10 Signs a Guy You Met Online Likes You

Signs a Guy You Met Online Likes You

In this day and age, you can find your prince charming anywhere! Love is not tied anymore to the classic girl-meets-boy story because your love can literally be a click away – all thanks to modern dating websites. Although high tech romances can be fun and sweet, it does have its pros and cons. For …

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17 Clear Signs that He’s Really Into You

Clear Signs that He's Really Into You
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Is he into you, or is he just playing around? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether a guy likes you or likes you back. You might even assign meaning to every word or action he does, hence making you overanalyze things. However, there are clear signs to know if he is indeed into you. See if the man you’re dating with or starting to date does these things for you: 

1. He compliments you a lot.
Do you often hear him say how awesome you look or how your dress looks perfect on you? If he’s quick to give you a lot of compliments, he’s most likely into you. However, know whether or not he’s being sincere with those compliments. Remember that while you want him to be physically attracted to you, if he doesn’t see how smart and special you are, then maybe, all he wants is a fling.

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10 Obvious Signs Your Friend Likes You Romantically

Obvious Signs Your Friend Likes You

Are you suspecting your friend is crushing on you? You probably feel like s/he treats you more than a normal friend. You might be afraid to confirm this because it could ruin your friendship. However,  of course, you want to find out the truth, so you will know how to treat him/her to avoid hurting …

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15 Signs Your Crush Likes You

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Are you trying hard to find out whether your crush likes you too? Are you confused whether his/her actions towards you mean anything or you only overanalyze? If Your Crush Likes You Video   15 Signs Your Crush Likes You To help you resolve your inner conflict, and so you would know if it is …

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