15 Genuine Signs She Feels Guilty for Hurting You

15 Genuine Signs She Feels Guilty for Hurting You
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Have you recently broken up with your girlfriend because she had done something that hurt you so much? What if she totally regretted everything she did? Would you take her back?

Everyone commits a mistake since no one is perfect. What is important is the person is willing to admit their failures and apologize for them. If you can see that your ex is truly repentant and she is willing to change, it would not be a weakness to give her a second chance. And whether you get back together or not, releasing forgiveness will help you both to move forward.

So, how would you know if your ex-girlfriend truly repents? What are the signs that she finally feels guilty for hurting you? You can check out the following:

Can’t Get Over What She Did

1. She Apologizes for Her Mistake Over and Over.

One of the clear signs that she is guilty and repents for what she did is her unending apologies. Even if you have told her many times that you have already forgiven her, she will not get over it anytime soon. Instead, she would keep telling you how sorry she is even after a long time.

2. She Keeps Blaming Herself for Your Cracked Relationship.

Another indication that she is guilty of hurting you is owning up to the mistake that broke your relationship. This is characterized by self-loathing and constant asking for forgiveness. Also, you would probably never hear her badmouth you to others because she is convinced the breakup is entirely her fault.

3. She Still Cries Because of What Happened.

How long have you been apart? If it has been many months and others tell you that she still cries whenever someone opens up about you, it is a sign. It means that she is still guilty of hurting you and miserable because of it.

4. Her Life Remains Off-Track for a While.

Did you receive reports from friends that your ex has been frequenting bars almost every night since you broke up? Or have you heard that she has been fired from work recently because she would barely show up or perform well? These are signs that your ex-girlfriend is having difficulty moving forward from your breakup. And one significant factor for this is knowing that she hurt you.

5. Her Friends are Reaching Out to You.

If her friends keep bugging you to give her a chance or at least talk to her, consider it a sign that she is miserable for what she did. If she does not feel guilty for hurting you, her friends would not see the need to communicate with you.

Tries to Make Up to You

6. She is Kinder to You Than Usual.

Let us say you and your ex still talk to each other. If you have not cut communication, expect your ex to make an effort to make it up to you. Part of this would be being kinder than she was before. Since she knows she has done something terrible to you, she would humble herself. Thus, she cannot afford to be rude.

7. She Does a Lot of Things to Make You Feel Better.

Has she surprised you with gifts lately? Does she show up at work to give you lunch? Or maybe she has been writing you letters expressing her remorse and affection. These actions can tell you that she admits to doing you bad.

15 Genuine Signs She Feels Guilty for Hurting You
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8. She Shows You How Miserable She Has Been After the Incident.

Another sign that she is guilty of hurting you is allowing you to see her vulnerability and misery from what happened. It is not that she wants you to feel guilty as well. Instead, she hopes to make you feel better by making you know how you are suffering from the consequences of her mistake.

9. She Tries to Win You Back.

Most girls who broke up with their boyfriends would not initiate reconciliation. However, if your ex wants to get back together with you and says she will do everything to win your trust again, it means she really feels guilty for breaking your heart. That is why she is willing to lower her pride and double the effort of showing her love.

10. She Does the Things She Would Not Do for You Before.

In connection to no. 9, your ex would start doing the things she would not do before just to please you. For instance, she probably hated cooking, but now she learns to cook your favorite dishes. Or maybe she never went with you to watch basketball games, and she suddenly invited you to go to one with her.

11. She Assures You She Will Change.

On top of everything, if your ex really feels guilty about hurting you and wants to win you back, she will promise you to change. You will see how she is trying her best to change for the better each day. Those qualities and habits you used to complain about before? Expect her to get rid of them just to prove her sincerity.

Wants You to Move On First

12. She Checks on You Regularly.

It is possible that you do not want to be back with her again. Or maybe the current situation makes it impossible. However, your ex-girlfriend would still check on you now and then. Her guilt compels her to make sure that you will be okay. So, expect her messages and calls even if you do not return them.

13. She Refuses to Be Happy While You are Hurting.

One of the obvious signs that your ex is guilty of hurting you is her refusal to move forward first. She cannot afford to be happy knowing you are still miserable. If she frequently posts about her social life and happiness on social media before, now she cannot do it. You might also hear from your common friends that she stopped going out with other guys or refuses to date until you find a new girlfriend.

15 Genuine Signs She Feels Guilty for Hurting You
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14. She Encourages You to Look for New Love.

Since she is guilty of breaking your heart, your ex probably hopes you can find the “one” for you sooner than she will. She thinks that once you find a new love and become happy again, she can be released from that guilt.

15. She Would Not Commit to Another Relationship While You are Single.

In connection to no. 14, you will know your ex feels guilty about breaking your heart because she cannot commit herself to another person before you date someone new. She feels that it is not right for her to be happy before you do.

Choose to Forgive

So, what do you think? Does your girlfriend feel guilty for hurting you or not? Are you willing to take her back and totally forget about what she did?

Whether you choose to be back with her or not, please do yourself a favor. Decide to forgive her, nonetheless. It is not really for her benefit but yours. When you release forgiveness, the burden in your heart will be released as well. That is the first step of healing and moving on. And from that, you will be ready to walk forward to the kind of love you deserve.

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