10 Effective Ways to Be a Better Employee

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There comes a point after you graduate from a university where you land your first job. You’re nervous, unsure, and unaware of what to do. If you’re feeling those things right now, then this is the perfect article for you. Life doesn’t always teach us everything but here you can learn ten effective ways on how to become better at your work:

1. Always be on time.
The first step to becoming a better employee is to always be on time. Whether you are attending an important meeting or you are just making your way to work, be sure to punch in at the right time and avoid being late!

No one likes a tardy employee. Constant tardiness will lead to disastrous time management and unfulfilled deadlines. If you are the type of person who likes sleeping through your morning alarm, then it is better to change your morning habits now than to receive a warning note from your boss!

2. Respect your co-workers.
The second step is to always respect your co-workers, whether it’s the guy who cleans the office stalls or the lady who’s in charge of your team project. Being polite and knowing your place is a good skill to learn how to navigate your way in the office environment.

Being a respectful employee also means respecting the environment you work in, and that means taking good care of the material things that are assigned to you like documents, computers, or even the table you are working on.

3. Be productive.
To become a better employee, in this third step, is to be productive at all times. This means that you make use of your time wisely especially when you are working by yourself. Even when nothing’s assigned to you yet, you don’t just lazy around and scroll on social media, you look for things to do around the office that is worthwhile. Be resourceful and have initiative!

Being productive means hustling through the office hours, doing things in the quickest way without affecting the quality of work. If you are able to do this, then you are one step nearer to becoming a better worker and a better person!

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4. Make sure to socialize.
Don’t forget to talk to your co-workers. Remember that your office is not a room with no doors or windows. That is why in this fourth step, it is important to remind yourself to socialize with your colleagues. Work shouldn’t be all about work, it can be fun too!

Engage in office parties, attend your partner’s wedding, and be there for every event that your team goes through! This shows that you truly care for the company and that you would put the benefits of the company first before anything else.

5. Separate work life and personal life.
As an employee, you should be able to separate your work life and personal life. This fifth step will help you on how to manage two different aspects of your life. You have to be a professional employee, and being professional means not dragging your personal problems into your work.

If you’re having fights with your husband or wife, then please do not vent it out during important meetings. If you’re having a hard time at work, definitely don’t take it on your kids! Professionalism comes with the knowledge of knowing how to juggle these situations.

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6. Follow protocol.
The sixth step is to remember and follow the protocol at all times. Learning and mastering the standard operating procedure, the manuals, or the guidelines for your company is a must! This will prevent you from asking unnecessary questions at your superiors about things that are easily answered by the manuals.

As a professional employee, it is also a must that you must follow the protocol for every given situation that you encounter. If you feel like the situation is out of your hands, then do not hesitate to ask for guidance from the right people.

7. Stand up for your rights.
Knowing and standing up for your rights is important in this seventh step if you want to become a better employee. It is also your responsibility to maintain professionalism in the working environment. If you know that someone is harassing a co-worker or giving unequal pay, then properly report them to the right authorities.

Keeping silent about issues like these will do nothing but further the toxicity in the environment. Before doing anything rash, always make sure to look for a solution first! But if you feel like your complaints will not be answered, then perhaps it will do good to rethink your job and maybe resign.

8. Be a team player.
The eighth step to becoming a better employee is to become a team player. It’s not enough that you do outstanding work by yourself, you should also work well with other people. Think of the company as the body, if you are the brain, it is not enough that you come up with great ideas, you need someone to help you execute it and be the arms and legs.

Learning to work with others will also enhance your socializing skills and boost your professional reputation. You will engage in discussions with different people throughout the years, so learning how to handle people and working with them is a necessary skill!

9. Work on self-improvement.
The ninth step to becoming a better employee is to always make room for self-improvement. After you work, try your best to conduct small feedback about your work. By doing this, you are allowing to critique yourself, to highlight flaws and pinpoint areas you can improve on.

The worker is a constant learner. If you want to become better and be more professional with your work, then please take the time to re-evaluate yourself. There is no end to learning and personal growth!

10. Always strive for excellence.
The last step is to always strive for excellence in everything you do! If you’re assigned to shredding the papers, then shred every paper quickly and efficiently. If you’re tasked to do a presentation, then come up with a creative and informative one that everyone will enjoy. The point is, you do more than what is expected of you.

If you always strive for excellence, then that means better outputs at work and better relationships with your co-workers. Try your best to become a better version of yourself every day. Don’t wait for your boss or employer to professionally and personally develop you. Start doing your own professional development. Have self-leadership!

As an employee, the more you work, the more you learn. Becoming a professional doesn’t come overnight, rather it takes years of hard work and strict following of these ten ways in order to become one. Everyone starts at the bottom, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t work yourself up! Just remember to always strive for excellence and to be professional in the things you do, and success will eventually follow you everywhere!

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