Simpleology: A Software To Help You Reach Your Goals And Make Life Better

I started using Simpleology about 10 years ago. In fact, when I first started working online, I found Simpleology’s courses, which led me to the productivity software, and that led me to a new level of productivity that I never had in life before. The main thing I remember is hearing that with Simpleology you can get a week’s worth of stuff done in a day, and that certainly happened to me when I started using it!  Here’s an inside peek of the software.

simpleology mark joyner

What Does Simpleology Offer?

So, so much.

Start My Day Process

This is where you get clear on what you are going to do with your day. It takes about 15 minutes to do, but it’s essential to help you get your stuff in order and figure out what important stuff you need to do for the day and what you can do for the day.

Start my day includes:

The Brainstorm Section

  • Brainstorm – This is where you get everything written down.
  • Focused – You review your major goal and write down actions you can take to get you closer to it.
  • Recurring tasks – These are the tasks that you need to do every day.
  • Systems – Review your systems to make sure that everything is running perfectly.
  • Business growth – This aspect can help you simplify the growth of your business.
  • Financial growth – This aspect can help you simplify the growth of your finances.

The Record Section

  • Observe and change – Here you will make observations about the things that are affecting your time, energy, and money positively and negatively. You focus on one aspect per day. This can help you make and break some habits in your life.
  • Update tracker – If you are keeping track of anything, this is where you will update it.
  • Ben Franklin habits – Rate yourself according to Ben Franklin’s habits… This will really get you thinking about how you go through your day.

Then in the Decide section, you decide what you want to do, what you want to schedule, what you want to delegate, and what you want to dump.

Lastly, in the Prioritize section, you can re-arrange the order of your daily targets.

The Library

There is a library inside that helps you tackle different areas of your life and productivity. You can learn about Simpleology, how to increase your wealth, business growth, energy, and grit.

The Initial Simpleology Courses

Before they had the library, they had courses.

I started with Simpleology because of their courses. I can’t remember how I found them, but I did, and I bought them all. Now, they offer the courses as a part of the software, so you can access them in your account.

There are the core courses:

simpleology courses

And the more niche specific courses:

I had whole binders devoted to these courses when I first started online. I loved them. I still do. Some of the information is a little dated, but you will get a lot of information and inspiration from these courses.

The videos are put together in a way that is easy to listen to and understand, and they have quizzes at the end to test your comprehension. There are also printables and bonuses.

There are other things, such as:

  • Stuff I Want: This is where you can keep track of your dreams before you make them into goals.
  • Dream catcher – This is where you can write down those ideas and inspirations that come to you so you don’t forget about them.
  • Short, Medium, and Long-Term Focus: This is where you keep track of your main goals right now.
  • Vision Board: This aspect isn’t awesome yet, in my opinion. There is a lot I would add to it. But you can create a vision board with pictures that motivate you. There is also a dream catcher above the picture to help you jot things down as you think about your visions.

You can also request a feature or vote up some features other people have suggested that haven’t been implemented yet.

How Do You Use Simpleology?

Because there is so much inside, it can feel like you are not going to ever master the software and use is to its full potential, but that’s why Mark Joyner, the creator of Simpleology, created training modules to help you move through the software day by day and become an expert at it.

In other words, when you first start with Simpleology, you should do the built-in training. Basically you train from a white belt to a black belt, and what this does is help you master all the different aspects of Simpleology so that you can use them to their fullest.

The belt training covers the following:

The last belt is the black belt.

Will Simpleology Benefit You?

This isn’t your average goal-setting software. It’s a software that takes you through important productivity tools, such as systems and habits, and helps you create a better life one step at a time as you work towards your goals.

It does take some training to figure out how to use the system though, so you need to dedicate some time each day to learning. But, it does walk you through, so you don’t need to figure it all out by yourself. Anyone with a short attention span or a busy life will appreciate that!

There is also a blog aspect, which gets updated occasionally, so you can learn about productivity and business and all those good things that make your life better.

But, some of the things mentioned, liked the financial and business management modules in ‘start my day’, can only be accessed if you have an elite account, which runs at $57 a month, which may not be cost-effective for some people. Others may find the price worth the software.

I know I can easily drop the price of an elite account on nonsense stuff each month, so it’s more of an investment into something when I spend it on software like this. But that’s an individual thing. It depends on how valuable it is to you.

You can check it out for yourself here. They do have a 30-day free trial to get a feel for Simpleology.

The software is always progressing. I can’t count the number of times it’s updated since I’ve started using it, so you can expect some changes and additions in the future as they add in stuff.

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