I Got A Personalized Moon Sign Reading: Is It Useful?

I found a site that does personalized Moon Readings. What is that? Unlike a star sign, a moon reading is supposed to be based on your moon sign and reveal the hidden aspects of your personality that exist below the surface and represent the real you. While researching it, I’ve found that many people believe your moon sign is more important than your star sign because it goes deeper. Within the Moon Reading material, you learn how to use your moon sign qualities to take on challenges you are currently changing… among many other things.

Take A Free Moon Reading

I first did the free moon reading. You can also do your own personalized free moon reading on this page.

First, you pick your star sign. I’m a Capricorn.

Moon Reading REview

Then you enter your birthday. My birthday is (giving away my age) on January 5th, 1978!

Moon Reading reviews

Then you fill in your region. I found it neat that it had every small town listed around me to choose from for my City of birth. They really did their homework there.

Moon reading information

And then, of course, you have to enter in your email address and name. This is in part so that they can send you your personal moon reading and in part so that they have your email to send you future emails.

After you sign up, you are taken to a page where you can listen to an audio moon reading.

Moon Reading Press Play

In it, you learn what was happening on your birthdate in the sky.

Also, you learn your moon sign. Mine is Scorpio. My moon phase was a waning crescent moon (just before a new moon). These are things I’ve never even thought about before.

There was a lot covered in the video.

Part of what it told me was that my challenges are met with positivity which helps me maintain a healthy outlook on life, and that many people are drawn to me. True.

But it also said I have lots of friends and an active social life, and that is not true. When I was younger, I did, but I prefer to live a quieter life with my husband. I have no family near me, and my best friend moved across the country years ago so we hardly see each other.

Ironically, not long after that, the video told me I have an intense need for personal space, freedom, and change. THAT’S on point!

It also said that I don’t like any kind of control over me, which is true, and I’ve been that way since I was a toddler. Nobody could even tell me what to eat when I was young (or now), as I refused to eat meat at a young age and made my own, very unique path throughout my life.

The video also said I love bright, open spaces. I found this funny because, while I love to be in bright, open spaces outdoors and on vacation, in my home, I like it dark, and I prefer a smaller space. In fact, while I live in a house, I would be truly happy in a small, but stylish, apartment without a lot of windows. When I’m at home, I like to shut the outside world (or at least my neighborhood) out.

They nailed my relationship behavior – fun, lovable, faithful, and adaptable. That’s me to a tee.

Lastly, they talked about a thirst for knowledge and love for learning, as well as a desire to teach… YES!

I enjoyed the video so much that I was sold on learning more.

The Paid Stuff: More Detailed Readings And Guides

Obviously, they are going to give some information away for free and then try to sell you an expanded version of that information along with more information.

As I said, I was sold and wanted to learn more. I find this stuff very fascinating, so it was a no-brainer for me. Also, I deal with a lot of online courses and products, and this one felt more genuine to me than many that I deal with. There was no gimmicky crap or lies. I appreciated that.

So, I bought the main astrology reading and a transit guide which is supposed to give you a lot of information for the upcoming year. However, it takes a day to get to your mailbox. So, I had the Ultimate Astrology Reading and Destiny Moon Reading to go through first. But honestly, I was most excited about that transit guide. I was hoping that it would be as good as they say.

Moon Reading

bonus meditations

Trust me, there’s enough information to keep you busy for a while as you wait for the transit guide.

First: If You Know The Time You Were Born, That Will Help You Get More Accurate Information

One thing you should know before you buy anything from Moon Reading is your time of birth. It’s relevant to where everything was in the sky when you were born.

I asked my mom, and she didn’t answer until after I had filled everything in. She knew that I was born somewhere between 12 am and 2 am, but she couldn’t remember the exact time.

Once I found out the exact time (12:54 am) I was able to write into the Moon Reading staff and ask if I could redownload the guides with my exact birth time.

Brad, the guy I talked to, was more than helpful. He was willing to help me out and even create a new Transit Guide for me, which I appreciated.

The Grand Master Reading

This is the Ultimate Astrology Reading. This guide looks at your past, present, and potential. It includes information on your life’s purpose, health considerations, moon phase, ascendant sign, love and relationships, and more.

Here’s a screenshot of the table of contents.

Master Reading

Destiny Moon Reading Guide

This guide is supposed to help you explore your lunar potential and take a deep dive into your Astrological Fingerprint focusing on the moon. I learned a lot from this guide. There is a lot of information. Here’s the table of contents.

table of contents moon reading

Again, there were tidbits that weren’t like me. For instance, apparently, I’m not supposed to hold grudges… except I do. It’s a character trait that I wish I didn’t have, but I sometimes have a hard time letting things go.

One thing I found out was that my Lunar Purpose is to teach. This makes sense. It’s who I am. I’ve always been a teacher in one capacity or another, so I appreciated that this little bit of information lined up with me so well.

I also really enjoyed the sections in the Destiny Moon Reading that talked about manifesting with the moon’s phases. I’ve copied down all the information on how to go through the month according to the moon and plan to start a moon manifestation process with the next new moon.

The Transit Guide

This was the one I was really looking forward to. Apparently, as the planets move through the zodiac, there are certain interactions and aspects that, combined with your astrological chart, influence every aspect of your life.

The planetary movements in the chart are known as transits. The guide says that these transits are totally unique to my personal astrological identity and that no two guides will ever be the same because they are based on an individual’s astrological data.

What’s really cool is that the information relating to the transits is in order for the next 365 days and it starts with the first significant transit after your purchase your transit guide. I love that! I appreciate the work they put into personalizing these guides.

If you like reading your daily horoscope, you will really like this. The advice is to read the information and absorb it for the day, each day.

moon reading transit

One thing I noticed is that I don’t have any information for my birthday, which is weird. So I guess it’s 364 days worth of information. It seems to be the one day that is not in the transit guide.

This guide is long at 182 pages, so they include some quick-start instructions to make it less overwhelming.

transit guide quick start

I find it fascinating and don’t fully understand the transitions and what they mean, so I plan to spend each day looking into the day’s transit and what it means. I’m sure by the end of 365 days (probably much sooner) I will have a better grasp on what all this stuff means.

The Meditations That Come With Your Transit Guide

I’m always open to receiving more meditations. There are 7 meditations in total and they tackle all the important things, like stress relief, better sleep, and connecting with your creativity. There is also a full moon meditation that you are supposed to listen to under the full moon to raise your vibrational frequency and manifest better.

Moon Reading Meditations

Creating A Moon Journal

One of the things they talk about in the Destiny Moon Reading guide is about creating a moon journal. It’s supposed to help you track the moon’s daily influence on your life. They tell you how to do it, but I’m not sure why they don’t include a lunar calendar (which is needed). I think that’s something they should consider including in the membership area.

Through their steps, you create a journal that helps you keep track of things like what sign the moon is in that day, among other things.

My moon journal contains everything that I’ve found relevant now, including my transit reading. I want to write as much as possible to help me learn as much as possible.

Moon Journal

Bonus Reading That Tells You Where The Planets Were When You Were Born

This tells you where the planets were when you were born and what that means for you. Again, if you know the exact time of your birth, that will help out.

For example, apparently, Jupiter was in Gemini when I was born. I love the description of what that means for me and I really enjoyed reading about the path that I’m pretty much on. It was very validating.

Jupiter In Gemini

I Learned A Lot From My Moon Reading And The Material I Got

There was a small amount of information that didn’t align with who I am, but as I thought about it, it aligned with who I want to be. So maybe my internal desires haven’t fully manifested yet.

In any case, I enjoyed learning about my Moon Sign and Astrological Chart. I’ve never delved into things like where the planets were when I was born – or where they are now, so I found all that information extremely interesting. And, I love the transit guide. I will be reading that daily for the next 365 days.

I have always loved the night sky and working with my personal traits, so this Moon Reading material was right up my alley.

I found everything I got from Moon Reading site very useful. I’m excited to keep track of things and keep learning about this stuff. There’s way too much information to understand everything right away, but my plan is to work on this daily so that I can come out being an expert on this stuff.

You don’t have to buy all the material, but if you are interested in this stuff, it’s worth buying what I did. It has all the information you need, tailored to you, organized into one place.

You can get your own free moon reading here.


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