10 Ways The Superbrain Quest Can Make You More Productive

When a course called Superbrain by an expert in brain performance comes up, you know I’m going to take it and review it in some way on this site. The Superbrain Quest is a Mindvalley course taught by Jim Kwik. Jim has been a brain coach for many organizations, actors, and people like you and me. I took the quest, and what I found is that Superbrain is a 30-day course that gives you some superpowers that will bring about more productivity in your life.

10 Ways The Superbrain Quest Will Impact Your Productivity

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1. The Superbrain Quest Will Help Boost Your Memory

How much time do you waste trying to remember stuff? It’s hard to be productive when your memory is poor.

This is the biggest selling point of the Superbrain quest. It says it all right on the page explaining what the quest is about.

You will learn:

  • How to develop a skill or absorb information up to 300% faster and accelerate your learning speed.
  • How to develop a supercharged memory, where you can remember lists, facts, names, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.
  • The fundamentals of having a good memory.
  • Techniques that will help you remember things backward and forward.

And, what I found was that at the end of the quest, you will come up with your own ways to remember everything. When you learn the basics of memory and how to boost it, you can get creative and use what works best for you.

I can guarantee you that it’s fun and easy to get a better memory once you learn the techniques that Jim Kwik teaches in the Superbrain quest. You may need to practice the techniques, but once you get the hang of them, it’s so easy to remember those important things that you used to forget.

2. Learn How To Tackle The ANTS

One of the things talked about in the Superbrain quest is ANTS or Automatic Negative Thoughts. Those negative thoughts can kill your focus and productivity.

I can’t count the number of times I have been working and suddenly feel a stampede of ANTS in my head that makes me get out of the flow and lose focus. What a time waster those ANTS are!

Jim helps you understand how to protect your internal and external environments from ANTS. And, he gives a technique to help you tackle an ANT when it comes up and refocus.

3. You Will Make Creative Thinking Your Thing

The techniques taught by Jim Kwik in the Superbrain quest are very creative. It’s not anything like the old way of remembering – learn something, read it over and over again, look away and see how much you remember, read it again, look away and try to remember it again, and repeat the process over and over again.

As Jim says, rote learning – which is a memorization technique based on repetition – works, but it’s an old-school way of doing things. You can supercharge your memory by using the creative and fun techniques he teaches.

I’ve found that creative thinking spills into other areas of your life. The more you practice doing things outside of the box, like the memory techniques Jim teaches, the more you can think outside of the box and come up with creative ways to solve problems, organize, and communicate.

Being creative is very important for your productivity. It keeps you from getting stuck by helping you to overcome obstacles more easily.

Creative thinking, just like anything, develops from practice. So, the more time you spend coming up with and practicing creative ways to remember things, the more you strengthen your ability to think creatively.

4. You Will Improve Your Comprehension

Comprehension is important to productivity. The more you know, the better choices you can make and the quicker you can get things done.

With the Superbrain quest, you won’t just learn how to remember things, you will be able to improve your comprehension while remembering. In other words, you will not just repeat something you remember, you will be able to fully grasp what it is you are remembering.

Part of the quest includes learning how to remember words and their meanings. I was blown away at how easy it was to remember definitions that I could never remember before.

What’s even better is that you will learn how to remember words in another language and be able to fully comprehend the words you learn.

5. You Will Learn How To Read Faster

Jim Kwik has other programs where he teaches speed reading in detail, but he does point out a few techniques in this course. One of the bonuses that come with the Superbrain Quest is on Speed Reading.

If you want to be more productive, you want to read faster. You want to be able to get through articles faster and find a solution or get an insight that you need to move forward.

Plus, reading non-fiction books will help you learn lessons someone took years or even decades to learn. So faster is better!

As Jim says in the Superbrain Quest, “There are no bad readers, just those with bad reading habits.” It’s a skill that you need to develop, and Jim talks about obstacles that can get in the way of reading fast as well as some methods that will help you increase your reading speed by up to 50%.

6. It Will Help You Pay More Attention To Your Habits

Jim Kwik talks a lot about habits and how they impact the brain. He talks about his habits for good brain health and comprehension, and he even gets you to memorize them.

What I found is that all this talk about habits made me pay more attention to my habits. I talk a lot about productivity habits, but it’s really important to understand why they are important so you can keep them in your awareness and maintain them.

In short, Superbrain will remind you why your habits are so important and help you find brain habits that work for you and your productivity.

7. It Will Help You Realize That You Have Time For Those Productivity Habits You Didn’t Think You Had Time For

You need to dedicate about 20 minutes per day to the Superbrain quest. So initially you have to give some time out of your day away to this quest, but in the long run this helps you be more productive.

The quest becomes a habit, and when you are done, you can replace that habit with something else for 20 minutes a day.

It won’t be your Superbrain quest time anymore, it may be your reading time, study time, journaling time, or meditation time. Whatever you thought you couldn’t squeeze into your life before the quest can easily fit into that 20 minutes.

I didn’t think I would have time for it, but I did. At first, I had to schedule it into my day, but then it became a habit. It was a good eye-opener that I could create new habits, even at 20 minutes a day, that would benefit me and my goals and productivity – like reading, creating, taking a course, or even spending time with my loved ones.

8. Learn How To Remember Other People’s Names And Other Information In The Superbrain Quest

How much time do you waste trying to figure out someone’s name? How much more productive would life be if you could remember someone’s name, make them feel validated by you, and then use that to your advantage going forward in the relationship?

Everyone wants to be heard and validated. If you are someone who can remember important things that people tell you, like their name or spouse’s name, then you can instantly become more likable by everyone.

That’s another bonus for productivity. More people will be willing to help you out and get things done when they like you.

9. You Will Learn How To Remember Numbers

Jim teaches a few ways to remember numbers in the Superbrain quest. One of the ways will appeal to most people.

But, there is a more advanced technique to remember numbers that can help you remember all those important things like pin numbers or meeting times and locations. This one takes some time to grasp, but I’m practicing it and implementing it into my life.

10. You Will Spend Less Time Trying To Remember And More Time Doing

The bottom line is that the Superbrain quest can help you spend less time trying to remember things and more time doing things.

For instance, if you always forget where you put your keys, the quest can help you remember where you put your keys. You won’t need to wander around and waste time trying to find them anymore.

In regards to my writing, I’ve found that I spend less time trying to find information that I’ve read and more time just recalling it and writing about it.

For instance, when I write reviews, I normally need to go through my notes a few times to come up with my outlines and fill in some blanks. But, I remember a lot of what I wrote down in this Superbrain quest because it’s all just sitting there in my memory for me to access.

And, I’ve had an easier time communicating my point of view on things. It’s not just my thoughts and beliefs that I have to recall from anymore. I can actually remember the facts that back up my thoughts and beliefs. And I can communicate them effectively without feeling like I’m not fully justifying what I’m saying. It’s insane.

I’ve also found that all this practice with your brain’s strength helps you do things that aren’t even taught in the quest. My brain just seems to be working better overall, and I’m quicker with my recall, communication, and writing without trying.

The Superbrain Quest Will Benefit Your Productivity

If you want to be more productive, I highly recommend the Superbrain quest. This list is just 10 of the ways Jim Kwik and Mindvalley’s quest will help you be more productive. It’s really an important quest to take for so many more reasons.

The Superbrain quest will appeal to everyone who wants a better brain, better memory, and more productivity in their life. It doesn’t matter who you are or how bad you feel your memory is right now. Jim Kwik gives you the tools to improve your brain’s health and strength, and you can continue using and developing those tools for the rest of your life.

Take the Masterclass, experience the awesomeness for yourself, and then sign up for the quest and get excited. You are about to take an awesome course that will impact your life in a big way.

Note: This quest is part of Mindvalley’s Quest All Access Pass. It’s a pass that gives you unlimited access to most of Mindvalley’s courses at one price. Read 5 Reasons Mindvalley’s Quest All Access Pass Rocks (And 2 Things That Could Be Improved)


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