6 Awesome Ways to be the Perfect Third Wheel

Awesome Ways to be the Perfect Third Wheel

perfect third wheel

You’re having the perfect night planning for your Saturday activities when unexpectedly your friend (or sibling) suddenly asks you if you’re free that day.

You want to lie that you’re not, but then they don’t give you that time to react and just say that you tag along with their boyfriend or girlfriend and they won’t take an answer for a ‘no’.

Suddenly your heart rate goes up. You don’t want to be a third wheel, but you don’t want to hurt your friend’s (or sibling’s) feelings also.

So, you think of the ways to get out of it without hurting them.

But what if I tell you that you don’t have to worry about anything because I’ve got your back. Here are 6 awesome ways to be the perfect third wheel:

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