19 Clear-Cut Signs an Alpha Male Likes You

19 Clear-Cut Signs an Alpha Male Likes You
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What would you feel if you found out that an alpha male likes you? Would you be flattered knowing a top gun is interested in you?

Alpha men may be less emotional since they are goal-driven, but they can fall in love. And once they are serious with a girl, they will do everything to get her, protect her, and make her happy. Don’t you think this is amazing?

So, what are the signs that an alpha male likes you? Check these out:

19 Clear-Cut Signs an Alpha Male Likes You Video

19 Clear-Cut Signs an Alpha Male Likes You

Treating You Special

1. He Does Not Mind Talking to You for Hours.

An alpha guy is busy most of the time. Usually, he does not have time to spare for chitchatting. So, an alpha man who does not mind talking to you about anything under the sun for a long time is evidently interested in you.

2. He Gives You More Attention than the Rest.

Alpha men are not people pleasers. Unlike most beta guys who try to give equal attention to everyone, alphas do not waste time trying to make everyone feel good about themselves. Instead, they focus their attention on those important to them. Therefore, if an alpha guy spends time talking to you, even if there are other people around, he definitely likes you.

3. He Always Compliments You.

Another sign that an alpha likes you is his constant praises. He loves making you feel good about yourself, so expect his compliments every time you are together. He notices every detail about you, so do not be surprised if he praises your clean nails or new boots.

4. He Serves You in front of Others.

Alpha men may be born leaders, but they love to treat their loved ones as kings and queens. Therefore, if an alpha likes you, he will care for you. He will not hesitate to serve you even if other people are around.

5. He Lets You Know His Vulnerability.

They may be tough guys, but alphas have weaknesses too. If an alpha guy likes you, he would want you to be part of his world. Part of this would be witnessing his vulnerability. For instance, he might tell you that his family is his weakness.

Trying to Impress You

6. He Tells You About His Accomplishments.

Alpha men are naturally proud. And to attract ladies, they tend to brag about their achievements. So, if a guy tells you about the medals he received in college or his recognition for being a model employee, consider it a sign.

7. He Brags About His Connections.

He will also try to impress you with his social network. An alpha man sees himself as an equal of prestigious people, and he wants his special someone to see that. That is why he cannot stop himself from flaunting his popular friends and social connections.

8. He Wears Expensive Outfits Whenever You Meet.

Another way an alpha guy will do to impress you is by looking his best whenever you have to meet him. Expect him to wear his branded shirt, pants, shoes, and other accessories. For sure, you cannot ignore his elegant musk too.

9. He Treats You to Expensive Places.

Of course, he wants you to know that he cannot only provide the best things for himself but even for you. So if he asks you out, he will bring you to special places and do his best to give you the best experience.

10. He Will Give You Generous Presents.

His generosity is not limited to expensive dates. An alpha man will also try to impress you with pricey gifts. He wants you to know that he is capable of providing you with what you need and even beyond.

19 Clear-Cut Signs an Alpha Male Likes You
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Acting Your Superhero

11. He Walks or Drives You Home.

Alpha men are protective of the people they value. Therefore, if there is a guy who insists on taking you home every night after school or work, know that you are important to him.

12. He Comes to Help You As Soon As Possible.

Moreover, an alpha male who likes you will always be available to lend you a hand. You can count on him during emergencies because he will make sure to reach you in no time. No matter how workaholic he is, he will not hesitate to set his tasks aside to ensure your safety and welfare.

13. He Assures You He Got Your Back.

One of the top traits of alpha men is being dependable. If an alpha guy likes you, expect him to give you his full support. He will use his competitive side to push you to success. And at times when you are in trouble, he will do his best to help you out of it.

14. He Checks on You.

Another sign that an alpha male is interested in you is his constant checking on how you are doing. Taking care of everyone who matters to him is part of his personality. That is why he would want to make sure you are doing well.

15. He Gets Protective of You.

As mentioned above, alpha males are protective of the people important to them. Therefore, if an alpha likes you, he will always choose your side and prepare to defend you when needed. He will also make sure that nothing harms you. That is why he insists on driving you home.

Making It Obvious

16. He Looks at You Straight to the Eyes.

Alpha men are confident, so they will not shy away from the ladies they are attracted to. If an alpha guy wants you to be aware of his feelings, he can stare at you directly for more than five seconds. Most girls would melt at this—how about you?

17. He Always Approaches You Whenever He Sees You Alone.

If an alpha is interested in you, he makes it obvious by sticking with you more than necessary. Whenever you are alone, he will invite himself to join you. He takes it as an opportunity to have you solo and enjoy your presence. Unless he is your BFF, it would be unusual for a guy friend or acquaintance to keep your company without malice habitually.

19 Clear-Cut Signs an Alpha Male Likes You
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18. He Says that You are Special.

Alpha men are straightforward talkers. If you are special to an alpha guy, he will express it candidly. For him, there is nothing wrong with letting you know that he admires you. Once he starts being vocal with his appreciation for you, expect him to be making some smooth moves soon.

19. He Flirts with You.

What is the best way to let you know he is attracted to you? Of course, through flirting. Since alpha guys are confident, it is normal for them to be daring. They do not like beating around the bush, so they like making their feelings obvious.

Keep It Chillin’

So, did you confirm that an alpha guy likes you? If yes, just keep it cool. Even if you like the person too, avoid being an easy-to-get. Making it obvious that you are head-over-heels with him could make his interest die down soon.  Alpha men love challenges, so better keep him challenged until you have known him well.

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15 Clear Signs of An Alpha Male

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