15 Noticeable Signs She Appreciates You

15 Noticeable Signs She Appreciates You
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Are you interested in finding out if the girl you like appreciates you at least? Well, knowing your special girl appreciates you can motivate you to do better and keep going. Who knows? Her appreciation is probably a sign that you are also important to her.

First, what is appreciation? Why is it essential in building a strong relationship?

Appreciating someone means you recognize the effort or goodness of the person. It involves being grateful and expressing your approval for what they do. It may be a small thing, but appreciation matters greatly to anyone who receives it. Surely, you love the feeling of being praised by others, right? It boosts your self-esteem and inspires you to keep doing what you are good at.

So, what are the signs that the girl you like appreciates you? You can check out the following:

Vocal about It

1. She Praises You Infront of People.

The best expression of appreciation is genuine praise. If this girl loves praising you, especially in front of other people, you can tell that she really appreciates you. She does not shy away from letting others know how she is impressed by what you do.

2. She Uses You as an Example to Inspire Others.

Does she use your story to inspire others? If she does, she obviously appreciates you as a person. She would not waste time telling others how good you are if she were not sincerely impressed. Moreover, if she thinks of you as a role model, she really looks up to you.

3. She Recommends Your Expertise to Others.

Another sign that she recognizes how good you are is her recommendation. If she keeps recommending your business, service, or talent to others, she truly believes that you are an expert. She would not risk her credibility for someone she is not genuinely impressed with. Therefore, if she recommends you next time, do not forget to send her a “thank you” gift for believing in you.

4. She Supports Your Activities on Social Media.

Does she always share your campaign posts on her social media account? For instance, you probably held an event for a cause and posted about it on Facebook. If she did not think twice to repost, it is clear that she believed in what you do, and she wanted to contribute something to it. Again, she would not put her reputation at stake for something she does not truly support.

Shows Gratitude

5. She Thanks You for Everything You Do for Her.

One of the primary signs of appreciation is gratitude. If she does not forget to thank you even for small things, she truly appreciates everything you do for her. It means that she acknowledges the effort you exert in helping or serving her. And how can you say that she is genuine in thanking you? If she looks you in the eyes and smiles warmly as she expresses gratitude, you can tell that she is sincere.

6. She Sends You “Thank You” Notes.

Another sign that the girl you like truly appreciates you is her effort to send you “thank you” notes. She could just text or tell you in person, but it means so much more to exert an effort to write a gratitude letter. It feels more sincere, and this note can be kept for a long time. What does it mean? She wants you to keep that letter so that you will be reminded of her appreciation in the future.

7. She Gives You Gifts as a Sign of Gratitude.

Anyone can say a “thank you”, but someone genuine in expressing appreciation and gratitude may go the extra mile. If this girl has given you a gift to thank you, you can tell how she means it. Plus, the cost and effort she put into the present would tell you that she thinks of you as someone special.

15 Noticeable Signs She Appreciates You
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8. She Treats Your Family with Kindness.

A person who knows how to appreciate someone’s goodness will pay it forward. And who would be their primary benefactors? That would be the loved ones of the individual they appreciate. So, if this girl is nice to your family members, it could be because of her appreciation for you. You may have done something good for her, and now she wants to give it back to the people important to you.

9. She is Willing to Do Anything for You in Return.

Another sign that this girl you like appreciates you is her willingness to give you any favor. If she assures you that can ask her for anything, it means that she owes you something. To show you her gratitude, she is willing to help you back in any way she can. A person who does not know how to appreciate others’ good deeds cannot make this offer to anyone.

Proud of You

10. She is Proud to be Associated with You.

Does this girl love to tell others that you are friends, colleagues, or schoolmates? If she is proud to be related to you, she obviously appreciates you as a person. If she did not, she would not care attaching herself to your name. On the contrary, if she likes to be associated with you, it means that she is proud of you.

11. She Keeps Talking about How Good You are.

Moreover, if she cannot stop praising your talent, skill, or goodness in front of others, she clearly appreciates you. It means that she is impressed by what you do or who you are. Or it could also mean that she likes you already, that is why she cannot stop talking about you.

12. She Proudly Congratulates You in Public for Your Accomplishments.

Has she ever posted a congratulatory message for you on her social media account? If yes, it guarantees that she thinks highly of you. It is uncommon for people to post about someone not related to them. So, if you have found yourself on her timeline, consider it a sweet expression of appreciation—or admiration.

13. She Tells You that She is Proud of You.

Has she personally expressed how proud she is of you? Well, if she had, she surely appreciates you. What could be the reason why for it? Could it be your career accomplishment, talent, or strength of character to overcome challenges?

15 Noticeable Signs She Appreciates You
Photo by 99mimimi

14. She Encourages by Reminding You How Strong You are.

Have you ever reached the lowest point, and there she was, reminding you that you are a strong person? If she could remember the challenges you overcame in the past, she was impressed by how you handled those problems.

15. She Hopes You Do Not Change.

If this girl has ever told you that she wishes you would not change, it implies that she considers you as good enough. She appreciates you as a person, and she hopes that you stay that way. However, it is possible that she is afraid that you would lose the traits she loves about you.

Consider It a Good Start

If the girl you like appreciates you as a person, it is not impossible that she likes you too—or she will soon. So, just savor these appreciation moments from her because they could be the start of something sweeter between the two of you.

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