12 Affirmations For More Peace And Quiet In Your Day

Peace and quiet are essential in life. We don’t get much of it anymore in this fast-paced and noisy world, but we can create space in our day for it if we want. By making room for peace and quiet, you will be benefiting your mental health, physical health, and overall happiness. Often, when you are overwhelmed, giving yourself some quiet time can help you come back to life with full force and do what you need to do. Following are some affirmations to use to help you create more peace and quiet in your day.

12 Affirmations For More Peace And Quiet In Your day

1. I Silence My Notifications As Often As Possible

We all know the pull of a beep or alert. We turn our heads to see what the noise was and then check the device that made it to see what it wanted us to know. Then we can get caught up in a rabbit hole of information that takes away from our peace and quiet.

Turning off notifications is good for removing distractions and productivity, but it’s also good for making time for peace and quiet in our lives.

Therefore, pick a time of day where you will turn off your alerts and escape from the pull of everyone and everything that wants your attention.

2. I Have One Space In My Home Dedicated To Peace And Quiet

Pick one space or piece of furniture in your home that will be dedicated to peace and quiet. Then, when you turn off your notifications, you can head to that spot.

If you do this seriously, you will find that the spot or piece of furniture is going to draw you to it when you are feeling hectic. When you get there it will pull you into a sense of peace and quiet more and more each time you go to it.

3. I Let Others Know My Need For Peace And Quiet

Sometimes you work with people who are inconsiderate and are too loud, sometimes your family won’t give you any break from their noise, and sometimes your neighbors constantly have their music on full blast. This is when you need to speak up.

You could just sit back and hope they shut up, but that’s not likely to happen and it could cause you more stress as you wait for them to be considerate and drive yourself crazy wondering why they are not.

It’s better just to speak up and let them know how you feel.

A gentle, friendly approach is always best.

For instance, if your neighbor is too loud, letting them know that you are not feeling well and would like to have some quiet time before supper or after supper or after a certain time may go over well with them. If they can relate to you and don’t feel threatened by you, then they may agree to tone things down a bit so that you can enjoy where you live too.

The same goes for a co-worker. If they know that they are impeding your ability to work, then they may tone things down a bit. They wouldn’t want someone impeding their ability to work, so they should understand.

Just focus on being relatable so that they can understand your need for peace and quiet, and you can hopefully find a compromise to make both of you happy.

4. I Use Tools To Drown Out Noise That Disrupts Me

Noise-canceling headphones are the best thing I’ve done for my peace and quiet. I work from home and apparently everyone else in my neighborhood does too, so there is constant noise. Noise-canceling headphones are a huge lifesaver.

Another tool that could help is a white noise machine. While noise may seem counterproductive to peace and quiet, white noise can actually be quiet soothing if you allow it to be.

Another online tool that can help is Noisli. It can help you create a sound that drowns out less pleasant sounds and give you some peace for a while anyway.

5. I Enjoy Meditation And Do It Often

find peace and quiet

Meditation can allow you to find peace and quiet while you do it, but it can also help you find more peace in quiet in your life when you are not doing it. This is because meditation teaches you to go inward and ignore the noises and distractions around you, which becomes a valuable habit that you carry with you throughout your day.

Challenge yourself to make meditation a part of your life. You can meditate anywhere, so make a time solely for meditation.

6. I Try To Limit Or Eliminate My Negative Speech

Judgment, fear, worry, and anger are all things that will affect your ability to have some peace and quiet. When you are feeling a low state of emotion, your thoughts and behaviors are consistently affected negatively, and this can cause much more chaos and busyness in your life. This can manifest because you are caught up in judgments, gossiping, or complaining – all of which steal from your ability to have peace and quiet.

Negative thoughts are going to pop up in your mind but try to let them pass through without verbalizing them or acting on them. This will help you maintain a level of mood and mindset that allows for more peace and quiet.

7. I Let Go Of Relationships That No Longer Serve Me

Sometimes unhealthy relationships can steal the peace and quiet out of our lives. They can keep us stuck in a negative state, which is not good for our ability to move into peace and quiet. And they can keep us so busy that we don’t have time for peace and quiet.

Whether you were best friends at one time, close family members, or good co-workers, sometimes relationships change. It’s important to recognize an unhealthy relationship and, if you can’t fix it, find a way to let it go. You will feel the weight of the world come off your shoulders when you do and there will be much more relaxation in your life.

8. I Plan Out My Days

peace and quiet

An unplanned life is a chaotic life.

When you plan your days out, you are more productive, which means you get things done and can find more time for peace and quiet!

In fact, you can schedule in some quiet time as you schedule in other tasks. It’s an important part of your day, so make sure that you create time for it.

9. I Have A Plan For My Life

Better yet, if you want to step it up a notch, plan your life out with Lifebook. It’s a system facilitated by Jon and Missy Butcher that can help you get clear on what you want in life and how to get it.

Lifebook will help you get rid of the noise in your life that’s not serving you and give you a chance to not only recognize how important peace and quiet is to you but exactly how to get it into your life.

10. I Never Overschedule Myself

We tend to think we can fit 24 hours of life into 15 hours, but we always find out we can’t.

If you are someone who overschedules yourself, it’s time to become someone who doesn’t with this affirmation.

Stop trying to do it all. You can’t. Accept that and slightly under-schedule yourself if you can so that you can tackle unexpected things and still have time to find some peace and quiet.

11. I Make Sure My Bedroom Is A Place Of Peace And Quiet

The best time to get peace and quiet is when you go to bed. Therefore, make sure it offers you just that.

If something in your bedroom is interfering with your ability to find peace and quiet, then fix it.

For instance, if you can hear other people in your household moving around, find a way to minimize that noise so that you can get the peace you deserve. You may need to insulate your bedroom better, buy curtains that help block noise, or invest in a device that helps play a noise that soothes you and makes you feel like you are getting the peace and quiet you crave (think natural sounds like waves or rain or a thunderstorm).

12. I Pick And Choose My News

Another thing that can affect your ability to get some peace and quiet in your life is watching the news – or the Twitter feed or other social media feed that constantly updates you on what is happening right now.

The news is skewed to be negative, and it can keep you in a state where peace and quiet can’t show up.

If you really want to get your news in daily, I suggest going to just one spot, such as allsides.com where you can get a balanced version of the news that will help you see things from a wider perspective and avoid getting caught up in fear or anger or worry.

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