20 Cute Signs She Loves You Secretly

20 Cute Signs She Loves You Secretly
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Do you have this girl friend who seems weird whenever you are around? Are you suspecting that she actually loves you but cannot just express it?

Most girls are naturally sweet, but those who are in love are very easy to read too. If you are a sensitive person, you can feel if she is treating you special. However, if you are unsure of how she acts around you, the following signs may actually help you confirm.


One of the obvious signs of a person in love is how they crave the attention of the one they like. To the same extent, they love giving attention to that person as well.

1. She Cares about What You Think of Her.

Does she always ask you about how she looks? Or if you like her dress or new hair? Or does she ask you what you want her to change about herself? If your perception is a great deal to her, there is a big possibility that she likes you.

2. She Always Wants to Catch Your Attention.

Another sign that she is secretly in love with you is being an attention-seeker—not just anybody’s attention, but yours. For instance, she would excitedly show you her new painting or ask you to listen to the new song she recorded on her phone.

3. She Dresses to Impress Whenever You Will Be Around.

Have you ever noticed that she is always more glamorous whenever your meeting is planned than when you just accidentally bump into each other? It is possible that she really prepares for your meetups because she wants you to see her beauty.

4. She Showers You with Attention.

You can confirm the girl’s affection for you by how she attends to you. Even when you are with a group, you can observe how her eyes are only for you. Whenever you say something, she is your avid listener, and she will always be the first one to respond. Expect also that she will notice every little thing about you.

5. She Likes Having You Alone to Herself.

Have you ever noticed how she likes it better when you are alone together? She is happier and livelier whenever it is just the two of you. Then, you can observe how her mood dampens whenever someone joins you.

6. She Blushes When You Compliment Her.

Another sign that you are special to your friend is how she responds to your praises. She could blush or suddenly feel awkward for a moment whenever you give her a compliment. You might even catch that faint smile she tries to stop from showing on her face.


You would know how you matter to a person based on how they care for you. If you notice genuine care, surely, there is love.

7. She is Concerned about You.

If this girl is always worried about your welfare, like when you are sick, it is a clear sign of affection. Also, whenever you are going through something, she probably annoys you with her unending encouragement and reminders.

20 Cute Signs She Loves You Secretly
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8. She is Always the First to Respond When You Need Help.

How long does it take for this girl to respond to your request for help? If she never fails to be available whenever you need a hand, she truly cares about you. How about if she is willing to sacrifice whatever she is doing—no matter how important it is—just to be there for you?

9. She is Willing to Be Your Shoulder to Cry On.

This girl loves lending you an ear. She is always available whenever you need someone to talk to. In addition, she will always assure you that you can trust her with your secrets.

10. She Always Checks on You.

Whether you are sick or not, this girl who secretly loves you will always express her concern. If not every day, she probably messages you at least once or twice a week. And most of the time, she always types in the magic words “how are you”.

11. She Defends You.

This girl will always stand by your side. Even if you are not around and she hears someone badmouthing you, she would not tolerate them. Expect her to defend you even to the point of getting into a fight. That is how loyal she is.


Love makes a person special to someone. It compels an individual to walk an extra mile for that person they hold close to their heart.

12. She Appreciates Every Small Thing You Do for Her.

If a girl loves you, she will treasure your kindness to her. Expect that she will not forget the burger you gave her one afternoon two years ago. Also, do not be annoyed if she keeps thanking you for some help even it was too small for you.

13. She Thanks You All the Time.

Talking about gratitude, she overflows with it whenever you meet. She will not forget to thank you for almost everything. She would even thank you for picking up the trash along the corridor and for helping the lady cross the road.

14. She Treasures the Simple Gifts You Gave Her Long Time Ago.

Did you give her a small token three years ago? Have you given her a simple birthday card months before? Expect that these, among other things you have given this girl, are carefully tucked in a treasure box. Why not try asking about them?

20 Cute Signs She Loves You Secretly
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15. She Expresses How Important You are to Her.

She may not directly express that she loves you, but this girl will not shy away from conveying how she cares about you.  She would probably tell you that you are her best friend or you mean more than a brother to her.

16. She is Often the First One to Greet You on Your Birthday.

Does she make sure she is the first one to greet you on your birthday by messaging or calling you at exactly 12 midnight? If she is this thoughtful, it only means that you are truly special to her.


Girls who are in love are normally attached to the guys they like. They are normally comfortable and vulnerable with them.

17. She Tells You Her Secrets.

Is she open to you about her thoughts, feelings, and even secrets? If yes, it is possible that it is not only about trust. She is probably opening her world to you because she wants you to be part of it.

18. She Always Calls and Talks to You When Needing Comfort.

And what about whenever she is not okay? Are you the first person she usually looks for whenever she feels like crying? If you are, it means that you are home to her. And your presence is her source of comfort.

19. She is Clingy to You.

It is usual for less mature girls to be clingy to the guys they love. So, if this friend of yours does not leave your side whenever you are around, you have a clue why. She cannot resist the urge to be with you.

20. She Appears Jealous When You Talk to Other Girls.

Have you ever noticed how she suddenly becomes irritable and moody whenever you are enjoying the company of other girls? Then, whenever you try to engage her, she refuses and may even walk away.

17 Noticeable Signs She Wants You to Make a Move

1. She Makes an Effort to be Extra Beautiful Whenever You are Around.
2. She Acts and Talks Too Carefully.
3. She Seems Awkward Whenever You Are Around.
4. She Blushes When Others Tease You To Each Other.
Making Herself Available
5. She is Always on The Go Whenever You Want to Take Her Out.
6. She Makes Excuses to Be Alone with You.
7. She is Never Too Busy to Respond to Your Messages.
8. She Does Not Mind Having Long Phone Calls with You.
9. She Gives You a Hint That She Wants to Go Out with You.
Initiating Connection
10. She Calls or Messages You First for Random Reasons.
11. She Locks Eyes with You And Does Not Shy Away.
12. She Teases You a Lot.
13. She Invites You to Her Place.
14. She Opens Up About Her Past.
Determined To Know Your Feelings
15. She Asks You About Your Ideal Girl.
16. She Likes to Know Your Impression of Her.
17. She Tries to Make You Jealous.

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10 Sweet Things Girls Do When They Like You

1. She makes time for you.
2. She wants to hang out with you all the time.
3. She responds quickly.
4. She develops the opposite personality.
5. She takes note of the little things.
6. She can’t keep eye contact.
7. She blushes around you.
8. She makes slight physical contact.
9. She takes the time to get to know you.
10. She doesn’t like talking about crushes around you.

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What Do You Think?

Having read the signs above, can you say that this girl is secretly in love with you? If you have observed most of these, there is a big chance that she is really into you. What will you do about it, then? Do you think it is possible that she is the one?


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