11 Books You Should Read to Get Closer to God


Books You Should Read to Get Closer to God
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Having an intimate relationship with God will help you be more radiant and optimistic as a person. It is because having a healthy spiritual life can affect the way you think and respond to circumstances.

What can be the result of having a strong faith in God? You will be more at peace and hopeful, trusting that someone is in control and cares about you. It is also comforting to know that someone is listening to your cries and answers your prayers in unexpected ways.

If you want to strengthen your connection with God, here are some books you should read to get closer to Him.

1. Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone

James Martin’s book offers a complete guide to prayer. It is a practical and profound handbook that talks about communicating with God.

Learn to Pray will help you understand what prayer is, how you should do it, what you can expect from it, and how it can transform your life.

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2. Getting to Know God’s Voice: Discover the Holy Spirit in Your Everyday Life

This book offers a 31-day interactive journey to having a more intimate relationship with God. Jenny Randle shares some practices and ideas that can help you be guided better by the Holy Spirit, hear God speak in different ways, and recognize the truth in God’s Word.

By reading this book, you will learn how to know and respond to God’s voice. It will help you align your decisions and actions with God’s Word and submit to His will. In the long run, the practices here will help fill your days with purpose and new possibilities.

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3. 52 Weeks with Jesus: Fall in Love with the One Who Changed Everything

If you want to get to know Jesus Christ more, then this book by James Merritt is one of the best resources you can find online. It will help you learn more about Christ’s life and ministry while he was on earth.

52 Weeks with Jesus will allow you to encounter Jesus refreshingly and surprisingly. You will also be inspired to accept His invitation to come and follow Him. Of course, in the end, you will be able to answer the question of who He is.

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4. The Art of Listening Prayer: Finding God’s Voice Amidst Life’s Noise

This prayer journal from Seth Barnes will help you begin listening to God’s message for you every day. It is a thirty-day devotional that offers a practical process of how to hear from God daily.

The Art of Listening Prayer can help you discover and experience a two-way prayer. It uses the Bible as its foundation and teaches the helpful habit of listening to prayer. The book will also assure you that God loves you and He cares about your concerns.

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5. Closer to God Each Day: 365 Devotions for Everyday Living

Joyce Meyer’s all-year-round devotional book will help you have a more joyful and confident life by getting closer to God.

This book provides practical tips on how you can develop a close relationship with God. It also showcases personal illustrations and powerful messages from the Scripture that can help you live a peaceful and purposeful life according to God’s plan for you.

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6. Seek Him First: How to Hear from God, Walk-in His Will, and Change Your World

Jennifer Hayes Yates’ book is a good choice if you are only new in your walk with God. It aims to teach its readers how to seek God and learn the direction you need in life.

Seek Him First is for you if you want to know how to live your life according to God’s purpose. It will also teach you some practical tips on how you can have a consistent quiet time with Him and how you can discern His will in every decision-making.

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7. The Book On Prayer: An Invitation to an Awakening

This book from Ken Gurley will help you to be a more prayerful person. It aims to help people who are struggling with their prayer life.

In The Book On Prayer, the author shares some powerful tips on how you can pray more effectively. In the long run, it will help transform your prayer life to a higher level. This book also emphasizes the need for spiritual awakening, especially during the current global crises.

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8. Getting Closer to God: Lessons from the Life of Moses

Erwin W. Lutzer brings his readers through Moses’s life, who was considered one of the most outstanding leaders of God’s people. By studying this Biblical character’s life, you will discover practical ways to be acquainted with the Lord better.

Getting Closer to God will help you overcome doubt over God’s call for you, obey Him, and trust His ways. The book also talks about removing the ‘idols’ and excuses that could come between you and God. This way, you can draw near to God sincerely and with full assurance of faith.

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9. When Women Pray: 10 Women of the Bible Who Changed the World through Prayer

T.D. Jakes’ book aims to make women understand the importance of prayers. It is a call for women’s empowerment as prayer warriors for their families, communities, and God’s church.

When Women Pray features ten women Bible characters’ lives, who made a significant impact as they found their identity, healing, strength, and voices in Jesus Christ.

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10. Unshakable Hope: Building Our Lives on the Promises of God

Another book from Max Lucado can encourage you to draw closer to God whatever circumstance you may be in now. It focuses on 12 of the most valuable promises in the Bible that you can count on.

By holding on to these promises, you will have an unshakable hope despite the difficulties you are going through. You will be reminded that God is faithful, unchanging, powerful, and cannot lie.

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11. New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

Here is another inspiring daily devotional that will help improve your relationship with God. Written by Paul David Tripp, this devo can encourage you to wake up each morning with excitement to have your quiet time with God.

Using this daily devotional will help energize your faith. It is your primary step in putting God first at everything. Also, it will teach you to rely on the Lord’s grace daily, entrust everything to Him, and live your life for His glory.

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A Good Start

Seeking God and desiring to know Him better is an excellent start to draw closer to Him. Aside from these useful books, reading and meditating on the Bible can help you appreciate God’s goodness and character all the more. It will also help if you find someone or a group with whom you can study God’s Word.

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