9 Ways To Make Your Birthday Great… No Matter What Happens

Does your birthday often make you burst into tears? You are not alone. Whether it’s because everything always goes wrong on your birthday or because you don’t like getting another year older, birthdays can be miserable days without the right planning and mindset.

9 Things You Should Do For Your Birthday To Make Sure It’s Great

9 Ways To Make Your Birthday Great No Matter What Happens

1. Make Plans To Do Things You Like

One of the best ways to make your birthday great is to plan it out. Sometimes we leave the day open to chance, but that’s when things can get frustrating and take turns for the worse. When you have a plan, you don’t have to think about what to do or wonder what’s going to happen.

Importantly, make plans that you know you will like. Don’t let others plan your birthday for you.

For instance, if you like to go to a specific Airbnb cabin in the woods, make plans to do that on your birthday.

Bottom line The chances of you enjoying your birthday will skyrocket when you make plans to do things you like.

2. Make Some If-Then Plans

If you are like me, and things always go wrong on your birthday, make some if-then plans.

For instance:

If the Airbnb cabin cancels for any reason, then I will go to the hotel with the jacuzzi instead.


If nobody buys me a present, then I’ll buy myself something huge.


If everyone cancels for my birthday dinner, then I’ll spend the night watching my favorite movies and eating whatever I want.

The trick is to make some alternative plans for whatever you have planned for your birthday (or are hoping for). This will help you to pivot away from your primary expectations of the day without as many tears or as much anger when things go wrong.

3. Expect Shit To Happen

Hope for the best but expect some shit to happen.

When you do this, you won’t be so taken off guard when it happens, and you will be able to move on to better thoughts and feelings quickly.

And, if nothing bad happens, then your birthday is going to feel even more amazing.

4. If Things Go Wrong, Call A Friend Who Always Makes You Feel Better

Is there someone who always makes you feel better, for whatever reason? Even if that person doesn’t remember your birthday, don’t hold it against them. Let them know that your day sucks and let them do what they do best – cheer you up.

If you don’t have that kind of friend, post your struggles on a site like Twitter and let strangers help cheer you up. You may get some trolls trying to bring you down on your birthday, but you will get a lot more good advice and positivity.

5. Do NOT Hang Out With People Who Make You Miserable

If you have to go to work, then you can’t help being around coworkers that you don’t like. Just try to avoid them as much as possible.

But when it comes to your birthday plans, don’t make plans to hang out with people who make you miserable. You can hang out with them any other day of the year.

Your birthday is your day to feel good and celebrate yourself, and miserable people who bring you down will not help you do that.

6. Don’t Do Anything That You Know Makes You Miserable

I have a friend who enjoys going to the casino but hates coming out of it because he always loses his money. When he comes out, he’s miserable for the rest of the day. Guess what he does on his birthday every year? He goes to the casino! And when he loses and comes out, he’s miserable.

Don’t do things that make you miserable on your birthday!

Don’t do anything that ‘sometimes’ makes you miserable.

Just avoid doing anything that has the potential to end in tears, anger, frustration, etc.

Make a list of things to stop doing on your birthday (or any day) and include why you don’t want to do those things so that you can refer to it when you are tempted to do one of those things. This is going to be a huge factor in making your birthday a much happier time.

7. Buy Yourself A Birthday Present

One way to ensure that you get at least one present on your birthday is to buy yourself one.

Buy yourself something that you want to use on your birthday, such as a bath bomb or gift card to a food place you like. Or buy something that helps you get started with a new hobby. These things are going to be fun to open, and if everything else goes wrong on your birthday, you will at least be able to use these items for a little pick-me-up.

8. Make The Day After Your Birthday The Start Of Your Goals For The Year

Do you make yearly goals? Instead of January 1st, like everyone else, make your yearly goals for the day after your birthday.

For instance, if you are turning 35, make goals you want to accomplish in your 35th year and start them the day after your birthday.

This will give you a sense of anticipation and excitement on your birthday. It’s the last day of the ‘year’ for you and tomorrow you will start working towards new goals.

It will also help you feel more accomplished on your birthday as you go through everything that went right throughout the past year at your past age.

It will make your birthday feel more special.

9. Decide To Make It Count

Lastly, no matter what happens on your birthday, decide to make the day count.

Even if the apocalypse starts on your birthday, decide to make your birthday meaningful to you.

Decide to let it teach you.

Decide to let it help you grow as you move into a new year.

When you make up your mind to make your birthday meaningful, it will be. You will look for meaningful thoughts, people, experiences, and more, and you will find them.

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