22 Painful Signs He Will Never Come Back

22 Painful Signs He Will Never Come Back
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Can’t get over your ex? Are you still hoping he will come back? Sad to say, not all love stories have a happy ending. And loving your ex-boyfriend deeply is not enough to get a happy ever after.

If you want to open your eyes to the reality that he will never come back, you should check out the following heartbreaking signs. Then, hopefully, you learn to accept the truth sooner.

Too Much Pain

1. The Relationship was Toxic.

If your relationship brought more headaches and stress than beautiful memories, there is an almost-impossible chance he would want to get back together. So, if you, yourself, know it was toxic, you cannot expect your ex to come running back to you.

2. It Ended in the Most Painful Way.

How did you break up? Did you have closure or not? Or did some ghosting happen? If the separation was too painful, he might want to avoid a visit down the memory lane. And that involves avoiding an encounter with you again.

3. Too Many Harsh Words Have Been Said.

Have you said too painful and insulting words towards him? Hurting a man’s ego is one of the sure ways to turn him away for good.

4. He Told You He Does Not Love You Anymore.

One of the most painful words you can hear from a man is his confession that he has fallen out of love. If he told you he does not love you anymore, he will never come back.

5. Other People were Involved.

Did your separation hurt other people? For example, it could have caused your family to hate your ex or his family to get mad at you. Or your friends could have joined the war too. If this was the case of your breakup, there is a bleak chance your ex would be back.

6. He Told You to Move On.

Have you tried winning him back then he told you to move on? Ouch! That was a slap to the face, making it clear that he does not want you back.

Cut Communication

7. He Never Contacts You Anymore.

If he is not calling or messaging you for months or years now, consider it a sign that he has moved on. He would be dying to hear your voice every now and then if he still wanted you.

8. Your Messages are Ignored.

Have you noticed that he does not even open your chat messages? It is possible that he has “ignored” or marked them as spam. Obviously, he does not want to hear anything from you.

9. He Changed His Phone Numbers.

Is his mobile number not working anymore? It seems like he does not want you calling him ever again. No need to insist on reconnecting with him.

10. You are Blocked on Social Media.

Another sign that your ex is over your relationship is blocking you on social media. He wants you to move on completely, so he does not want you stalking him ever again.

22 Painful Signs He Will Never Come Back
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11. His Friends Ignore Your Messages As Well.

Have you tried using his friends as a bridge to him but with no success? Are they avoiding you too by ignoring your messages as well? It simply means they understand it is all over for him.

No More Care

12. He Does Not Reach Out Even If Something Bad Happens to You.

If he still cares, he cannot resist checking on you every now and then. On the other hand, if he never called or visited you when you got sick or ran into an accident, it is time to let go.

13. Your Things Have Been Returned to You.

Has your ex-boyfriend returned all the stuff you gave him? If yes, he has moved on, and he does not like going back to your arms. Maybe it is time to return him his things and gifts too.

14. He is Not Affected that You are Suffering from the Breakup.

Does he know how messed up you are because of the breakup? If he has not reached out, even if he knows you are getting sick or drowning yourself in alcohol, he definitely wants to move forward. There is no turning back for him.

15. He Flaunts His New One on Social Media.

Is he happily posting about his new girlfriend on Facebook or Instagram now? If he is clearly proud of the new relationship, it means he does not care about how you feel anymore. It does not matter to him that you would be hurt by his posts. He is so over you.

16. You Have Heard He is Serious in His Current Relationship.

In connection to no. 15, you can tell he is not coming back if he is truly in love with his new girlfriend. If he is serious about keeping the relationship, it is time to give up on him. Do not wish them ill so that you can have him back.

17. He Does Not Care if You Date Someone Else.

And have you tried dating someone else to make him jealous? If he never reacts, no matter how much you flaunt your new guy, it is obvious he does not care. If he did, he would come running to win you back.

18. So Much Time Has Passed Since Your Breakup.

Has it been years since he left you? If he has been gone for a long time and never returned, it is time to give up on your hope. Just accept that he has finally moved on and is never coming back to your arms.

Treats You as a Stranger

19. He Ignores You When You Cross Paths.

Does he completely ignore you whenever you meet along the way? Yes, he could only be trying to appear unaffected by your presence. However, it could also mean he does not want to do anything with you again.

22 Painful Signs He Will Never Come Back
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20. You Can Notice His Closed Body Language.

And whenever you approach him, does he seem stiff and always ready to flee? Does he cross his hands and keep his feet together? And is his body facing the other way? If you notice all of these, it means he cannot stand you anymore.

21. He Unfriends or Unfollows Everyone from Your Circle.

Has he removed your family and friends from his friends’ list already? That means he is totally out of your world and does not want to be associated with you anymore.

22. There is No Warmth or Excitement When Your Eyes Meet.

Have you tried locking stares with him? If he is avoiding eye contact with you, or his eyes are dull or uninterested whenever your gazes meet, the spark is gone. He is no longer in love with you.

Heal and Move Forward

If you have encountered all these signs, be kind to yourself. Choose to accept the truth that your ex is not coming back, no matter how much you still love him. He could be so happy with his life now while you are stuck with the past.

Instead of staying miserable, choose to forgive, heal, and let go of your love. Be happy for your ex if he has found a new love, and hope that soon you will find yours too. Life must go on even after a painful loss.

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