your place or somewhere private, you should ask him why. It is hard to believe that he loves you if he keeps you hidden from the world.

18 Clear Signs His Love is Not Real
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18. He Refuses Attending Events with You.

Has he ever invited you to be his “plus one” to any event he went to? If never, it does not seem like love at all. Even if the people know about your relationship, it is useless if he seems unhappy to be seen with you. It is probably because he is not proud of you or he thinks he cannot enjoy the event with you around.

Leave Immediately

If you have confirmed that your boyfriend does not really love you, do not stay any longer. He is not worth it. You deserve someone who will love you completely, so do not settle for anything less.

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