Brainwave Shots Review: An Ultimate Happiness Hack?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could listen to an MP3 and feel happy simply from doing that? That’s one of the things the people behind Brainwave Shots promise. You simply listen to a 15-minute or 30-minute MP3 designed to help you get into a certain state of mind, and your mind will follow suit. They not only have a ‘shot’ for happiness, but they also have shots for focus, relaxation, pain relief, success, peak performance, and sleep, among others.

What Would You Use Brainwave Shots For?

To change how you feel or promote something inside of you.

For example, if you want to focus, you can use the focus shot to help you do that. All you need to do is choose whether you want to listen to the 15-minute session or the 30-minute session and then click play. Then you listen, allow the Brainwave Shot to entrain your brain into a state where focus can be achieved, and that’s it.

Here’s a screenshot of the entire Brainwave Shot library as of this review. If you want to dig into it yourself, you can see all the following Brainwave Shots and explanations of them on this page.

Brainwave Shot Screenshot
Screenshot Of Entire Library Of Shots

I’ve Tried A Few Of The Brainwave Shots

I first started with the tension release shot and found myself to be much more relaxed after listening to it. This wasn’t surprising to me because I use things that affect the subconscious mind often, such as self-hypnosis, and I find it very relaxing and therapeutic so my mind will often relax at the thought of listening to something that is meant to help me relax.

Then I tried the learning shot and, again, felt like it impacted my ability to learn while I was studying some information. But again, it just could’ve been my mind that instantly ‘went there’ because I was expecting it to do what the Brainwave Shot said it would do.

I also tried the euphoria shot because HAPPINESS! I found that it brought me into a state where I felt grateful and fully alive. It was the most interesting experience I’ve had with a Brainwave Shot. The beats are very fast, and at first, it was all I could focus on. But quickly everything felt a little brighter and more alive to me – and the feeling lasted for the rest of the day.

Then I tried a Brainwave Shot for pain relief. I had been having some stomach pain and figured it would be a good test to see if the Brainwave Shot could help me. In short, it did.

I listened to the 30-minute session for pain relief and then went on with my day. I noticed a great reduction in the pain, but, better yet, the pain almost disappeared later on in the day. This was a chronic pain that I had been suffering with for over two weeks and was starting to wonder if it would ever go away.

The Brainwave Shot for pain moves the brain between 1 Hz and a .25 Hz, which is a very relaxed state of being. I’m assuming that sense of deep relaxation was what helped my body unclench, which was what was needed to relieve the pain.

Before listening to this Brainwave Shot, the only time the pain went away for a while was when I was able to deeply relax and quiet down my mind.

My pain level was relative to my state of mind. In other words, anxiety pushed my pain to an 8 out of 10, while resting brought it down to a 3 out of 10. But I had it at a .5 out of 10 when I was able to deeply relax and stop the thoughts and worries in my mind.

With the Brainwave Shot, I was able to do that again, but the effects went on for the day and, after listening to it a few more times, it led to the pain going away completely.

In short, it worked! And I’m so grateful. Intense pain is a mood, productivity, and relationship killer, and when it goes away, life looks completely different.

Brainwave Shots Use Brainwave Sounds To Get You Into Various States Of Mind

Inside of the Brainwave Shot, you hear sounds in both ears that entrain your brain to a certain frequency. While the sounds are different in both ears, your brain picks up on the difference and hears that frequency. These sounds stimulate your brain into entering a specific state of mind. Or, put another way, your brain mimics the frequency being played in your ears.

Brainwave sounds (also called binaural beats or brainwave entrainment sounds) have been around for a long time and I personally have been using them for various things such as meditation and stress relief. After a few minutes of listening to binaural beats, your mind gets into a state, more quickly than you can do yourself, where you can achieve your desired goal.

Brainwave sounds are not a drug and you don’t hallucinate or get high. It’s a natural way to draw your mind to a state where you want it to be, whether it be sleepy, focused, happy, or energetic.

To get a little deeper – Every day your brain goes through many different frequency cycles. Each one of these cycles happens during different activity levels during your day and produces different effects on your consciousness.

For example

  • .1-3 Hz is called Delta and is associated with dreamless sleep and trance.
  • 4-8 Hz, which is classified as Theta waves, is associated with dreams, deep meditation, and daydreaming.
  • When you are just about to fall asleep, you are likely in the 8-12 Hz range, classified as Alpha waves, which are associated with healing, relaxation, meditation, and before and after bed drowsiness.
  • The 13–30 Hz range is called Beta waves. This is when your brain is actively thinking, concentrating, or aroused.
  • Above 30 HZ is called Gamma and is associated with high-level thinking.

You can read more about these brainwaves here.

Who Shouldn’t Use Brainwave Shots

If you have Epilepsy, then you shouldn’t use brainwave entrainment sounds as there is a risk of causing a seizure.

Also, if you are operating heavy machinery, then you want to be careful. You want your brain to stay in an alert state, so using a Brainwave Shot, or any kind of brainwave entrainment is not a smart idea if you want to avoid accidents and injury.

You can read all of the warnings about brainwave entrainment from Inspire3 here.

I Would Recommend Using Headphones

It says headphones are not required, but I would recommend them. I find it easier to hear what’s going on with headphones and feel like it works better than without them. However, because they are using the brainwave tones, I guess it’s just a matter of your ears working and not necessarily how close the tones are to your ears.

Try A Brainwave Shot For Free

You don’t need to purchase a Brainwave Shot to see what it’s all about. You can choose one for free here from a selection of 5 different Brainwave Shots, including Power Nap, Euphoria, Relaxation, Learning, or Confidence.

I recommend choosing the Euphoria Brainwave Shot as it’s all about feeling elated, grateful, and extremely happy.

You can also find a daily special on their homepage here where you can buy one of the Brainwave Shots for a discounted price.


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