10 Things The Silva Ultramind System Can Help You Do

The Silva Ultramind System quest on Mindvalley is an updated version of the Silva Method. Jose Silva created the Silva Method but believed the Ultramind version was the superior one.

I remember the Silva Method is a hot topic about 10 years ago when I really started delving into the personal development world, but the momentum towards it seemed to die away for a while. Now, Vishen Lakhiani and Mindvalley have put out a course with an updated version of the Silva Method program called the Silva Ultramind System.

It is Jose Silva’s most recent version of the Silva Method, and Vishen Lakhiani is teaching it. I took the Silva Ultramind System and believe that there are a few things that it can do for everyone who is willing to use the Silva Method techniques taught in it.

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1. Get Centered

How hard is it to get centered for you nowadays? I know that my attention can be pulled from one news story to the other and one drama to the other quite easily. And this keeps my brain working overtime!

This new Silva Method course has the same centering exercise that the old Silva Method course did. Vishen walks you through the Silva Method of relaxation a few times through the course. Each session is just over 20 minutes long. But, eventually, you are able to go ahead and do the centering exercise on your own with much less effort. It just becomes a matter of counting, breathing, and/or closing your eyes.

Getting centered is essential to everything good in life.

  • It helps you calm down during stress.
  • It helps you get disconnected from what’s going on outside of you and connect to your deeper self.
  • And, it helps you relax and rejuvenate.

It can benefit your work, health problems, and relationships.

Vishen Lakhiani recommends doing the centering exercise 1-3 times per day, with 3 times being the best.

I really like the centering exercise. I prefer to do it on my own now. But, Vishen definitely helped me master it.

One student recently said this on the first day of the centering exercise in Silva Ultramind:

I did the centering exercise 3 times today. I can’t believe the focus and clarity I had! If nothing else happens with this class, this alone was worth it.

2. Sort Through Your Thoughts Better

Once you learn how to get into an alpha state of mind, which is a lot of what the Silva method focuses on, you have an easier time sorting through your thoughts as your mind becomes less cluttered with anxiety and worry.

Being able to sort through your thoughts means being able to solve problems and overcome obstacles quicker. And, that means more success and more happiness and much less stress.

3. Develop More Positive Beliefs And Expectations

As you start to discover the power of your mind with the Silva Method, you will get the feeling that you have more influence over your life than you ever had before. You will feel more confident in your efforts to go forward and get more of what you want.

For example, you may think you are never going to be able to implement a new positive habit. But, once you start to use the Silva Method, you will see that positive belief and positive expectancy are a major part of who you are. They are a way that you can function, regardless of what’s going on around you or what other people think.

Your mind is yours to control, and you will find yourself believing in your ability to implement the new habit and expecting that things are going to work out just the way they should.

4. Get Guidance

One of the Silva Method techniques taught can help you get guidance whenever you need it. Jose Silva apparently created this technique on his death bed, before he passed away. He suggested that it was the most powerful Silva Method technique that he had developed – and that was after decades of teaching people to mind training.

The thing to remember is that there is a part of creation that involves what you want and there is a part of creation that involves what is best for you. So, when you don’t know what path to take to get where you want to go, guidance from that part of creation that knows what is best for you can help.

This can sound a little bit out there for some people, but we all tend to look for guidance in situations – whether we believe it’s coming from a higher power or not. We look for signs that help us make decisions, and often we get them.

The Silva Method technique taught helps you to get the answers you need. Whether you need to solve a problem at work or with your health or with a relationship, the Silva Method technique taught in Silva Ultramind can help you get the guidance you need.

5. Remove Obstacles And Bad Habits

Another Silva Method technique taught in the Silva Ultramind System can help you reprogram your beliefs and solve problems.  If you have a quick problem that you want to resolve, you can use this technique that only takes about 5 minutes to do.

If you have a bad habit that you want to kick to the curb, you can use this technique. You basically program your subconscious mind on how you want things to be for you and when your subconscious believes what you are telling it, your habits start to change easily.

Vishen says he has heard of thousands of people who have used this technique to heal, improve their dating life, become super performers, and much more.

6. Develop Your Intuitive Ability To Read Things And Other People

Through Silva Ultramind, you work on detecting information about certain people and objects, which is a way to develop your intuitive ability.

This takes a bit of trust in Jose Silva and Vishen and the whole Silva Method. It’s a little bit weird to be projecting yourself into various things and animals and trying to get a read on them.

If you go into these Silva Method techniques with interest, though, you will find yourself trying to read everyone and everything around you, and you will find yourself being accurate in some cases, which is pure motivation to keep going.

After some practice, I think the best thing you can do is find someone close to you who is willing to pass you objects with history you are not aware of and use the Silva Method techniques taught to try and read that object. This way you can get a definitive answer on whether or not your impressions are right.

Silva students also gain access to a group where they can read past and current Silva students for health problems. It’s very interesting, and it’s a big part of the Silva Ultramind System course at the end.

7. Raise Your Vibrations!

This is something that everyone needs to do, especially right now.

A higher vibration of love or joy or peace can do wonders for your health, happiness, and success. You don’t need to believe in energy to know that. All you need to do is think back on a time you were feeling really good and how everything seemed to work better for you at that time.

I don’t think that the Silva Method techniques will work well if you are feeling really irritated or in a low vibration such as sadness. That’s where the centering exercise comes in. It helps you get back to your center, shift your vibration, and then go forward with whatever technique you want to do, which will move you into higher and higher states of energy.

8. Work On Healing

Vishen Lakhiani says that healing is one of the most important aspects of the Silva Ultramind System.

I remember in the old Silva Method courses, healing was also a huge part of what we practiced, but it was different than it is in this newer course.

In the Silva Ultramind System quest, you are taught how to use a Silva Method technique for healing yourself. You also learn a technique to scan other people for issues in their body.

9. Work On Feeling Grateful

I found that this Silva Ultramind System course approached gratitude in a way that I’ve never heard of before, but ultimately it’s still about finding things to be grateful for.

You will learn a gratitude habit that will help you turn up your gratitude and also your belief and expectancy for good things.

I think that almost every course on Mindvalley and beyond talks about gratitude and the importance of it. It doesn’t matter if the course is on financial planning or energy work, gratitude always comes up in some respect.

In other words, gratitude is important!

10. Go After Your Goals

Part of what Silva Ultramind System does is help you identify your goals. Vishen talks about a technique that he has talked about for years, called the 3 Most Important Questions.

Then, he talks about the Silva Method techniques and how they can help you figure out your goals and even work towards them.

You can use a Silva Method technique for guidance towards your goals.

You can use a Silva Method technique to help you remove obstacles and habits that are keeping you from your goals.

I found that you can really play with the 3 most important questions and various Silva Method techniques to create and go after what you want.

I have seen people saying that their anxiety and brain fog around their goals has gotten better now that they are using these Silva Method techniques. So if making goals and going after them is overwhelming to you, then the Silva Method techniques taught in the Silva Ultramind System course can help.

There’s More That The Silva Method Techniques Taught Can Do For You

Once you start using the Silva Method techniques taught in the Silva Ultramind System, you find ways to use these techniques creatively to benefit your life. All your concerns, obstacles, and issues will not be lingering thoughts anymore; instead, you will use a Silva Method technique to help you move through them or over them or under them.

You will find yourself moving into a calm Alpha state of mind quickly and find yourself operating from that state of calmness, which (from personal experience) produces MUCH better results than operating from a state of anxiety and worry.

If you want to learn more about Vishen Lakhiani and his experience with the Silva Method, you can take the free masterclass here.

If you decide you want to further your practice with the Silva Ultramind System that Jose Silva thought was the ultimate Silva Method, then you can learn more about the course here.

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