13 Tony Robbins Quotes That Could Help You Find More Success In Life

If you are on a path towards success, then you’ve probably listened to Tony Robbins at one point or another. Or, at the very least, you’ve read some of Tony Robbins quotes. There’s no denying that he’s very successful in what he does – which is helping other people be successful in all areas of their life. He is known as the number one life and business strategist and he understands leadership psychology.  The biggest thing is that he has a knack for making things clear and easy to understand, which is one of the many reasons why I wanted to do an article with Tony Robbins quotes for success.

13 Tony Robbins Quotes On Success

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1. The Path To Real Success Requires This…

“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”

I love this quote by Tony Robbins. I feel like we should all have it posted all over the place so we remember that we made a decision, but there are many different ways to see that decision through.

You can equate this with goals. You can decide that you want something in your life, but trying to follow a strict path towards it will almost always end up disappointed. This is because, in our minds, things go smoothly. But in real life, people get in our way, things get messed up, unexpected situations arise, and we need to be able to stay flexible so that we can bend, jump, and dip around those things to get to our ultimate goal.

2. Get Certain That You Want It – Badly

“It’s having that absolute certainty that makes you tap your full potential, take massive action, get massive results.”

You can want something, but if you aren’t totally sure you want it, you will never tap into your full potential, take massive action, and get massive results.

For instance, there is a show called Born This Way. It’s about a few young adults that were born with Down syndrome, and it showcases their dreams and struggles in life. Many of them have been certain that they were capable of doing something, and because of that certainty, they were able to tap into their full potential and take the action needed to get the results they were hoping for. And, they are not done yet!

Of course, being certain isn’t always going to get you the results you want. If you are certain that you are going to marry a superstar, for instance, and they are married and twenty years older than you, then the chances of that happening are small. But, when it comes to improving your life, grabbing hold of that conviction that you could achieve what you want to achieve is the key to helping you get off your butt and doing things that help you move closer to it.

3. Trying To Believe Something You Don’t?

“When you go beyond the threshold that somebody believes, it’s over, ’cause they check out and go ‘I can’t do that’, ‘I won’t do that’, ‘There’s no way’.”

Tony Robbins was talking about this in a sports context, but it works for anything. If someone tells you that you should perform 50% better, and you don’t believe that you can, then you will check out. You will find a way to get out of having to even try to perform 50% better. If you don’t believe it, you simply won’t allow the idea into your head.

That’s not good news if you want to improve your life and become more successful. You need to find some crack in your belief system that allows you to see the potential for the outcome you want. The good news is that we CAN change our beliefs. We are not doomed to believe something for the rest of our lives. No belief is set in stone, no matter how strongly we believe it now.

I’ve found that researching things around my deepest beliefs is usually what helps me change them. For instance, if I don’t believe that I can become successful in a particular business venture, then I get online and search out other people who have been in my position and found success. Every story I read or listen to helps change my belief just a little bit.

Note: If you want to help other people to become more successful, you need to challenge their beliefs and make them push back. When you tell them that they are right, they probably can’t achieve what you are asking of them or expect of them, then they may want to prove that they CAN and start to find proof to help them believe they can. That’s when the change will start to happen! Just do this in a supportive and subtle way. Telling someone that they suck will not help anything. But telling them that it may be safer to just keep doing what they are doing could inspire them to do more.

4. You Need To Consistently Be Open To New Ideas

“As hard as you’re working to get here, you’re not going to get to the next level without energy and without innovation. And innovation is not a once a year rain dance, it’s a different way of thinking.”

I know one guy is who is not open to new ideas. He has a very strict way of thinking, and I’ve watched him run his business the same way for years. Not surprisingly, he has had the same results for years. He’s never improved his bottom line because he hasn’t been able to be innovative and come up with new ways of tackling things that aren’t working to their full potential. I really need to get this Tony Robbins quote in front of him!

It’s just common sense. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting the same results. You need to open yourself up to trying new ideas and then have the energy to actually try them. You need to become that type of person who is open to trying things differently. When you can do that, things will change and you can move to the next level.

5. You Must Think About Tomorrow

“The majority of us have this thought process – it’s part of human nature – that today is more important than tomorrow.”

Tony Robbins says that he interviewed behavioral economists, who study the effects of psychological, cognitive, social, and emotional factors on economic decisions, and found that this mentality – of today being more important than tomorrow – can have negative effects on our success.

It makes sense. If we do what we want today without thinking about tomorrow, then we could be screwing ourselves over.

For instance, a friend of mine just had a major income decline in her household. Her husband lost his job and she doesn’t work. So, they were trying to get rid of some bills. Unfortunately, a few months back on a few of her loans, they had taken off the insurance (only a few bucks a month) that guaranteed their loans would be paid off in a situation like this. Because of their need to get something useless a few months ago, they found themselves stuck with their loans. Back then, they were thinking about today – but it screwed them over in the end.

Your actions today will impact your tomorrow. While we may die tomorrow, we also may not. For your health and wealth, make sure your tomorrows don’t suck by making the best decisions you can today.

6. Don’t Hold Other People Back For Your Own Success

“True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”

I think we all know some leaders that try to keep other people down. They try to control and be the best and make sure they are the only ones with power. But, what does that get them?

I wanted to include this quote by Tony Robbins because it should be a mantra of life. When you help make other people better, you become better through association and just having them in the same world as you.

  • You gain intelligent and powerful people in your life that can help you down the road.
  • You gain more leaders who can help you see your visions come true.
  • You gain more people in the world working towards something good.

The bottom line is to always strive to make other people better. It will only benefit you and your success in the long run.

7. Get Excited About What You Want

“When you have enough emotion in your body linked to what you’re learning, you’re going to start using it.”

Knowledge alone doesn’t do anything. You need to take action on that knowledge to turn it into something.

Tony Robbins says that you can learn all you want, but if you are not emotionally excited about it, that knowledge can be useless. It’s only when you have enough emotion coursing through you that you are willing to use the information to your advantage.

For instance, you probably know that smoking is bad for you. And you may have heard about a relatively easy way to quit smoking. But, that knowledge is useless until you get excited enough about quitting smoking. When you really feel passionate about quitting, you will put that knowledge to use and likely have success quitting.

8. Get A Hold Of Your Mind

“A mind out of control will play interesting tricks on you. Directed, it’s your greatest friend.”

Oh, how I’ve found this to be true! When my mind is out of control, life can get pretty crazy. I start to doubt myself. I start to see things that aren’t there. I start to get myself on the wrong path and have a hard time seeing myself accomplishing anything amazing.

What can cause an out of control mind?

  • Negative beliefs
  • Stress
  • Confusion
  • Indecisiveness
  • Outside influences
  • Fear
  • Overthinking

These are all issues that can be dealt with, but you must put in the work to deal with them.

For instance, a friend of mine had a huge problem with overthinking. She would overthink things so much that she was in a constant state of worry, fear, and regret. She wanted to start an online business, but she couldn’t accomplish anything in that state of mind. It wasn’t until she started to become more present in life that her overthinking slowed down. The more she practiced being present, the less crazy her thoughts were, and, eventually, she was able to control her mind more and focus on things in the moment. Now she runs an online business that sees growth every month.

By the way, I’ve found that practicing presence is a great way to, in part, tackle most issues that cause your mind to get out of control.

9. Fear Is Always Going To Be There

“The only way you can live fearlessly is to be dead.”

I needed to include this as one of the Tony Robbins quotes for success. It really doesn’t need a lot of explanation because we all know that being alive means experiencing emotions, especially fear when we are trying to do something great for ourselves.  I’ll remind myself of this quote in the mirror when I get scared about something. And I will always use it with other people who are expressing fear about something and letting it hold them back.

10. How Is Your Influence?

“There is no more important skill of leadership than influence.”

My best bosses had the most influence on me. They didn’t control me. They didn’t scare me. They were able to understand me on a deeper level and then relate to me in a way that made me feel heard, valued, and important. I liked them, so they were able to get me to do things to help them out.

Influencing is not about selling. As Tony Robbins says, it’s about understanding other people’s emotions and needs and then leading from that place.

And, this doesn’t just apply to leaders. If you want to be successful in any area of life, you have to be able to understand other people and have a positive influence over them. People won’t respond to you, help you, or support you if you don’t.

Need help with this? If you haven’t read How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, then you need to do so.

11. Are You Running East Looking For A Sunset?

“There are some people – it isn’t the story – they just don’t have the right strategy. They’re running east looking for a sunset.”

This Tony Robbins quote was taken from a talk with Oprah, where he was saying that success is not all about positive thinking. Even if you have a positive story, things won’t necessarily work out if you don’t have the right strategy. For example, if you are running east looking for a sunset, you aren’t going to find it.

The good news is that other people have often found the path you need to take and all you need to do is copy their strategy, or at the very least, use it to get started. You can tweak things as you go along to fit yourself and your life, but when you have a proven strategy in place to become successful in business, health, love, etc., things will start to work in your favor!

12. Don’t Chase Superficial Things

“Success without fulfillment is failure.”

Have you ever seen someone chase something superficial and watch them get it only to become more unhappy? I have!

For instance, a friend of mine was miserable. She figured it had to do with her weight, even though she wasn’t that big. But, that is what she believed, so she went on a journey to lose weight – and she did. But when she lost weight, she didn’t feel fulfilled. She had done nothing to work on the true issues that were causing her to be unhappy. Unfortunately, without an awareness around that, she beat herself up for not losing enough weight and gaining the body she truly wanted, and she continued on her path to find success without fulfillment.

When it comes to chasing success, I highly suggest doing things for other people, not just yourself. When you do that, fulfillment is more likely to come. In fact, according to this study, 96% of people who have volunteered say that it enriches their sense of purpose in life. So, when you are doing something to help others, your sense of purpose, and fulfillment, is likely to increase!

13. In The End, You Have The Power Over Your Success

“You alone decide what thoughts and beliefs you let into your life.”

I saved one of the best Tony Robbins quotes for last. This is what success boils down to.

Your thoughts and beliefs will impact your success one way or another. And, no matter what, you decide what thoughts and beliefs get to be in your life. You are the only person who has control over those things in yourself and knowing that should get you excited.

That means you can choose to think and believe empowering things that inspire, motivate, and encourage you despite what other people say or do.

That means that you can create a different life.

That means that you can find your way to happiness, love, health, and wealth, and all the success you want.

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