10 Possible Signs He is Trying to Make Me Jealous

10 Possible Signs He is Trying to Make Me Jealous
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Some people like it when their partners get jealous. It gives them a feeling of being loved and valued. For this reason, some guys use this to get the attention of the girl they like. For instance, some men try to make their girlfriends jealous whenever they feel taken for granted.

So, do you think your boyfriend is doing the same thing? Are you looking for the signs that he is trying to make you jealous? You can check the following out:

10 Possible Signs He is Trying to Make Me Jealous Video

Through Words

1. He Tells You He Met a Beautiful Lady.

If your boyfriend tells you about another girl he recently met, you should be critical before reacting. Ask yourself why he is telling you this. If he really likes the girl and he plans to cheat on you, he will keep her a secret from you, right? So, what is his purpose?

The possible reason why a guy mentions a sexy or pretty girl to his girlfriend is to make her jealous. He wants her to feel threatened by this attractive lady that caught her boyfriend’s eye. This could be the only purpose of your boyfriend.

2. He Talks About His Ex.

Is your partner recently reminiscing about his past? Has he given you hints that he misses his ex-girlfriend? How did you respond to the situation? Did you get angry because he opened up about her? If yes, he probably felt successful.

It is unreasonable for anyone to open up about their ex to their current partner. That is why you should find it weird that your boyfriend does it. It is possible that he only wants you to be jealous and give him more attention.

3. He Compares You to Other Girls.

Have you recently been hurt because your boyfriend compared you to someone else? Maybe he said you should start working out to be skinny like the college girls he sees at the gym. Or probably he wants you to be more athletic like his beautiful colleagues who love playing badminton or volleyball.

Sometimes, men can be so insensitive that they do not think their girlfriends would get hurt being compared to others. Nevertheless, some do it on purpose. They hope their girlfriends will feel challenged when being compared to other women. Girls can be so competitive, and they know that!

4. He Admires the Girlfriend of His Friend.

Are you annoyed because your boyfriend cannot stop admiring his friend’s new girlfriend? His actions tell you that if only he were single (and the girl were not his friend’s partner), he would have flirted with the girl already. You can say that he is attracted to her. What if this is just part of his plan?

Like in the no.1 situation, your boyfriend would not be telling you about another girl he is attracted to if he really meant it. Of course, he knows it will cost him his relationship. So, why would he flaunt his admiration for someone else’s girlfriend? He probably just wants you to be jealous.

5. He Crushes on a Celebrity.

Is he crushing on a hot celebrity now? If yes, does he act head-over-heels with her? Of course, you would not take it seriously, but it can be annoying at times. He may not have a chance with his crush, but the fact that he finds another female creature more attractive than you can be irritating.

Your boyfriend boasts about his celebrity crush not because he does not love you but because he wants more of your attention. He hopes it will make you jealous and decide to give him more time and affection. It is a sign that he thinks you are losing interest in him.

10 Possible Signs He is Trying to Make Me Jealous
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Through Actions

6. He is Sweet to Other Girls.

Do you get angry whenever you see your boyfriend being too friendly with other girls? If he knows his boundaries already and yet he still gets cozy with others, he is probably doing it on purpose. Why does he treat other girls sweetly, especially when you can see them? It is obvious that he wants you to be jealous.

If this is the case, you should talk to your boyfriend and ask what the problem is. He probably feels that you have less time and attention for him now, so he looks for a sure way that you would notice him.

7. He Spends More Time with Someone Else.

Have you noticed that your boyfriend recently spends more time with someone else? It does not have to be a girl. It could be anyone who is keeping him busier than usual. Probably, you have been so busy lately that you did not have time for him anymore. Or he maybe feels terrible that you trust and value your girl friends more than him. Thus, he planned to get back at you.

Men can be jealous too. They feel insecure when their partners spend more time with other people than them. They just want to feel significant too.

8. He Likes Hanging Out with a Girl “Best Friend”.

Does your boyfriend have a girl BFF? If yes, and he seems to hang out with her more than you, it is not surprising that you are jealous. Any girlfriend would hate to be the second priority of her boyfriend.

However, what if your boyfriend is just using his best friend to make you feel jealous? Maybe he is longing for your listening ears, and he thinks you do not have time for his drama. That is why he shows you that someone else is ready to be there for him.

9. He Does Not Let You Borrow His Phone.

Another sign that he is trying to make you jealous is his hesitation to let you borrow his phone. Although this could be a sign of real cheating, most guys are smart enough to be hiding their phones from their girlfriends. It would just be too obvious. So, why would he keep his phone from you?

Probably, your boyfriend is intentionally making you suspicious of him, so he would give you more attention. Maybe he feels taken for granted, and he thinks you would only give him attention if you are afraid of losing him.

10 Possible Signs He is Trying to Make Me Jealous
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10. He Hides His Password from You.

Is your boyfriend suddenly keeping the passwords to his phone, email, and social media accounts from you? The same in no. 9, it would be too obvious if he is really cheating. So, it is possible that he just wants you to be jealous.

However, if he truly loves you, he will eventually give you access to his accounts. He just wants to get your attention, you know. What if he never gives you access to them anymore? That should give you something to think about already.

Be Sensitive

It takes wisdom to figure out if your partner is just trying to make you jealous or if he is really sneaking behind your back. Make sure to be sensitive to what your boyfriend is doing. If he wants you jealous, it means he craves your attention. So, you better improve how you treat him. On the other hand, if you sense that he is really cheating on you, better to let go as soon as possible. Do not wait to prolong your agony.

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