19 Significant Signs True Love is On the Way

19 Significant Signs True Love is On the Way
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Have you been waiting for your true love for a long time? What are the indications that it is already on its way?

True love is not just a matter of cloud nine emotions. It does not always have a fairytale plot and ending, but it is sure and permanent. That is why it is worth the wait.

No one can say when true love will come, and no signs tell you when it ought to come and with whom you should feel it. However, some signs will let you know that you are ready for true love. What are these?

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Your Healing

1. You Have Moved on From Your Painful Past.

You cannot fully love a new person if you still hold on to your past. So, if you are still hurting because of your ex, and you are still longing for a comeback, do not expect true love to happen soon. It will be unfair to your new partner if you enter a new relationship because your heart belongs to someone else.

2. You Have Forgiven Those Who Broke Your Heart.

Part of moving on is releasing forgiveness to those who have hurt you before, including your ex. One of the signs that your heart is fully recovered is total forgiveness. So, if your heart has moved on from all the pain before, it is already a clean slate to invite a new person in.

3. You Stop Being Bitter Towards Love.

Of course, you cannot truly love someone if you do not believe in love. So, if you want true love to happen soon, you need to see love positively. You must be able to appreciate and enjoy it.

4. You Have Developed Self-Love Already.

Before you can fully love someone else, you need to have loved yourself first. You cannot give what you do not have. So, while waiting for the right one, better invest in yourself and work on self-acceptance.

Your Life is at Peace

5. You are Content Being Single.

The more you are eager to find love, the hastier you become in making decisions. Your judgment becomes clouded because you concentrate on your desire to have a partner. However, if you are content with being single, you stop focusing on what you lack, and you do not rush into love.

6. You are Enjoying Your Other Relationships.

Another sign that you are ready for true love soon is how you are being responsible and committed to your current relationships, such as your family and friends. Once you have established these relationships, you will be more ready to open a new chapter in your social life.

7. You Have Matured Emotionally.

True love is not based on emotions. The reason why many relationships fail is that most of them were founded on fleeting feelings and attractions. As you grow older and mature, you become wiser in choosing the people to interact with. Right from the start, you get to filter your social circle, so when dating, your primary motivation is not attraction but your desire to get to know the person better.

You are Open for New Love

8. You Allow Yourself to Meet New People.

If you want to meet your true love soon, you need to widen your social network. So, if you are ready to meet new people soon, there is a big chance that you will be meeting the love of your life soon. You just have to be available to nourish your new friendships.

9. You are Not Afraid to Be in Love Again.

Of course, if your heart is ready to love again, it will be easier to let a new person into your heart soon. Just remove all your hesitations and consider love to be a beautiful adventure that is worth the risk. Of course, pain is inevitable in any love story; just embrace it as part of the process.

10. You a Healthy Friendship with the Opposite Sex.

The right, healthy relationship will start the right and healthy way. Most successful relationships are the products of friendship. If you can now enjoy malice-free and healthy friendships with individuals of the opposite sex, you have a better chance of developing a healthy relationship soon.

11. You Do Not Set High Standards for Love Anymore.

Another sign that you are available for true love is ditching your unrealistic idealism. Since you have matured more, you realize that true love is unconditional. It is not determined by external factors, such as appearance, achievements, and popularity.

12. You Start Praying for the Right Person.

Since God is the author of love, you want to start your new relationship right by entrusting it to Him. But, of course, you want it to last this time. For this reason, you ask God for wisdom so you will not end up with the wrong person anymore. Moreover, you ask Him to guide you to be a better person and partner since true love is more concerned with catering to the other person’s needs.

13. You Want Your Next Relationship to be Founded on Friendship and Faith.

As abovementioned, most successful relationships start with friendship. In addition, relationships with God at the center are primarily long-lasting. Therefore, if you are after true love, you strive to prepare appropriately by establishing friendship and faith with the potential partner.

19 Significant Signs True Love is On the Way
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You Have No More Inhibitions

14. You Care for a Person Sincerely.

Once you are dating someone, you will know that you are on your way to true love if you genuinely care for the other person. You become selfless, focusing on how you can serve and what you can give to the person.

15. You Do Not Look at Their Physical Appearance.

True love is not bothered by physical appearance. Even if the person is far from what your ideal partner looks like, you do not care at all. What matters to you is your commitment and how you can help each improve.

16. You are Not After their Wealth, Popularity, or Power.

Another sign that true love is growing is your decision to commit to the person regardless of their social or economic status. You do not care if the individual is not rich, influential, or famous. It is because you understand that practical things are secondary considerations, and you believe that you can achieve them together.

19 Significant Signs True Love is On the Way
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17. You Do Not Hurry Love.

Since true love is not based on attraction, you do not hurry the dating process. Instead, you allow yourself to grow with the person in a genuine and healthy friendship. You are patient as you wait for the right time to settle down.

18. You Choose to See Beyond the Person’s Flaws.

True love is unconditional. Therefore, if you can choose to stay with the person despite their imperfections, it is real. You are not bothered by their flaws because you understand that you are not perfect too. Of course, it does not mean that you tolerate their mistakes and bad behaviors. But, on the other hand, you are willing to help them overcome those.

19. You are Not Head-Over-Heels, but You Choose to Make It Work.

Please understand that true love is not based on how strong emotions are. The most solid relationships are founded on sound judgments and mutual respect. So even if there are no butterflies in your stomach when you are with the person, you choose to stay and enjoy the relationship.

Enjoy The Process

True love should not be rushed. Once it happens, you must let it grow gradually. Just enjoy the process of getting to know each other and growing together.

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