16 Things Girls Find Attractive in Guys

Things Girls Find Attractive in Guys
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Aside from being good-looking, what could be the traits that girls find attractive in a man? Are you curious about them? Do you want to be more attractive in women’s eyes, hoping your crush will finally notice you?

For many women, physical appearance is not the main priority when looking for a suitable partner. There are still many sensible ladies who know that maturity is more important than looks. For this reason, they want to get to know a guy more before committing to a relationship. 

If you are wondering what qualities do mature men have, continue to read below. Here are some of the things that most girls consider attractive in guys:

1. Gentleman

Ladies love gentlemen. They easily fall for men who love serving women, the elderly, and others in general. Every girl loves it when a guy acts protective of her, such as when he makes it his responsibility to walk her home. She also feels special when a man opens the door for her, holds the umbrella for her, or carries her heavy stuff. 

2. Responsible

All women love responsible men who are husband-material. Of course, they think about their future, so one of the top traits they seek in a man is being responsible. It will ensure a secure life for the future family. Some examples of being responsible are being on time for work, budgeting properly, and finishing tasks before deadlines. 

3. Hardworking

Aside from being responsible, an attractive man is hardworking. He does not mind waking up early just to get to work on time and finish as much as he can. He is the kind of guy who is not choosy when it comes to jobs because he understands that every penny counts. He is also willing to have more than one job to make sure he can earn enough for himself and his family. 

4. Has an ambition

Of course, it is not enough that a guy is hardworking. He must also have the ambition to improve himself and the condition of his life. He is not content with working hard just to earn enough. He understands that he can make more without depriving himself of rest all the days of his life. He invests in his future by pursuing a degree, aiming for higher education, and acquiring more skills. 

5. Goal-oriented

It is not enough that a man is a dreamer. He must set goals and make strategic plans on how he can achieve them. No matter how challenging it is, he will not quit until he accomplishes each goal. For girls, such a man with determination and perseverance is an ideal husband-to-be. It shows that he can be hardworking and responsible enough to provide his future family with a comfortable life.

6. Focused

How a guy can achieve his goal is dependent on how focused he is. He clearly knows his priorities. Also, he is someone who does not get easily distracted. He fixes his eyes on what he wants to accomplish. This man does not waste time on what cannot contribute to his goal. He knows how to say ‘no’ to temptations too.

7. Humble

Moreover, ladies hate proud men. Women are not impressed with guys who tend to show off and act arrogantly. On the contrary, they love humble men. Humility makes a guy more handsome in the eyes of many. A humble man does not boast about his achievements, skills, capabilities, and connections. He just works silently and lets his performance or outputs speak for himself. Also, he is not fond of seeking attention for himself. 

8. Family-oriented

Women also love family-oriented guys. When they see how a man honors and takes care of his parents or lovingly treats his siblings, they develop admiration for the guy. It is because they believe that such kind of a man will be a good husband and father to his own family someday. All women wish to have a future partner with whom they can build a secure family for their kids. 

Things Girls Find Attractive in Guys
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9. Trustworthy

Of course, all girls hate cheaters and liars. Everyone has high respect for a man who is capable of being faithful in a relationship. Therefore, if you want to be highly attractive, be someone who can resist the temptation of cheating in a society where divorce has been normalized. Be someone whom a girl can trust her heart with. 

10. Respectful

Aside from being trustworthy, women are attracted to men who know how to respect others. These are the guys who do not impose their principles or opinions on others. They do not act rudely or try to intimidate the people who disagree with them. Furthermore, they treat all kinds of people courteously, even those in the lower socio-economic level. Also, these are the men who do not take advantage of women. 

11. Gentle

Men who can remain gentle even in times of anger or annoying situations show to be emotionally stable. It means that they can control their temper, so there is a lesser tendency of being physically or verbally abusive. 

12. Patient

An admirable guy is not only gentle, but he is patient as well. He does not get mad quickly nor rush into making decisions. This kind of man carefully thinks before he acts or speaks. He understands that terrible consequences can happen as a result of actions or decisions made during heightened emotions or impatience. 

13. Has a sense of humor

Most girls find funny guys attractive. Who does not love being around a goofy guy who can make you laugh all the time? Well, you do not have to be a comedian, though. Being able to come up with something witty or funny out of an uncomfortable situation is enough. 

14. Tidy

No matter how handsome or sexy a guy is, if he stinks or looks disheveled, girls will find him disgusting. Girls love guys who look clean and neat. These are the men who can keep themselves smelling fresh all day. If you are this kind of man, then, oh boy, consider yourself attractive enough.  

Things Girls Find Attractive in Guys
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15. Confident

A confident man is an attractive person. As they say, confidence is now the new sexy. Girls are impressed with guys who know their worth and can present themselves before others with ease. It shows that the man is someone who can be relied on. 

16. God-fearing

A lot of women still consider godly men to be admirable. Men who strive to live according to God’s will usually try to uphold integrity. Their respect for God’s sovereignty also makes them more careful with their actions and how they treat others. Moreover, they can be good fathers who will instill good values and faith in their children. 

You are Attractive in Your Own Way

You may not believe it, but actually, you are attractive in your own way. For sure, you have qualities that girls find praise-worthy too. You just have to start with being confident with who you are. Soon, you will be attracting the right person who will accept you for who you are.  

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