25 Current Tweets From Women Labeled As Some Of The Smartest Women On Twitter Back In 2013

I love going to Twitter for inspiration. I have many different lists on Twitter containing people who I think are inspiring or worth listening to. If you are interested in anything, creating a list of people who are influential or knowledgeable in that area is a great way to stay up-to-date on your topic of interest.

Today, I ended up on an article titled, 25 Of The Smartest Women on Twitter. This article looks like it was written way back on August 26th, 2013. Today is August 14th, 2017. According to the article, the following 25 women were some of the brightest women maximizing Twitter’s potential. Are they still doing that? Are they worth following in a list labeled ‘intellectual women’? Let’s take a look at their latest tweets and see if following them can still give you an ‘IQ injection’ like that article says.

1. Christiane Amanpour

As CNN’s Chief International Correspondent, it looks like Christiane has some influence with retweets, likes, and comments. She tweets a lot about current events.

2. Genevieve Bell

It seems like she tweets about many different things but likes to focus on anthropology.

3. Simone Brummelhuis 

Obviously, this latest tweet isn’t a sign of intelligence. But, I did say I was going to publish the latest tweets! So, there you go, there are 38 new followers from India for Simone. Other than that, her focus is on strengthening female entrepreneurs, executives, and investors.

4. Chelsea Clinton

To me, the sign of a smart woman is someone who can move past hate (and there is so much hate and anger out there) and stay committed to the things she believes in. This tweet shows Chelsea Clinton still has conviction in her beliefs and doesn’t mind if people call her out on it.

5. Amy Cosper

Another sign of a smart woman is someone who knows that there is much more to life than just opinions, beliefs and trying to influence other people. At the time of the article in 2013, she was the Editor-in-Chief for Entrepreneur magazine. Now, she’s the former Editor-in-Chief. Looks like her latest tweets express a huge need to enjoy life more.

6. Laurie David

This is her latest tweet that she made herself, but she has plenty of retweets after it. As her bio says, ‘Every day something makes me crazy’, which tells me she is a woman who sees what’s wrong and, instead of ignoring it, is trying to do something to fix it.

7. Caterina Fake

From what I can tell from her tweets, she is an innovative woman who stands behind other women. She is definitely someone I would follow for inspiration.

8. Diana Farell

Diana Farell seems to tweet a lot about financial growth and decline. If you are interested in that, then following her may be a good idea.

9. Marina Gorbis

A woman who seems to tweet about things happening today and how they could impact your future.

10. Kelly Hoey

Kelly Hoey’s tweets are geared towards networking and business. But she also adds in some tweets about important issues that need to be addressed.

11. Janet Hanson

A woman who loves investing in people who have a vision and go for it. That’s my kind of woman! Her tweets are focused on current events and investing.

12. Rosabeth Moss Kanter

One of Rosabeth’s tweets was about rewriting the past if you want a better future. That rings so true to my ears. History repeats itself if you don’t change things, learn, or grow, so a better future requires us to tell a different story. Many of her tweets are little messages about how to move forward stronger.

13. Andrea Kerzner

I get a sense that she is a big believer in creativity and its impact on people. Most of her tweets speak to that. I think that’s a very smart perspective to take on life. The impact creativity has on our lives and world is huge, in all aspects.

14. Alice Korngold

It’s obvious that Alice Korngold believes in making this world a better place. That’s the kind of person I want to follow.

15. Lucy P. Marcus

Lucy Marcus writes commentaries on various subjects, and her tweets seem to reflect that variety.

16. Rita Gunther McGrath

In her bio, it says that she is a strategy and innovation expert. Her focus is on corporate entrepreneurship and she helps CEOs and executives move towards success. She was recognized as one of the top 10 most influential business thinkers in both 2013 and 2015. Her tweets are mostly focused on business.

17. Susan McPherson

Her bio says she is a person who believes that business can be a force for good. Lately, her tweets are not focused on business. They are focused on current events happening lately in America.

18. Nilofer Merchant

One of Nilofer’s tweets from a few days ago is a great one: She said, “Whatever we do, we can’t lose hope. For change to blossom, it has to have its roots deep in hope (and action).” That’s the type of person that I want to follow.

19. Jacqueline Novogratz

Jacqueline tweets a lot of stories that will move you and make you think about yourself and the world around you. Her business is focused on investing in people and ideas that change the way the world tackles poverty.

20. Maria Popova

A lot of Maria’s tweets are about literature. She’s inspired me to pick up a few new books!

21. Maria Poveromo

Many of her tweets are focused on becoming a better leader. I know a few people who could really benefit from following her on Twitter. How about you?

22. Jennifer Preston

It looks like Jennifer’s profile was hacked as she only seems to have posts from August 7th, and one in November of 2013. That’s a long time not to be on Twitter, so I’m not sure how influential or inspiring she will be to follow on Twitter. She may be better followed on other places.

23. Zainab Salbi

I remember seeing Zainab on Oprah’s Supersoul Sunday. Her focus is on women’s rights and she helps survivors of war. Her tweets include stories that other people aren’t talking about, and they will impact you in some way because once you are aware of things going on in the world, you can’t stop being aware of them.

24. Katie Jacobs Stanton

It’s obvious Katie Stanton is a good person based on her recent tweets and retweets. She doesn’t seem to be about attacking others, but, rather, pointing out things that need to be pointed out with a little bit of humor.

25. Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is a United States Senator from Massachusetts. This woman is fighting for what’s right. I like her tweets. You can feel the woman behind them speaking.

Are These Women Still Among The Smartest Women On Twitter?

I’m sure even when the article was written, there were plenty of smart women on Twitter doing good things. I think any woman who is on Twitter trying to promote good things and speak out against bad things is someone to follow. So, yes, these are still some of the smartest women on Twitter, and there are thousands more if you look.

If you know of a woman who is worth following on Twitter, please name them in the comments below!

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