15 Worthwhile Ways to Increase Your Faith in God, Step Out In Faith

 Worthwhile Ways to Increase Your Faith in God
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Trusting an unseen God could be difficult, especially for the to-see-is-to-believe kind of people. It is hard to entrust your problems and future to Someone whose existence you are not sure of.

However, having a solid faith in God has helped many people survive through the darkest moments of their lives. It may seem absurd to the unbelievers, but those who have experienced God’s miracles and grace would not be ashamed to say that their God is real and powerful.

How to Increase Your Faith in God

If you long to strengthen your faith in God, here are some steps that can hopefully help you.

1. Be more prayerful. 

The more you talk to God like He is just sitting in front of you, the more you get convinced that He is really a person you can pour out yourself to. Moreover, prayer allows you to exercise your faith since by genuinely talking to Him, you acknowledge that there is Someone unseen who listens to you.

2. Read God’s Word. 

You will only feel secure in your faith if you are confident that the God you believe in exists and you have an idea of what He is like. The best way to draw closer to God is by reading the scriptures.

The Bible does not only give wise teachings on how Christians should live, but it also gives us a glimpse of how God revealed Himself to the people in the past. Therefore, the more time you devote to studying the Bible, the more you get to know God’s character and the past believers’ testimonies of how they experienced the Lord’s power.

3. Study the lives of Biblical characters. 

Another way to increase your faith is by introducing yourself to the Bible characters who lived lives of faith. You would realize that these people were as imperfect as we are, so you could relate and learn from many of them. Some of the famous Bible characters who exhibited wholehearted faith in God were Noah, Abraham, David, Esther, and Apostle Paul.

4. Be surrounded by people who are passionate about God. 

If you want to be on fire for God, be surrounded by believers who have strong faith in the Lord. You will recognize these people through their words, actions, and lifestyle. They are believers who remain optimistic despite troubles and find their strength through praying. Some are willing to sacrifice time, jobs, and even resources to serve God by helping others.

5. Listen to testimonies about answered prayers and miracles. 

If you are looking for stories to inspire you to keep trusting God, listen to real-life stories about how God answered prayers and performed miracles. Finding out how God is real in many lives and that He really listens to prayers will encourage you to trust Him all the more.

6. Know that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

Another thought that can keep your faith alive is the truth that God is the same throughout time. The powerful God who parted the Red Sea for the Israelites is the same God who listens to your prayers now. His faithfulness will continue even in the future. Therefore, you can still rely on God, just like how the Bible heroes did.

7. Keep a journal of answered prayers. 

Keeping a list of answered prayers is another effective way to increase your faith. Reading them over and over again whenever you are discouraged will remind you that prayer works. It will also inspire you to fight every battle on your knees. Overall, your answered prayer journal will be proof that the God you believe in is alive and able.

Worthwhile Ways to Increase Your Faith in God
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8. Remember His faithfulness in the past.

When you are discouraged and start doubting God’s love, remember what He has done for you in the past. If God could answer your prayers, protect you from harm, and make things happen for your good before, surely He can still do them now. All you need to do is trust Him again.

9. Watch Christian movies highlighting God’s faithfulness.

Many Christian movies can ignite your faith in God, especially those based on true stories. The purpose of these films is to encourage people to trust God in their circumstances and choose to live for Him. Some of the highly recommended Christian films are “Miracles from Heaven”, “War Room”, “Soul Surfer”, “Breakthrough”, and “God’s Not Dead” installments.

10. Appreciate God’s marvelous creations. 

Look at nature around you–the sky, clouds, trees, mountains, flowers, the beach, and even the beautiful birds or fish. As you marvel at the complexity and beauty of these natural phenomena, you would not help but wonder how there could be no intelligent Designer behind them. Or you can just look at your palm and imagine nerves, cells, and tissues 24/7 at work inside to keep you alive.

11. Replace worry and fear with confidence in the Lord.  

Having faith in God starts with a conscious effort to put your trust in Him. As they say, you need to step out in faith to overcome your fear. Keep telling yourself that God got your back and He knows your needs. Therefore, no need to worry or fear anything. Just pray and wait on the Lord to provide for you, heal you, or move the mountains in your current situation.

12. Hold on to God’s promises.

The Bible contains many promises that can encourage you to keep trusting God through it all. You can write them in sticky notes and put them somewhere you can easily see them. It is also best if you memorize them so you can recite them to yourself whenever you are down.

13. Practice your faith through actions. 

James 2:26 says, As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.”

It is not enough that we proclaim that we believe in God or Jesus. It should be seen in our actions. For this reason, if you want to improve your faith, make sure that you exercise it.

Apply whatever you learn from the Bible in your daily life. As you see how God transforms you for the better, you can really say that His Word is alive, and it comes with the power to change, heal, and bring blessings to those who follow it.

14. Give back to God. 

Some churches believe in tithing, which is giving 10% of your income to God. However, other churches just encourage their members to give according to what is in their hearts. Whatever your belief is, make it a habit to honor God with your resources. It is one way of acknowledging that everything you have is from God, and when you give back to Him, you should not feel bad because you know it will be given back to you.

Worthwhile Ways to Increase Your Faith in God
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15. Be still and believe that God is in control. 

Whenever you feel like quitting and hopeless, just look up to the heavens and believe God is in control. Just be still–meaning, keep calm, do not be afraid–and trust that God will do something to your situation. Just pray, read the Bible, do the right thing to do, and surrender the rest to God.

Believe with All Your Heart

Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

Having faith in God means believing in His existence, power, goodness, and love for you even if you cannot see Him. If you want to have strong faith in the Lord, ask Him to open your heart and let you see beyond what the natural eyes can see. Choose to believe with your heart.

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