17 Noticeable Signs She Wants You to Make a Move

Signs She Wants You to Make a Move
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Do you think your crush likes you? Do you think she actually wants you to make a move? You are probably unconfident since you think you are only imagining things. That is why you are confused about whether you should pursue her or not.

However, what if she really likes you too? What if she has been waiting for you for all this time? Are you going to miss the chance to be with her?

It is time to shake off your fear of rejection and intentionally pursue her. And if you want a confirmation that this is the right time to step forward, you should check out for the signs that she wants you to make a move.

Do you want to know these signs? Keep reading below.

Gets Conscious Around You

1. She Makes an Effort to be Extra Beautiful Whenever You are Around.

Have you observed how she often arrives too beautiful for activities in which she knows you will be around, even during casual dates? But how about during surprise encounters? Have you noticed that she is often less prepared for unexpected meetups? If you can sense that she always puts an extra effort to be attractive when she knows you will meet, consider it a sign.

2. She Acts and Talks Too Carefully.

If that girl is less talkative and loud whenever you are around, you should wonder too. You would know that she is conscious if she is unnaturally careful with her words and actions. You can confirm this if you happen to have seen her in her natural environment without her knowledge, and you saw how unreserved she could be.

3. She Seems Awkward Whenever You Are Around.

Does she seem nervous and less coordinated whenever you are together? Probably, it is because she does not know how to act around you. She may be aware that you have a mutual understanding but gets confused if she should be expressive about her feelings or wait for you to initiate the dating stage formally.

4. She Blushes When Others Tease You To Each Other.

How does she react whenever your friends tease you together? Of course, people who get teased with someone they have no feelings for would just laugh at it. However, if this girl flushes red and becomes too uncomfortable, you can say that it means something to her.

Making Herself Available

5. She is Always on The Go Whenever You Want to Take Her Out.

Is this girl always excited whenever you mention some possible trips together? Or does she always say “yes” whenever you ask her to go out with you? One sign that a girl is waiting for you to make a move is her constant availability just to be with you.

6. She Makes Excuses to Be Alone with You.

If you can observe that this girl you like is more comfortable being alone with you than being with a group, consider it a sign. If she continually makes excuses to go out alone with you, it means she hopes you will be more confident expressing your feelings once you are alone together.

7. She is Never Too Busy to Respond to Your Messages.

Does she always reply to your messages almost instantly? If she is not bothered—and even seems excited—by your random messages even during work hours, it can mean she likes you. And she does not mind giving time to your messages because she hopes one of them could give her a hint that you are starting to make a move.

8. She Does Not Mind Having Long Phone Calls with You.

If the girl likes talking over the phone with you for hours, even during late nights, she takes it as a getting-to-know-each-other stage. Therefore, the more frequent you have late-night calls, the more hopeful she will be that you will be confessing your love anytime soon.

17 Noticeable Signs She Wants You to Make a Move
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9. She Gives You a Hint That She Wants to Go Out with You.

Does this girl sometimes message you that she is ‘bored’ or wants to relax somewhere? If yes, she is giving you a subtle hint that she wants you to take her out. She is taking the initiative to be with you!

Initiating Connection

10. She Calls or Messages You First for Random Reasons.

One of the signs that a girl likes you is when she often initiates conversations with you. If she is aware that you like her, texting or calling you for random reasons frequently hints that she is helping you get that chance to open up.

11. She Locks Eyes with You And Does Not Shy Away.

Most girls are shy whenever they come face to face with someone they like. However, if she is aware of your feelings and has been waiting for a long time for your “move”, she might take the matter into her hands. She can be more assertive with you, like daring to make eye contact with you for more than five seconds.

12. She Teases You a Lot.

Girls who want their crushes to notice them can be so annoying. So, if this girl you like loves to tease you about everything, it is possible that she only wants your attention. She wants hopes to keep your attention to herself so you can have moments together.

17 Noticeable Signs She Wants You to Make a Move
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13. She Invites You to Her Place.

Does she often invite you to special occasions at her residence? Has introduced you to her family as a good friend and tried to make you feel at home in their house? If she has gone to this extent, it means she is serious about helping you make a move.

14. She Opens Up About Her Past.

If this girl has already opened up about her most painful past, consider it as a sign that she is inviting you to her life. The fact that she is willing to be vulnerable before you means she is testing whether you can accept her or not.

Determined To Know Your Feelings

15. She Asks You About Your Ideal Girl.

Has she ever asked what the traits you like in a girl are? If she is curious about your ideal woman, she may hope she fits the description. Aside from this, she probably wants you to realize that the girl you desire is already in front of you. It is like saying, “What are you waiting for? I am your ideal girl!”

16. She Likes to Know Your Impression of Her.

If the girl likes you, she would surely want to know what you think of her. And one of the reasons for this is finding out why you are not pursuing her yet. Your impression could serve as her guide as to how she can “improve” herself so you would like her better.

17. She Tries to Make You Jealous.

One of the signs she is getting impatient that you make a move is when she starts acting sweet with other guys in front of you. Or she could be letting you “hear” about the guys who want to take her out. So, yes, she wants you to be jealous and afraid of losing her.

20 Cute Signs She Loves You Secretly

Attention Signs
1. She Cares about What You Think of Her.
2. She Always Wants to Catch Your Attention.
3. She Dresses to Impress Whenever You Will Be Around.
4. She Showers You with Attention.
5. She Likes Having You Alone to Herself.
6. She Blushes When You Compliment Her.
Care Signs
7. She is Concerned about You.
8. She is Always the First to Respond When You Need Help.
9. She is Willing to Be Your Shoulder to Cry On.
10. She Always Checks on You.
11. She Defends You.
Value Signs
12. She Appreciates Every Small Thing You Do for Her.
13. She Thanks You All the Time.
14. She Treasures the Simple Gifts You Gave Her Long Time Ago.
15. She Expresses How Important You are to Her.
16. She is Often the First One to Greet You on Your Birthday.
Attachment Signs
17. She Tells You Her Secrets.
18. She Always Calls and Talks to You When Needing Comfort.
19. She is Clingy to You.
20. She Appears Jealous When You Talk to Other Girls.

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14 Subtle Signs She is Afraid of Losing You

1. She Does Everything You Say.
2. She Wants to Be Beautiful in Your Eyes Always.
3. She Changes for You.
4. She Tries to be Your Ideal Girl.
5. She Agrees to All Your Decisions.
6. She Gets Jealous Easily.
7. She Expresses Fear of Losing You.
8. She Cries in Front of You.
9. She Says You are Her Weakness.
10. She Turns a Blind Eye to Your Faults.
11. She Swallows Her Pride Just to Initiate Reconciliation.
12. She Shares About Her Dreams and How You Fit in.
13. She Wants to Build a Family with You.
14. She Daydreams About Your Wedding Day.

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15 Signs Your Crush Likes You

1. Steals glances at you
2. Sends and responds with long messages
3. Interested to know more about you
4. Knows details you never told him/her
5. Notices even small details about you
6. Appreciates you even in little things
7. Always willing to help you
8. Can stand long conversations with you
9. Asks for your contact details
10. Responds to invitations
11. Shares secrets with you
12. Unusually presentable when s/he knows you would be around
13. Finds ways to be near you always
14. Becomes awkward, timid, or hyper when you are around
15. Changes mood when you hang out with someone else

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What Are You Waiting for?

If you have confirmed through these signs that the girl you like is waiting for you, do not waste any more time. If both of you are free and mature enough to handle a relationship, there should be no reason for you to delay your love story further.

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