24 Good Signs He’s Husband Material

24 Good Signs He's Husband Material
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Are you hoping to get married soon? If you are, hopefully, you will not only settle with looks and charm. You must understand that marriage and family life are both complex and delicate. For this reason, it is important that you marry someone who is truly husband material.

What are the signs that a man is husband material? You can check out the following:

24 Good Signs He’s Husband Material Video

Physically Stable

1. He is Physically Fit and Healthy.

We are not talking about looking good and attractive here—although they are plus points. What you need is a man who is physically healthy so that he can take care of his family. If you marry a sickly man, it would be a burden to you in the long run.

2. He Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle.

Of course, you need a man who does not only take care of himself but who knows how to help others stay healthy too. Marry someone who is health-conscious—someone who will encourage you and the family to eat healthily, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly.

3. He Avoids Unhealthy Habits.

Another sign that a guy can stay healthy for a long time to take care of his family is his self-discipline. Look for a man who stays away from harmful habits, such as smoking, too much drinking, and excessive mobile gaming.

Emotionally Stable

4. He is Objective When Making Decisions.

Look for a man who does not base his decisions on feelings. A good husband can think critically for his family’s welfare, even under pressure. He is not quick in making decisions whenever his emotion is at its peak, such as when he is angry or so happy.

5. He Can Control Negative Feelings.

Another sign that a man is husband material is his ability to manage negative emotions. Find a man who can control his temper and stay gentle no matter how tough your fight is. Misunderstandings are common in marriage, especially in the first years. You do not want to be with someone who would hurt you physically or verbally whenever he is angry.

6. He Lives in the Present.

Do not settle with a man who has a hangover from his past love. An emotionally mature person will work on letting go of the past to focus more on the present. Marry a man who has no emotional baggage, or else you cannot have his heart fully.

7. He is Capable of Deep Bonds.

An emotionally healthy man is not afraid of commitment—and he is surely committed. Look for a man who will love you deeply without inhibitions and can stay committed no matter what happens.

8. He Can Resist Temptations.

An ideal husband is someone who can say “no” to temptations, especially when it comes to fidelity. He is someone who does not believe that flirting is harmless because he values the feelings of his partner.

Financially Stable

9. He Has a Regular Job.

A man is husband material if he is capable of providing for the needs of his family. It means that he should have a stable job. He may not be rich, but at least he has enough means to give his wife and kids a comfortable home.

10. He Lives Below His Means.

Moreover, he should be a good steward of his resources, including money. He must be someone who does not live an extravagant life but is more practical when it comes to handling finances.

11. He Has Savings.

Aside from not spending beyond his means, your future husband must have savings. It means that he is not only living for today, but also for the future. He is someone who prepares for the possible hard times ahead.

12. He Makes Investments.

How great it would be to marry a man who does not only save for the future but also make wise investments. There is a bigger chance that your family will be well-off and live a comfortable lifestyle.

24 Good Signs He's Husband Material
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Socially Stable

13. He is Family-Oriented.

If you want a husband who will be devoted to you and your kids, look for a man who is dedicated to his immediate family now. Find a partner who will always put his family first.

14. He Prioritizes His Family Over Friends.

In connection to no. 13, he should be a man who will choose family commitments before hanging out with friends. Even if he has plans with friends, if his family needs him, he will cancel prior plans without hesitation.

15. He Can Easily Make Friends with Others.

Another sign that he is someone you can live a harmonious life with is his friendliness. A man who is approachable can easily hang out with your loved ones and other people around you.

16. He Can Interact with People from Different Social Classes.

An ideal husband is someone who is respectable. He is respected by everyone because he respects all kinds of people. He treats everyone the same despite their social status, and hopefully, your future kids learn this from him.

17. He Respects Women.

Moreover, a man is husband material if he respects women. If you end up with one, you will be in good hands. How will you know this? Observe how he treats his mother, sisters, and female friends. Does he respect their opinions and preferences? Is he a gentleman with them?

Mentally Stable

18. He Does not Let Anxiety and Other Mental Struggles Overcome Him.

Men can also suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental conditions. However, a husband material guy is someone who knows how to deal with his inner struggles. While they are inevitable sometimes, at least, he does not let them overcome him.

19. He is Open-Minded.

A husband material person is open-minded. He understands that he is not right all the time, so he listens to others and respects their opinions. This is important if you do not want to be stuck with a man who never values your thoughts.

20. He Can Keep Calm Under Pressure.

Look for a partner who does not easily panic, lose temper, or break down under pressure. Find a man you can depend on during tough times. He must be someone who can keep calm in all circumstances and make rational decisions at all times.

Spiritually Stable

21. He Puts God at the Center of His Life.

An ideal husband is someone who can lead his family spiritually. To do this, he should have a strong faith and relationship with God himself. It is not enough that he goes to church every week. Christlikeness must be seen in his character.

24 Good Signs He's Husband Material
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22. He is Rooted in God’s Word.

A spiritually mature person does not base his actions and decisions on his emotions. Rather, he always consults God’s Word to make sure He does the will of God in everything.

23. He is Prayerful.

Marry a man who loves to pray, not just for himself, but for others as well. A praying man is strong and hopeful because his trust is in the Lord.

24. He is Not Easily Swayed by Problems Because He Trusts God.

At the same time, he does not easily give up when problems arise. Since he has a strong faith in God, you can see that he remains positive despite facing numerous challenges.

Choose Wisely

There is no perfect husband, but at least, you should choose a man who possesses many of these qualities. Do not rush making a decision to marry someone just because you are pressured by society.

In the end, your main goal is to marry someone who can make life easier and lovelier, not just for you but for your future kids. That is why choose a husband material man right from the start.

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