5 Affirmations To Use When Someone Hurts You Emotionally In Your Day

Throughout your day, people can hurt you through their words, actions, and behaviors. People you know and people you don’t know all have the potential to hurt you. When you get hurt, that can ruin your productivity and happiness for the day. Your focus can go completely towards the pain you are feeling. For many reasons, it’s very important to get over that emotional pain as quickly as possible and get your focus back on your life and what you were doing. Following are some affirmations that can help you do that.

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1. I Can’t Please Everyone

Sometimes people will try to hurt you because you hurt them in some way. Even if it was unintentional, they may lash out at you and try to make you feel as upset as they do. And, usually, it works.

By affirming to yourself that you can’t please everyone, you will cut yourself a little break. The thoughts, “What did I do?” and “How could I have avoided this?” will stop lingering in your mind and you will remember that no matter what you do, some people just aren’t going to react well to it.

I often think of well-known kind people who are trying to do good in the world and how they get yelled at, called names, and put down on a daily basis. They have to remember that they can’t please everyone. All they can do is do their best to be a good person and treat others with respect, compassion, and dignity. Beyond that, how other people feel is beyond their control.

2. I’m Not Always Right

Often we get hurt because someone makes us feel like we are wrong. They can make us feel like we did or said something wrong, and that doesn’t feel good. But, it’s important to affirm to yourself that you are not always right, and sometimes you may have actually done or said something wrong. Accepting that will help you take ownership when you need to, stop playing victim, and get on with your day.

By understanding that you are not always right, you can also learn from the experience if there is something to learn. That will help you move forward and avoid saying or doing something like that again. Or, it will help you move forward with a deeper understanding of how your actions and words impact other people.

3. I Don’t Dwell On Negative Experiences

Think of life as a book. Each moment is a little story that makes up that book. If you waste your time dwelling on a moment that happened earlier, you are going to miss out on the moment that is happening right now. You are going to miss out on a part of your story.

A lot of people will tell you to stop telling the story to yourself about what happened. They will tell you to stop going over it in your head and talking about it, and that’s good advice. But, the affirmation that can really help you to stop doing that is, ‘I don’t dwell on negative experiences.’

It will help you refocus your attention to the present moment and get unstuck from that negative experience that feels so bad. It will help you slowly shift your emotions from hurt or anger to contentment or even joy because this moment is likely to have some pretty awesome stuff in its script.

4. I Will Treat That Person With Respect

Sometimes we just want to tear the faces off people who make us feel bad, but thinking like that will only make you feel worse. When you get yourself stuck in a negative energy state like hate or anger, it’s really hard to come out of it.

It’s important to affirm to yourself that no matter what they did or said, you will treat them with respect.

In some cases, that will mean you block them or not talk to them anymore, rather than tell them what you really think of them.

In other cases, it will mean that you will apologize if it’s necessary.

And, in other cases, it will mean that you will sit down and communicate with them so that you can hear how they feel and they can hear how you feel, and you can work things out.

5. I Am Grateful That There’s More To My Day Than That Moment

This is another affirmation that can help you to not dwell on the experience. It’s an affirmation that reminds you that your day is made up of many moments, and that moment where you were hurt was just one of them.

Being grateful for all the other moments in your day will help you overcome your hurt and make the most of your day.


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