Feel Weak And Fragile In Life? Use These 8 Affirmations Often

Are you feeling weak and fragile? Are you delicate, easily broken, or easily thrown into despair? Are people careful how they talk and act around you because you are so fragile? If so, life is probably very scary, frustrating, and difficult for you. You may feel like you are constantly being attacked and pushed down in life. You may feel like setbacks and disappointments are all you ever experience. Or you may feel like you can’t be who you want to be, go where you want to go, and do what you want to do.

weak and fragile

Of course, those are just the thoughts and feelings of a weak and fragile person. They are not facts set in stone.

If you want to turn your life around, you need to start being more anti-fragile.

  • You need to toughen up.
  • You need to change the label you put on yourself from ‘fragile’ to ‘anti-fragile’.
  • You need to become someone who understands that life has its ups and downs and uses them to your advantage.

If you want to feel less fragile in life, here are some affirmations you should be using.

1. The More Life Throws At Me, The Tougher I Become

If you feel weak in life, then you probably tell yourself the opposite of this. You say something along the lines of, “The more crap that happens, the more I give up on life!” This is going to keep you in that weak and fragile state forever because life is always going to throw crap at you!

It’s important to affirm that you become tougher, not weaker, with everything that comes your way.

The more you experience, the more you know.

The more you overcome obstacles, the stronger you are.

2. I’m Fire And The Wind Fuels Me

Imagine the wind as a challenge and you as a fire. The wind can’t take you out. It fuels you! It causes you to become bigger and stronger and more capable of accomplishing your goals!

When you visualize things this way, you will welcome the challenges. You will see them as opportunities to let you grow and become stronger.

Right now, if you feel weak and fragile, you probably feel more like a lit match than a fire. You are easily blown out by the wind.

If you are going to visualize something, why not visualize yourself as a fire that can’t be put out, no matter what type of wind comes your way.

3. An Easy Life Isn’t Rewarding

When things are tough, you want them to be easy. But imagine a life with no problems, struggles, or obstacles. It would be boring as heck. It wouldn’t be rewarding at all.

A life with challenges is rewarding and stimulating. When you are faced with problems, you get a chance to flex your strength and problem-solving skills. When you work through issues and overcome them, you feel accomplished. You feel more confident about yourself. You feel more alive!

If you want life to be rewarding, don’t hide in the corner and shy away from struggles. Facing those struggles and overcoming them makes life much more rewarding.

4. Stress Is Good For Me

When we feel weak and fragile, we shy away from stress. We feel like stress can hurt us or even break us. But it’s important to step away from that belief and say something better to yourself.

Your perception of stress and how it impacts you is going to make a huge difference as to whether or not stress hurts your mental and physical health. If you believe stress will affect your health, it will.

It’s very important to adopt the belief that some stress is good for you. You can handle it. You can use it to become better, smarter, more successful, etc.

Stress helps you understand what’s going wrong and what to change.

Flip the script.

  • What are you stressed out about?
  • What is that stress trying to tell you?
  • How can you be grateful for the stressors in your life?

5. When Things Get Tough, I Get Tougher

A weak and fragile person will retreat when things get tough. They will give up, hide, and avoid.

A strong and resilient person, won’t do that. When things get tough, they get tougher.

When things start to go downhill at work, they work harder.

When their relationship starts to suffer, they work harder at mending and strengthening their relationship.

Need a song to make this affirmation stick? I like this old but relatable song. The song is by Billy Ocean and the guests in the video are Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito, and Michael Douglas.

6. I Create My Life With My Thoughts And Actions

We are all creators. Humans are capable of creating amazing things. You are human, and you have the ability to create amazing things too, especially a rewarding life.

In other words, you have a choice, and that choice dictates your reality.

You can choose to think weak and fragile thoughts and hide and cower, or you can choose to think strong and resilient thoughts and step out and take action.

If you choose to hide and cower, then life is going to keep attacking you and feel overwhelming. Why choose that? Choose to get up and take action, and overcome, experience wins, and live a life that makes you happier.

Instead of saying things like ‘Why me?’ when crap hits the fan, ask yourself what steps you need to take next to overcome and get to where you want to be.

Don’t think too big or you will get overwhelmed. Just think about what small step you need to take right now to move in a different direction around, over, or under this issue that’s popped up.

7. I Lean Into My Fears

When we feel weak and fragile, we run from fear. Even the smallest fear can have us recoiling far into our comfort zone and avoiding anything that might cause discomfort or pain.

Stop that.

Lean into fears that have the potential to further your life in some way.

  • Go on that date.
  • Go for that job interview.
  • Take that phone call.
  • Ask for constructive criticism.
  • Have that talk you’ve been wanting to have with someone.

When fear arises, recognize that it’s there only because you are thinking about doing something you’ve never done or something that might not work out, and if you lean into it, you might learn something new and experience a win.

8. I’m Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

A weak and fragile person hates being uncomfortable. They do everything they can to avoid it.

A confident person who faces fears and gets things done is comfortable being uncomfortable. They know that the discomfort is fleeting and worth it on their path to what they want.

For instance, in business, you have to be willing to deal with people who don’t like you, have different opinions, want different things, are difficult to work with, etc. It’s uncomfortable to be around these kinds of people and work or deal with them, but you have to do it if you want to receive the benefits that come from business deals and relationships.

One woman I know wanted to sell vegan donuts for a living, but she was scared to talk to people. She didn’t take criticism well and would crumble into a corner when someone told her that her donuts were not good.

Eventually, she became comfortable with being uncomfortable and started networking in her community. She went to the farmer’s market, dealt with the small amount of criticism she got along with all the love she got. She ended up doing so well that her husband was able to quit his job and work with her.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. You never know what is waiting for you outside your comfort zone until you step out.


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