14 Detrimental Signs a Man is Hurt Emotionally

14 Detrimental Signs a Man is Hurt Emotionally
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Have you fought with your boyfriend recently, and do you think you have done something that hurt him much? You are probably curious about the signs that a man is hurt emotionally.

Most men are not expressive of what they feel. Compared to most women, they would often keep the pain to themselves. They are not fond of sharing their heartaches with friends or posting about them on social media. They simply keep them inside, hoping they will go away over time.

If a man is hurt emotionally, he may resort to destructive habits due to the loss of motivation. Men are naturally prideful, so once their ego is stepped on, they have the tendency to lose their passion for life.

Here are the signs that your boyfriend is suffering deep inside:

Cold Treatment

1. He Will Not Greet or Smile at You.

Even if you make an effort to visit him at home or work, do not expect him to excitedly run to you. He will not look so happy to see you at all. Do not expect him to say “hi” or give you a warm smile. He may even turn his back on you and walk away like he does not care.

2. He Will Not Talk to You.

Of course, he will not talk to you as well. No matter how many questions you ask him, he will not make an effort to open his mouth and say something. If this is the case, stop pestering him. He is not ready to talk to you yet. Forcing him to say something will just irritate him and worsen the situation.

3. He Does Not Seem to See You.

Do not be shocked if he passes by without even looking at you. Yes, he might treat you as if you do not exist. He will practically ignore you even if you are in front of him. If he did this to you and you got hurt, be more patient. Do not make a scene so that he will acknowledge your presence. You might not only embarrass yourself, but he would avoid you all the more.

4. He Ignores Your Friends.

Asking for help from your friends who are close to him will not do anything. He might ignore them as well. It is even possible that he will block their calls and social media messages. Of course, he knows that they are on your side, so he will not waste time hearing them out. They think that they are biased right from the start.

5. He Does Not Respond to Your Messages and Calls.

Even if you call him a hundred times a day, you cannot reach him if he is not ready to talk to you yet. He will ignore all your calls. He might even turn off his phone to completely cut your chance to give him a ring. How much more are your messages on social media? He can simply mute or ignore them.

6. He Blocks You on Social Media.

In connection to no. 5, he might block you on social media to avoid receiving any messages from you. This is one of his ways to cut all your attempts to talk to him. If he does this, consider it a sign that he does not want to talk to you. Give him space and enough time to think and heal. Forcing yourself on him will not result in anything good.

7. He Will Not Pursue You.

You are probably used to your boyfriend initiating reconciliation every time you fought in the past. However, it could be different this time. If a man is hurt emotionally—like too hurt and humiliated—he may give up on the person he loves. Too much pain may cause him wounded self-esteem, making him think he does not deserve the girl he adores. Or he may have realized that he does not need a relationship where he is not honored.

14 Detrimental Signs a Man is Hurt Emotionally
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Self-Destructive Habits

8. He Messes Up at Work.

Sadly, most guys, especially immature ones, do not know how go handle emotional problems well. For this reason, all areas of their lives are affected. Their job may suffer worst because of it. His lack of motivation and focus will cause him to be less productive and effective at work. He may even become tardy.

9. He Avoids People.

When a man is hurt emotionally, he has the tendency to avoid socialization as well. He does not like talking to people since he hates pretending he is okay or opening up about himself. Moreover, he prefers to be alone in peace so he can contemplate his situation. Even his friends will have a hard time contacting him.

10. He Sleeps and Wakes Up Late.

He also loses a sense of time. He wastes his waking hours doing useless things and often ends up sleeping in the wee hours of the morning. As a result, he will wake up late. This is the reason why he becomes tardy at work. And there are times when he chooses to stay in bed the whole day, forgetting about his responsibilities at work.

11. He Does Not Care About His Appearance.

It is normal for a man who in too much pain to neglect himself completely. Do not be surprised if you see your guy disheveled with dirty clothes, an unshaven face, and unkempt hair. He may not have showered for days. Well, he has lost the drive to be competitive. With his ego blasted, he simply does not care what people think about him.

12. He Keeps His Home a Mess.

And when you try to sneak into his home, do not be shocked to find his place in complete horror. The piled-up unwashed dishes, the liquor bottles with other trash on the floor, and that stench that makes the place suffocating—you probably cannot say inside for more than a minute. Just like how he cannot take care of himself, expect him to completely ignore the state of his environment.

13. He Drinks Too Much Alcohol.

Most men in pain choose to drown themselves in alcohol to forget their problems for a while. So, if you hear people reporting to you that your boyfriend often spends the night drinking in the bar, he is obviously hurt. Do not judge him, thinking he is truly good for nothing. Drinking could be his only escape from the reality he is suffering from now.

14 Detrimental Signs a Man is Hurt Emotionally
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14. He Spends All Day on Mobile Games or Watching Television.

If not alcohol, it could be mobile games or Netflix. They may be less detrimental than excessive drinking, but still, they are harmful if uncontrolled. Your boyfriend could waste so much time on them instead of doing productive things.

Give Him Time

If you truly love your boyfriend and regret hurting him, do not easily give up on him. Give him time to heal and be ready to face you. Once he is better, be the first one to approach him in humility. Ask for forgiveness and a chance to make it up to him. However, if he is decided to break up with you, just respect his decision.

When a man is hurt emotionally, he may have a more challenging time recuperating than a woman. He needs patience, understanding, and comfort too.

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