15 Ways to be a Good Grandparent

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They say that taking care of grandchildren can make grandparents live longer. Well, this must be true since being around young, energetic kids you dearly love will make you feel good and happy. That means lesser stress and it makes you feel young again.

If you want to improve your grandparenting styles, then here are 15 ways on how to be a good and even the best grandparent.

1. Babysit your grandchildren from time to time.
If you want to activate the longevity benefit of being a grandparent, then you need more time with your grandkids. To make this possible, offer to babysit them once in a while whenever their parents need to be away. Aside from helping their mom and dad save from getting a babysitter, you also get to bond more with the children.

2. Respect the parenting styles of their parents.
Yes, you can give advice and suggestions to their parents, but remember that every parenting style is different. Thus, don’t override their decisions on how they want to raise their children. Be there to guide them, but never impose your ways on them.

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3. Visit them often.
To let your grandkids know how much you value them, make time to visit them regularly. If you live nearby, you could visit them more often. Don’t forget to bring them some treats to make them miss you more whenever you are away.

4. Have them come over for the weekends or school breaks.
Another way to bond with the kids is by inviting them to your home every weekend or during long vacations, like the summer break. Since you are more comfortable at home, you can do more for them without any hesitation, like baking them some cookies or introducing gardening to them.

5. Play with them.
No one is too old for a good game. One way to bond with your grandchildren is by playing with them. It may be a board game, their favorite sport, or anything they love playing—as long as your knees permit. You would want them to think of you as a cool grandpa or grandma.

6. Spoil them only a little.
Grandparents are usually accused of spoiling their grandkids. Well, I guess it is not really that bad as long as you don’t overdo it. Indulging them with their favorite ice cream or treating them to a shopping spree sometimes won’t hurt.

7. Don’t tolerate their mistakes.
No matter how much you adore your grandkids, never cover their wrongs to save them from being grounded by their parents. You may think you are doing them a favor now—and you would love them thinking you are a hero—but actually you are bringing them closer to dangers. If you truly love your grandchildren, help them to be disciplined while they are young.

8. Have hearty talks with them.
Be the right kind of best friend your grandkids would need whenever they are not okay. Allow them to be open with you by asking how they are, listening without scolding, and sharing your own story. Be available whenever they need someone to talk to.

9. Don’t nag.
Children don’t like it when their parents nag them—how much more if it is their grandparents? If you want your grandkids to love having you around, then avoid nagging them about anything. Remember, it is the job of their parents to discipline them. If you want to correct them for something they have done, then talk to them without sounding like you are the parent.

10. Respect the generation gap.
You may not like how your grandkids wear their clothes or hair or how they love taking selfies and posting them on social media, but that is their generation now. Reprimanding them for not following the old ways would only keep them distant from you. Accept the fact that children these days have a culture of their own, which is different from your time.

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11. No playing favorites.
Treat all your grandkids all the same to avoid jealousy and rivalry among them. Never buy a toy for only one child. See to it that whenever you give to one of them, all the others receive the same. Also, give the same amount of time and attention to every one of them.

12. Be silly with them.
Every grandchild loves a grandparent who cracks jokes and laughs with them. Get rid of that stiff and strict image that is usually associated with being old. This will help them be closer to you and meltdown that generation gap barrier.

13. Don’t be too strict.
In connection to no. 12, get rid of that super strict image if you want to be the coolest grandpa or grandma in the sight of your grandkids. Talk gently with them, join them in silly conversations, and do not force your own styles and principles on them.

14. Give timeless nuggets of wisdom.
The best legacy you can leave behind to your grandchildren is wisdom. Share with them the lessons you have learned from your experiences. Moreover, you can give them advice and practical tips on how to deal with life issues as they grow up.

15. Pray for them.
The best you can do for your grandchildren is to pray for them always. Aside from praying for their good health, safety, and provision for their needs, ask God to guide them as they grow up. With all the calamities happening around the globe, this world is becoming a dangerous place to live in. Plus, morality is fast deteriorating too. Your prayers can help protect the future of these kids.

Blessed to be a Grandparent

Some people hate the idea of becoming grandparents because it reminds them that they are growing older. However, if you come to think of it, not everyone is given the chance to grow old. Therefore, be thankful that you are able to see the children or your children.

As some research claims, taking care of grandchildren can help grandparents live longer. Well, I hope you enjoy long years of watching them grow up.

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