21 Terrific Ways to Make Him Obsessed with You

21 Terrific Ways to Make Him Obsessed with You
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Do you want your boyfriend to be head over heels with you? They say that for a relationship to last, the guy should be more in love than the girl. While it is not the best formula since a healthy relationship must involve two committed individuals, having a doting boyfriend is not really bad.  So, are you curious about how you can make him obsessed with you?

Here are some of the steps you can take to keep your man loyal and devoted to you:

Be Your Best

1. Take Good Care of Yourself.

Beautiful girls are every guy’s weakness. So, if you do not want him swayed by other pretty girls, stay attractive yourself. Stay fit and healthy all the time. In addition, have a skincare routine to stay flawless and glowing.

2. Dress to Impress.

Another way to be a head-turner is by being fashionable. Do not settle for being neat and presentable. Instead, invest in nice clothes and shoes. You do not have to buy expensive apparel and footwear, though. If you are on a tight budget, you can visit thrift shops for preloved items or remodel your old clothes.

3. Be Confident.

Guys are attracted to confident women—those who are not intimidated by others because they know their worth. For this reason, work on boosting your self-esteem. When you must talk to others, face them professionally with a smile and speak your thoughts without inhibitions.

4. Be Passionate About What You Do.

Men also admire women who excel in their fields. That is why give your best at work. Let your boyfriend see how you enjoy your job, no matter how stressed or tired you are. Once he sees how sold out you are to your cause, especially if it helps others, he will realize that you are a woman of purpose. Nowadays, it is rare to find someone who knows what they are living for is rare.

5. Have a Classy Character.

Guys are enchanted by classy ladies. If you want your boyfriend to treat you like a jewel all the time, embrace sophistication. No matter what your personality is, you can always walk, talk, and act gracefully.

6. Be a Goal-Getter.

Men are enamored by strong women who know what they want.  Therefore, set goals and focus on getting them. For instance, you can pursue post-graduate studies and persevere in finishing them. Or you can work hard on your promotion or business expansion.

Make Him Feel Special

7. Look Him Sweetly in the Eyes When You Talk.

Like girls, guys are also drawn to people who treat them with value. That is why let your boyfriend feel that he is special to you. One way to do this is by maintaining eye contact with him whenever you talk. And when you look at him, let your eyes speak with sparkles.

8. Admire Him Infront of Other People.

Your partner will surely adore you all the more if you are consistent in praising him in public. When you introduce him to others, let everyone know how proud you are of your boyfriend. Highlight his skills, talents, character traits, or even accomplishments.

9. Tell Him What You Like About Him.

And in private, let your boyfriend know what you love about him. This will increase his self-esteem and motivate him to improve himself. Your genuine appreciation will attach your boyfriend to you all the more. Guys are after women who can see their worth. So, expect him to shower you with appreciation as well.

10. Give Him Presents, Especially Personalized Ones.

Another way to make your boyfriend devoted to you is by giving him presents. Bring your thoughtfulness to a higher level by giving him DIY or personal gifts, especially on a special occasion.

11. Let Him Know Your Unique Experiences with Him.

Your boyfriend would surely love to hear how special he is to you. Do this by talking about your unforgettable experiences with him, such as your memorable trips together or your “firsts” with him. Once he hears about these, he will be more doting to you.

21 Terrific Ways to Make Him Obsessed with You
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12. Allow Yourself to be Vulnerable with Him.

Another way to keep your boyfriend obsessed with you is by allowing him to witness your weaknesses. Men like to feel knights-in-shining-armor. So if you show your partner your vulnerable side, he will feel needed for protection—and he likes that.

13. Open Up About Your Secrets.

Aside from letting him know your vulnerability, you can also tell him your innermost secrets. Tell him that you have not shared it with anyone else. This will make him feel super special. Also, it would make him feel trusted, so he will do his best to stay that way.

Challenge Him

14. Do Not be a Pushover.

Men like challenges. They can easily lose interest in girls who follow everything they say. On the other hand, women who know when to say “no” and are hard to influence are like adventures to them. These are the girlfriends who can keep the interest of their partners for a long time.

15. Be Miss Independent.

Men are used to being superheroes and providers in a relationship. However, this is also why some are confident about cheating on their partners. Thinking women are weaker beings who cannot live without them, they are not afraid to commit mistakes. Meanwhile, empowered women who are financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually stable are more challenging for them. These guys know that these girls will not think twice about leaving them once they do something stupid.

16. Set Boundaries in the Relationship.

Do not be all out with him. Set limitations to avoid overfamiliarity and disrespect. Let him understand that he cannot own you, and you still have your individual personal lives. These boundaries will also help maintain your discipline and self-control. Once he sees that you are consistent with the rules you set, you will gain more of his respect.

17. Be Firm with Your Principles.

In connection to no. 16, your boyfriend will take you more seriously if he sees how serious you are with your principles. Demand respect for your beliefs, opinions, and principles. This will make you more attractive in his eyes.

18. Let Him Know You Will Not Settle for Less.

Be a woman of standards. Make your partner see that you value excellence. So, if he wants to spend a lifetime with you, he needs to upgrade himself too. If he takes this positively, he will be motivated to work hard and set goals for himself. The positive influence is enough to make him obsessed with you.

19. Do Not Show Him You are Jealous.

Guys are thrilled when their girlfriends are jealous of other women. It makes them think that these ladies are afraid of losing them. While this could be good, sometimes it because a setback since some guys misuse this weakness. Therefore, avoid being too territorial with your boyfriend. Do not stop him from talking to other girls. If your partner sees that you are not afraid to lose him, he will work harder to please you.

20. Tell Him about the Other Guys Who Like You.

Men are proud to have girlfriends whom other men like too. It makes them feel like winners, and they will do everything to keep their girls. So, if you want them to be obsessed with you, let them know about those guys who keep showing interest in you. Just be careful not to put anyone in danger.

21 Terrific Ways to Make Him Obsessed with You
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21. Never Beg Him to Stay.

Show your boyfriend that you are not afraid to lose him. If you keep insisting yourself on him, he will take you for granted easily. On the other hand, if he sees that your happiness and self-worth are not dependent on him, he will be drawn to you all the more. He knows that you are an asset, not a liability.

Start with Self-Love

If you want your boyfriend to be obsessed with you, love yourself first. Without self-love, it would be hard for others to see your worth. If you are in love with yourself, you glow all the more. And other people, including your partner, will find you more attractive.

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