18 Ridiculous Signs He Wants You to Chase Him

18 Ridiculous Signs He Wants You to Chase Him
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Are you in love with a guy who makes you feel special? However, are you afraid he is not serious with you because he is hot and cold? Probably, he wants you to chase him; that is why he likes making you confused.

Some guys feel good about themselves when girls are head-over-heels with them. That is why they make efforts to make these ladies fall for them. However, it does not mean they really like these girls. They just want to be desired.

If you want to find out if the person you like is really serious with you or not, keep reading. Check out the signs that he wants you to chase him.


18 Ridiculous Signs He Wants You to Chase Him Video

Wants You to Desire Him

1. He Appears His Best Whenever He Meets You.

Whenever he asks you out, does he always arrive with his best OOTD? If he puts effort into his appearance because he will see you, he obviously wants you to fall for him. He wants to attract you with his good looks. Well, guys know that most girls fall in love easily with cuties.

2. He Wears a Very Masculine Scent.

Aside from his effort to dress up, this guy wears the most masculine perfume he got. No woman can resist the sensual feeling aroused by manly fragrance. It can make a lady lust after the guy wearing the scent. So, if the man you like often wears this kind of perfume whenever you go out together, he certainly sets a trap for you.

3. He Shows Off to Impress You.

If he wants you to chase him, expect this guy to do his best to impress you. He would want you to think he is the coolest man in the world. Do not be surprised that he often talks about his achievements, talents, savings, awards, or anything that sounds impressive. In short, he brags a lot that he sounds arrogant already.

4. He Looks at You with Dreamy Eyes.

Most girls fall easily for guys with irresistible eyes. So, if this man you date frequently locks gazes with you to appear romantic, he really wants you to desire him. Expect that his looks will make you feel wanted and adored. Those are what he wants you to feel.

5. He Gives You a Ride with His Expensive Car.

If he is rich and has four wheels, expect him to invite you to frequent joy rides. Most men think they can impress women with cars and money, so they want to flaunt their expensive vehicles. Well, men with handsome cars are indeed considered hot by many girls. Thus, if this guy wants you to drool for him, do not be surprised if he gives you a taste of his money and popularity.

6. He Invites You to a Coffee Date.

One of the most popular and convenient ways to bond with someone now is through a coffee date. No wonder many cafes have been popping up everywhere lately. Therefore, if the guy often invites you for coffee just to catch up, it will give you the impression that he wants to date you. Of course, this will make you giddy and romantic, and these are what the guy is trying to attain.

7. He Treats You Like a True Gentleman.

And when you are together, he acts like your prince charming or knight-in-shining armor. He treats you like a princess, making you feel safe, protected, and comfortable. He carries your bag, opens doors for you, and holds your hand when crossing the street. Guys know that girls cannot resist these gestures, so they keep using these tactics on their willing victims.

Being Playful

8. He Teases You a Lot.

Another sign that he wants you to chase him is how playful he is with you. He loves to tease you about anything, making you laugh, and a little bit annoyed simultaneously. He knows this will make you miss his presence whenever you are not together.

9. He Seems to Flirt with You.

If you have had several boyfriends, you would know when a guy flirts with you. So, if you can sense that this man is attempting to flirt with you, this gives you an idea that he is attracted to you. If you like him, this will make you fall harder for the guy, thinking you have a mutual understanding.

18 Ridiculous Signs He Wants You to Chase Him
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10. He Jokes About Falling in Love with You.

And as if bringing his flirting to a higher level, he makes jokes about falling for you. If you are in love with him, you will surely take this seriously. You will hold on to this hope that you are meant to end up with each other. However, unless he expresses it in a serious manner, it is hard to assume it is true.

11. He Hints that You are His Dream Girl.

Has he shared about finally meeting his ideal girl? When asked about it, he described this wonderful lady while looking at you with longing. Suddenly, you got this feeling that he was referring to you. Did it make your heartbeat race? For sure, that conversation has left you wanting him all the more.

12. He Likes to Hold Your Hand.

He has never directly told you that he likes you. One thing is for sure; he treats you as someone very close to his heart. In fact, he is so comfortable touching your hand and giving you a ‘friendly’ hug. And whenever you are scared or nervous, he squeezes your hand and whispers that he is there for you.

13. He Serenades You.

Guys know that singing a love song to a girl will also do the trick, as romantic gestures like this easily touch women. So, another hint that he wants you to chase him is that sweet serenade. If he has sung your favorite love song to you, it is evident that he wants you to feel adored.

14. He Playfully Introduces You as His Future Girlfriend/Wife.

Has he ever jokingly introduced you to his friends as his future wife or girlfriend? Do not think that it was a purely innocent joke. He knew its effect on you or any girl that would be the subject of that remark. Whether he is serious with you or not, he certainly wants you to fall hard for him.

Makes You Confused

15. He Thinks You are Special.

Another effective way that guys do to make girls run after them is by making their fragile hearts feel special. So, do not be surprised if this man you date says he finds you extraordinary. He may have used flowery words to describe you—your kindness, sweetness, and how classy you are. But, unless he has taken your dating to a higher level, please do not take his words very seriously.

16. He Suddenly Goes Missing for a While.

You have probably been communicating regularly for weeks, and suddenly he stopped messaging you. When you tried to call him, his phone was off, and he would not respond to your texts. For several days, his absence made you crazy, and you did everything to know what happened. Then, he came back apologizing, saying he had some personal issues. After that, you could not stop being all over him.

17. He Says He Hates Seeing You with Other Guys.

He might have also told you that he dislikes you hanging out with other guys. Of course, this would make you ask why. Normally, guys who are only after girls chasing them would leave the question hanging.

18. He Makes You Jealous with Other Girls.

On the other hand, you will see this guy being too friendly with other girls. Sometimes, you could even feel that he is doing it on purpose to make you jealous. Why would he do this? He wants you to try to get his attention back by competing with those other girls.

18 Ridiculous Signs He Wants You to Chase Him
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Do Not Be a Victim

If, after a long time of dating, this guy has not earnestly expressed his affection for you, it is best if you think twice. What is really his purpose of making you feel special? Is it because he wants you to chase him? You better check his dating history, and if you confirm that he has this tendency, it is best to stop falling for him.

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