21 Heartbreaking Signs He Wants You to Leave Him Alone

21 Heartbreaking Signs He Wants You to Leave Him Alone
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What could be the worst thing that your boyfriend can do to you? Is it taking you for granted, cheating, or disrespecting you? Or what if doing all of these while waiting for you to give up on your relationship finally?

Sadly, not all guys are brave enough to initiate a breakup when they have fallen out of love already. For this reason, they push their girlfriends to their limits, hoping they will get tired of running after them.

How can you say that your boyfriend wants you to leave him alone? You should check out the following signs:

21 Heartbreaking Signs He Wants You to Leave Him Alone Video

Unavailable All the Time

1. He Has No More Time for You.

Is he often too busy recently? When was the last time he came to see you? Or how often does he check on you these days? If he is always unavailable whenever you need him, it is a sign that he is falling out of love with you.

2. He Spends More Time with His Friends than You.

If he is always unavailable for you, but you often catch him hanging out with his friends, it is obvious that he wants you to stay away from him. The truth is he has enough time on his hands, but he just wants to spend some of it with you. However, he has a lot of it for the people he likes to mingle with.

3. He is Always Busy at Work.

What is his alibi for not seeing you? Does he say he is always on overtime at work? While it could be true that his job is demanding so much time, it will not stop him from seeing you if he still cares. If he is still in love with you, expect him to hang out more with you when he is so stressed. Your presence is supposed to relax him.

4. He is Often Too Tired to Chat or Text You at Night.

In the same way, a person in love will never be too tired to talk to their special someone before dozing off at night. If your boyfriend still loved you, he would at least have a short call or chat with you before sleeping. He would not be able to resist keeping in touch.

5. He Does Not Ask You Out Anymore.

When was the last time you went out on a date? And who often initiates planning for a babe time? If he is not excited to bond with you anymore, consider it a hint that he is no longer interested in you. Money is not an excuse to avoid having quality time together. You can date by having a heart-to-heart talk over a cup of coffee in the backyard, or you can have a simple picnic at the park.

6. He is Too Busy to Celebrate Special Occasions with You.

Is he often unavailable to celebrate with you your anniversary or other special occasions, like birthdays or Valentine’s? If your relationship is still important to him, being busy is not a valid excuse to disregard these special dates between you.

Communication Line is Off

7. He Does Not Want to Talk About Problems.

Have you tried to ask him if he has problems but got shoved away? Your boyfriend should open up to you whether his problems are personal or relational. If he is keeping things to himself, there is a big possibility that the issue is about staying with you or not.

8. He No Longer Listens to You.

Do your advice and complaints fall on deaf ears? If your boyfriend does not listen to anything you say anymore, it shows that he does not respect or value you as his girlfriend.

9. He Rather Opens Up to His Friends.

Have you discovered that your boyfriend has been sharing his problems with his friends but not with you? Does it make you feel left out and untrusted? You better ask him if he still considers you as his partner. If he still does, remind him that you should be open to each other.

10. He Rarely Answers Your Calls or Messages.

Does he seldom talk to you on the phone these days? If he often ignores your calls, chat messages, and texts, you should know that something is wrong in your relationship. You have to confront him about it as soon as possible.

11. He Does Not Interact with You on Social Media.

Have you noticed that he removed the “In a relationship” status with you on Facebook? Is he often unresponsive to your comments and tags? And is he not reacting to your posts anymore? Worst, is he active in reacting and commenting on other girls’ walls? These are clear signs that he is not interested in you anymore.

21 Heartbreaking Signs He Wants You to Leave Him Alone
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Pushing You Away

12. He is Always Irritable Towards You.

Does he seem annoyed when you keep calling him? Is he obviously unhappy whenever you visit him? And if he is often irritable when you are together, you can tell that he is no longer happy by your presence.

13. He Snaps at You for Small Reasons.

Worse, does he get angry at you for petty reasons lately? It could be his way of making you stay away from him. He wants to be a toxic boyfriend, so you will stop liking him.

14. He Argues with You About Everything.

Concerning no. 13, he turns small things into big fights. He argues with you about everything, making it clear that you are on opposing sides.

15. He is Rude to You.

Overall, he has treated you poorly recently. He is harsh to you, often blurting out rude comments that insult you. On the other hand, a guy in love will be a gentleman to his girlfriend, treating her with patience, kindness, and understanding.

16. He Does Things You Hate.

Another sign that he wants you to leave him alone is how he starts doing the things you dislike. For instance, he smokes in front of you even if he knows you want him to quit it.

17. He Flirts with Other Girls Even If You are Around.

This is one of the worst hints that he wants you to quit your relationship. He intentionally hurts you by being too sweet and suggestive to other girls. And even if you are together, he openly flirts and spends more time with attractive ladies.

Cuts You Off His Life

18. He Makes Decisions Without Telling You.

Is he now making decisions without letting you know first? If he is, it is clear that he no longer considers you a partner. A healthy couple should consult each other for decision-making.

19. He Goes on Trips Without You.

Has he been going away on some holiday trips with his friends or by himself—and he never told you about them? Worse, he did not let you go with him. It should make you think that he does not enjoy your company.

21 Heartbreaking Signs He Wants You to Leave Him Alone
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20. He No Longer Includes You in His Plans.

Aside from making decisions on his own, do his new plans no longer include you? For example, you discovered that he plans to leave his job and work in another city without telling you. It hurts you because it seems he has no intention of settling down with you.

21. He Does Not Invite You to His Home or Hangouts Anymore.

When was the last time he brought you to see his parents? Or does he still bring you whenever he gets together with his friends? No? You should have a hint by now if you are no longer welcome to his circle.

What to Do

If you have confirmed that your boyfriend wants you to leave him alone, there is one thing to do—and that is to set him free. Do not beg for his presence or stop insisting yourself on him. It will only make you worthless afterward. Instead, be brave enough to let go and wait for the right person for you.

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