How to become an Emotionally and Mentally Strong Woman

emotionally strong woman

For a long time, women have been considered the weakest of the sexes just because everyone thinks that we’re always emotional and extremely expressive. Others even think that we don’t have the ability to control our thoughts and how we react to different things and situations that come our way.

Although these stereotypes have their realistic (yet obsolete) basis, they do not really define what it actually means to be a woman and how these unique characteristics of emotional mastery can expertly be used as a weapon to survive life and triumph over every challenge that it throws at us.

Emotional and mental strength are what make women more powerful and more adaptable to any environment but not everyone was lucky enough to learn the skills that can be harnessed from these unique strengths.

If you’re a woman or if you have a woman in your life you care about, this article will be extremely helpful in discovering the hidden assets that every member of womanhood can benefit from. Let these empowering tips on how to be an emotionally and mentally strong woman change your life forever.

1. First, identify your weaknesses and learn from them.
Remember that you’re weak not because you’re a woman but because you’re just a human being – just like everyone else. You can learn a lot from your weaknesses and instead of grieving over the things that you cannot do, use them as stepping stones towards knowing yourself better. Deep knowledge of the self can give you a better understanding of what you need to change and to grow as an individual.

2. Never let stereotypes break your spirit.
Women have been considered weak and inferior to men but these stereotypes are just labels and they cannot hinder you from achieving your goals – unless you let them. As women, we have a better understanding of ourselves because we’re more in touch with our emotions. As mentioned before, this exclusive self-knowledge can be helpful in improving several aspects of ourselves mentally and psychologically.

3. Take control of your life and be whatever you need to be.
Don’t let other people speak for you and never let them decide what you deserve. Set your own standards and be confident in defying unfair expectations. For instance, your role in a romantic relationship should not be limited to being a damsel in distress. You can be an emotionally strong partner who can be there for your significant other when times are rough, or you can be the knight in shining armor that can scare away the monsters under your own bed.

4. Realize that nothing is too ambitious if you just do your best.
One of the habits that any woman can do to be mentally and emotionally strong is to focus on a more positive way of thinking especially when trying to achieve a seemingly impossible goal. If someone will tell you that you’re being too ambitious, then prove them wrong and let your success do the talking.

How to become an Emotionally and Mentally Strong Woman
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5. Expect love and friendship to hurt sometimes.
Strong women cry, too – and it’s okay. Relationships with other people can hurt at times but being a strong woman doesn’t mean that you should not drop your guard and cry your heart out. You have to give what your emotion demands and by doing so, you are teaching yourself to be more familiar, to be resilient– and to eventually be stronger the next time you are faced with similar circumstances.

6. You don’t have to be strong all the time.
In relation to the previous section, an emotionally strong woman doesn’t have to be harder than steel all the time. It’s okay to take your armor off and rest your sword. Everyone deserves a break from fighting and surviving their daily battles. Emotional and mental strength can be learned by accepting your own vulnerability as a person and as a woman.

7. Give up when you know it’s not worth it.
There’s no shame in being a quitter especially if you’re fighting for something that’s not really worth the fight. For instance, it’s okay to give up on an endeavor that’s causing you more harm than good. Another example is when you’ve been trying to fix a relationship and instead of making you feel happy, it’s actually sucking the happiness out of you. Have the strength to let it go.

8. Don’t let others call you weak just because you’re a woman.
Women have always been portrayed as victims and weaklings not capable of standing up for themselves but the popularity of strong women in the modern world has rendered these stereotypes ridiculous and obsolete. Just like them, you have the power to redefine these labels that have limited women everywhere to be the best versions of themselves. Stand proud and break boundaries.

9. Be kind to yourself because you deserve it.
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself just to prove other people wrong. Take your time and do things at your own pace without minding what others expect from you. Being kind to yourself will help you achieve a more stable and healthy emotional state that can improve your overall well-being. Furthermore, learn to forgive yourself whenever you fail at something.

How to become an Emotionally and Mentally Strong Woman
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10. Refuse to be silenced.
Express your thoughts and be more confident with what you have to say. Most people think that women are overly emotional creatures incapable of controlling their thoughts but the truth is, we are the experts at understanding others especially on a deeper level. At the same time, such ability to be in touch with our emotions lets us think of better and more realistic ways to take on life and the trials that come with living.

There are different ways to define a ‘strong woman’ and even if it’s true that we are often depicted as more emotional and expressive beings compared to men, this definition doesn’t have to decide how we should live our lives.

It’s time that we showed the world that we are more than just victims, that we are not just princesses waiting to be saved. It’s high time that we proved everyone wrong by achieving what they thought was impossible in the history of womanhood: stand strong and let the world see that we are capable of greater things.

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  1. This article is great, infact splendid. Thank you for this article and comment it’s really inspiring. I appreciate. Cheers🥂🥂to all the strong women and strong girls in the world.

  2. thank you for those words i desired to be a strong girl, independent, and a result oriented person. what have learnt shouldn’t undermine my self. …

  3. Hi
    Thank you for this article and comments. I live in far away from my home country and relations. Now I am going through a breakup and it is very hard to control my feelings and I can’t escape from the memories. I can’t meet him also. Every night and morning I remember everything what he has told me to trust him did me to trust him. But now everything has changed within 24 hours. I can’t even believe what happen and this is a long distance relationship. However this article and rest of the comments helped me to absorb somewhat strength. I hope I am going to be okay, I will try my best and do my studies and make my parents happy.

  4. an incredible article article that can motivate me to be stronger and more prepared in the adventure in this life, share permissions

    • I am not emotionally strong and I always offer kindness and always get stomped on, most people think that i am weak but i am not i am mostly silent and a recent situation reminded me of all this article posted and ive decided to take action thank you this article was very inspiring

  5. Hoping it will goes easy.. Thanks, for being alone (pain,burden and hardships) hoping i will overcome it. . 😰 so many years passed by.., but still holding on.

    • From my personal experience, I learned to get over things was by first forgiving myself. Don’t beat yourself so hard at the end we are humans with feelings and emotions. we are in the process of learning every day, things happen.
      I believe that’s the first step to let go. Accept, forgive and let go.
      I read somewhere don’t be the prisoner of your past, its a lesson not a life sentence. It got stuck in my head and help me let it go of my regrets and treat past as lessons for the future.

      I hope you doing great now 🙂

  6. You Article is very Valuable for me. Whatever you mentioned I followed the steps and it made me breathe easy. Thank you so much once again.


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