23 Obvious Signs the Dumper Wants You Back

23 Obvious Signs the Dumper Wants You Back
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Do you feel that your ex is trying to win you again? If you want to confirm that the dumper wants you back, you have come to the right place.

Below are some clear signs that the person who left you before is trying to get you back. What if they really want you again? Are you going to give in? Before deciding, check the clues below first:

23 Obvious Signs the Dumper Wants You Back Video


1. Not Ignoring You Anymore

It is normal for a dumper to ignore their ex after a breakup because of guilt and pain. Normally, this could be a permanent setup unless some closure happens in the long run. The two could choose to be civil with each other. Now, if your ex is suddenly not treating you like a stranger anymore, even without reconciliation, you should ask why. It is either they have realized they should be nicer, or they want to get back together with you.

2. Frequent ‘Coincidences’

Another sign that the dumper wants you back is your numerous encounters with them recently. While the ex acts completely surprised, you cannot avoid thinking they are following you on purpose.

3. Asking for Your Number

Then, in one of your coincidental encounters, they suddenly ask for your new phone number. What could be their reason? It is pretty obvious that they want to reconnect with you. Well, they probably just want to be friends with you again, but who knows? They may want more than that.

4. Sending Friend Requests on Social Media

Aside from asking for your number, the ex suddenly follows you on social media again. They also send you a friend request as if nothing happened in the past. Don’t you think the dumper is getting persistent?

5. Texting You from Out of the Blue

And once they have your number or you have connected online already, they find excuses to message you. They contact you for random reasons, which mostly do not concern you or are nonsense. If this has happened several times lately, you can tell the ex wants to win your heart back.

6. Sending You Invitations

Consider it a hint if the person has been inviting you to for special occasions. They will not bother doing that if they want you completely out of their lives. This could be their excuse to see you again.

7. Suggesting You Should Catch Up

Is the ex suggesting you should spend some time catching up? This is another sign that the dumper wants you back. If they want to go out with you alone for privacy, it means they want to relive your intimate moments in the past.


8. Suddenly Talking About Your ‘Happy’ Past

Another obvious hint that the person wants you back is how they love to reminisce about your happy memories. If they want to move on completely, they will forget about the past, including the beautiful memories you shared together. Talking about how happy you were before is a sign that they want you to reconsider your relationship.

9. Reminding You Why They Liked You Before

In connection to no. 8, your ex will mention the traits that made them love you. Do not give in easily, as they could be trying to make you fall for them again. Who knows? They could just be trying to flatter you, so you would feel valued by this dumper.

10. Asking What Went Wrong

In addition, your ex may open up about your breakup. This could be their chance to give an excuse for why they left you. To make you think they did not want what happened, this person might pretend to question why your relationship had to end.

11. Apologizing for Leaving You

Knowing the breakup could have shattered you into pieces, your ex will say “sorry” for leaving. They will ask for forgiveness for the pain it caused you.

23 Obvious Signs the Dumper Wants You Back
Photo by VladBitte

12. Letting You Know You are Missed

Another clear sign that your ex wants to get back together is expressing their longing for you. They will tell you that they have missed you all this time you are apart from each other.

13. Giving a Hint They Regret Dumping You Before

And to convince you that the breakup was a mistake, they will let you know how much they have regretted leaving. Whether directly or indirectly, your ex will express that they are still in love with you.

One More Try

14. Inviting You to Coffee Dates

If your ex knows you love coffee, expect that they will use this to win you back. Expect them to ask you out for a coffee date regularly, probably after work hours or during weekends. They may say they just want to hang out for old friendship’s sake. However, you know this can reignite old flames between you.

15. Asking You to a Movie Night with Friends

Your ex may want to win your friends back too. So, expect sudden invitations to movie dates with the gang. The dumper knows that once they enter your social circle again, it will be easier to get back with you.

16. Giving You Presents

One obvious tactic that a person does to express their feelings for someone is generosity. Thus, if your ex has been giving you random gifts recently, it is clear that they want you back. No one will be spending money on someone they do not want in their life anymore.

17. Complimenting You Every Now and Then

Does your ex seem to notice everything about you recently? You can tell that person wants you back if they make an effort to notice your hairstyle, new clothes, or even weight. Complimenting you is their way of making you feel valued.

18. Dressing Up to Impress You

And since this person wants to attract you again, they will do everything to impress you. Expect them to look their best every time you go out together. They will really put much effort into their appearance to take your breath away.

19. Getting Interested in Your Love Life

Has your ex asked if you are currently single or in a relationship? Is this person interested in knowing who you are dating now? These questions are signs that the dumper wants you back. They hope you are still available so you can have a second chance at love.

20. Touching You

Does your ex teasingly caress your hair or face? Or do your hands ‘accidentally’ touch sometimes, and your former partner does not seem to mind? These seemingly innocent touches are actually your ex’s way of expressing their longing for you.

23 Obvious Signs the Dumper Wants You Back
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21. Checking on You Almost Every Day

Another hint that your ex is hitting on you again is their constant messages lately. They check on you regularly, asking about your day and expressing concern about your health or safety. They do this to let you know they still care.

22. Prolonging Conversations

And whenever you have a chance to talk, whether in person or through the phone, does your ex make an effort to prolong conversations? For instance, they may have follow-up questions to your responses or jump to another topic related to the first one. If they do this, trust your instinct—they want you back.

23. Visiting You Regularly

You can also tell that your ex wants a comeback if they suddenly drop by frequently. They visit you at work or even your home. At first, their excuse is they always happen to be nearby. However, soon they will start confessing that they just want to see you.

Second Chance?

They say that “love is sweeter the second time around”. However, not all relationships deserve a second chance. Confirming that the dumper wants you back, do you think your ex is worth another risk? Evaluate your past relationship and how they treated you. If this person was not healthy for your well-being before, why would you give them a chance?

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