What is True Love between a Man and a Woman

What is True Love between a Man and a Woman
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How can you say that a man and a woman are truly in love with each other? Or, to make it more specific, how can you tell if what you and your partner have is true love?

Many relationships fail because the couples do not have the real thing. Some are founded on physical attraction, fleeting emotion, or the pressure of having a partner. So, when troubles come, it is easy for partners to let go.

On the other hand, relationships that are founded on true love are tried and tested through time. Problems only make them stronger, and the affection between partners keeps going.

So, what is true love between a man and a woman? You should see these signs in a real-deal couple:

What is True Love between a Man and a Woman Video

What is True Love between a Man and a Woman


1. Their Affection for Each Other Grows Over Time.

A couple with a true love for each other has a growing affection. Even if the physical attraction has faded away, they will continue to adore each other. As years go by, their relationship becomes a home for the couple—their constant comfort zone—because of the genuine friendship, companionship, and loyalty formed.

2. They Stick Together Even After Many Trials.

Another sign of true love is how the couple can stay together through thick and thin. No matter how many troubles they go through, they still end up together. Instead of letting problems break them apart, they use them as glue to tighten their bond all the more.

3. The Relationship is Based on Commitment.

Unlike most temporary relationships, a couple with true love is not easily swayed by the change of emotions. Their love for each other is a decision strengthened by commitment daily. For this reason, even if things are not smooth, they do not walk away from the relationship.

4. They Do Not “Get Tired” of Being Together.

Even after many long years, partners who truly love each other will not get bored seeing each other every day. Their love keeps them inspired and excited to share life together. They are not bothered by the changes in their looks brought by age. They are happily contented doing mundane things together daily.

5. Even Distance Cannot Stop Them.

They say that love is also tested through distance. Although many do not believe that long-distance relationships work, those founded on true love can defy this belief. It is because the commitment, faithfulness, and care exerted by the couple remain unchanged despite being apart.

Exhibits Healthy Traits

6. There is Mutual Respect.

True love is also characterized by respect. It is one of the elements that keep any relationship harmonious. By respecting each other’s differences, the couple can avoid conflicts that can break them apart.

7. Both are Sensitive to Each Other’s Feelings.

A man and a woman who love each with will be sensitive to their partner’s feelings. The last thing they want is to hurt the person they love. For this reason, they are careful not to do anything that can break their trust, discourage, or offend them.

8. There is an Allowance for Imperfections.

True love makes a couple understand that their partners are not perfect. Therefore, they treat each other with grace. Whenever someone commits a mistake, they are willing to forgive and fix their relationship.

What is True Love between a Man and a Woman
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9. They Choose to be Honest, Transparent, and Faithful.

True love enables a man and a woman to be honest, transparent, and faithful to each other. Since they want to secure their partner’s trust, a person is willing to sacrifice their privacy. Moreover, they will be cautious not to do anything that can make their partner doubt their fidelity.

10. Patience and Gentleness between the Two are Evident.

You can also observe patience and gentleness in a couple with true love. Both partners are slow to anger, and they avoid treating each other rudely. Respect gives them self-control, so they will not let overfamiliarity cause them to treat their partner carelessly.

11. Both Parties Value Trust.

As mentioned in no. 9, trust is essential in a relationship governed by true love. You cannot tempt a person who really loves their partner to flirt with someone else. Cheating is not in their vocabulary, not because they are invincible, but because they fight the urge to hurt their beloved. In addition, they do their best not to lie about anything. They understand that one lie can create a crack in their partner’s trust.

12. Affection for Each Other is Unconditional.

True love is unconditional. It is not based on physical characteristics or rewards. Even if the other person loses everything, including good looks, the partner will stay by their side. Furthermore, it does not ask anything in return. It gives selflessly.

Improves the Persons Holistically

13. Both are Motivated to Change for the Better.

True love will encourage a person to transform for the better. Their commitment to being the best partner will compel them to get rid of bad habits and improve their character. For example, if you were lazy and a procrastinator before, you will work hard now because you want to build a stable life for your future family with your partner.

14. The Relationship Gives Them Direction.

In connection to no. 13, true love will give the couple the determination to be responsible persons. Since they are decided to make their relationship last, they will not focus on the present. Instead, they will have plans to achieve goals together and have their own family.

What is True Love between a Man and a Woman
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15. They Become Selfless.

True love is generous. As mentioned in no. 12,  it is not self-seeking and greedy. A man and a woman who love each other will not count what it cost them to keep the relationship. They are not after what they can get from their partner. The most important thing for them is how they can take care of their partner.

16. They Support Each Other’s Dreams.

Since true love is not selfish, people in love will not only focus on their personal dreams. They will be determined to help their partners achieve their ambitions too. For this reason, they will support them in every way they can. They will be their number 1 cheerleaders and encourage them when they want to quit. In addition, they will help their partners get up and try again at times of failure.

17. The Couple Grows Spiritually.

God is the author of love. For this reason, a man and a woman who want their relationship to last will surrender it to the Lord. They will make their relationship Christ-centered and even strive to be more Christlike themselves. Their goal is to honor God with their relationship—something usually neglected by partners who are not serious about their relationship.

Make It True Love

If you wonder whether true love can be developed or not, yes, it can be. However, as abovementioned, it is based on a decision. If you and your partner decide to cultivate true love in your relationship, you have to work for it together. First, make God the center of your relationship and work on improving your individual characters. Once you are both personally mature and responsible, it will be easier to take care of a relationship.

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