9 Seemingly Signs God Doesn’t Love You Anymore

9 Seemingly Signs God Doesn't Love You Anymore
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Do you feel like nothing is going right in your life? Does it make you think that God does not love you anymore?

It is normal to think that God ignores you when it seems that your life is falling apart. When you see others having easier—and even happier—lives, you get that feeling that life is unfair. You probably think that you are a wicked person, so God allows you to endure a harsh life on earth.

So, do you think God does not love anymore? What makes you think so? Is it the circumstances around you? The following are the typical situations that many people consider as signs that God does not care about them. However, do they really tell you about God’s love?

 1. He Allows You to Struggle with Problems After Problems.

Are numerous problems an indication that God has forgotten about you? If you think the Lord is cruel for allowing trials to bombard you, you better think again.

It is not God who gives you the problems. We are in a cursed world because of humans’ sins. That is why sorrow, pain, sickness, death, and other problems exist. If the Lord has allowed problems to touch you, maybe it is because the enemy is testing your faith just like what he did to Job (Job 1:6-22).

The Lord has not unloved you. He simply believes in you. He trusts that you will remain faithful to Him despite challenges, and in the end, He plans to exhibit His glory in your life.

 2. You Are Always Brokenhearted.  

Does it seem God always let you fall in love with the wrong person? You probably blame the Lord for your ‘luckless’ love life since He does not allow your relationships to last. The question is, were those relationships His will in the first place?

You have free will, so God will not stop you from pursuing a relationship if you want to. However, He could have been sending you red flags along the way, but you were only too blinded to notice. That is why it is important to seek God’s guidance and wisdom all the time.

 3. Your Prayers Are Not Answered.

Do you feel bad because God does not seem to hear your prayers? Probably you think God does not love you because He did not give you what you wanted.

However, you should understand that sometimes, His “no” is the best answer to our prayers. Remember that He is in control, and He knows the future. If He did not give you the specific answer you want, He had good reasons for it. Someday, you will realize why, and you will thank Him for it.

It is also possible that what you were asking for was not according to God’s will. The Lord is wise. He will not give you something that would feed your selfishness or harm others.

1 John 5:14 says, “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

9 Seemingly Signs God Doesn't Love You Anymore
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 4. Others Are Always Ahead of You.

You probably resent God because you seem to be always the least and last in everything. It makes you think that you are not favored at all—the least favorite—to be exact. This thought alone can make you feel unwanted and insecure. Like, “Who else would want me if God Himself does not want me?”

Please know that the Lord does not play favorites. In the Bible, several stories revealed that God chose the least for His glory. Remember that David was only a shepherd boy, and even his father did not think he would be chosen as king. Gideon, the greatest among Israel’s judges, was actually from the least among the least of tribes. Then, in the New Testament, Jesus chose uneducated fishermen to be His disciples. Who knows what His plan for you is?

 5. You Are Not as Blessed as Others.

Admit it; it is hard to believe that God loves you if you are surrounded by well-off, successful, and beautiful people—those you wish to be. Maybe, you are full of insecurities because you lack many good things.

Hopefully, you can recognize your own blessings soon. You may not have everything you want, but God surely gives you what you need. Moreover, please know that each person has a different timetable. At the right time, God will give you what you aspire and work hard for. Just prove yourself worthy of it.

6. It Seems There Is No Justice for You.

Have you been wronged by others, and until now, you have not received justice for it? Does it mean God ignores your cries and complaints? Should you take revenge on your own?

Please know that God’s ways and thoughts are different from yours. His timetable is also not the same as yours. Just because you cannot see it now does not mean He will not do it. Or you might not even know it, but He is probably punishing those people now. So keep your hands clean because God has promised that He will avenge those mistreated by others.

Romans 12:19 states, “Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord.”

7. You Are a Failure.

Do you see yourself as a failure? And are you blaming God for it? Maybe, you think God does not love you anymore because He did not help you succeed. Or you probably believe He did not create you capable of anything excellent.

If you are not aware of it, all successful people, including geniuses and billionaires, have their shares of failures. God allows people to fail so they can learn from them and come back stronger. So, if He lets you fail, consider it as a stepping stone to success.

8. It Seems That Nobody Loves You.

Have you always felt alone? Do you think your family wants you gone because you are a burden to them? Have your friends left your side? And does it seem like no one likes you in return, so you have been single for as long as you can remember?

Instead of thinking that no one loves you, including God, why not start evaluating yourself? Maybe it is you who cannot understand the people around you. If everyone finds it hard to love you, you must ask yourself why. Meanwhile, God is only waiting for you to draw close to Him (James 4:8). Your being alive until now is proof that He is patient with you.

9 Seemingly Signs God Doesn't Love You Anymore
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9. Your Life Is Totally Messed Up.

Are you broken and broke? Are you full of disappointments, regrets, and frustrations? Have you ever thought about just ending everything? You may be lost and entirely down now, but it does not mean God does not love you anymore. He does not like seeing you suffer at all. Therefore, He invites you to surrender everything to Him and find rest in His presence.

Matthew 11:28-30 says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Run Back to God

Do not believe the devil’s lie that God does not love you anymore. You may not have noticed, but the Lord has been treating you with grace. All you need to do is completely turn back to Him, surrender all your burdens, and live within His will. Then, he can turn your situation around and create a powerful life testimony for His glory.

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