10 Effective Ways to Become an Early Riser

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If you’re a night owl looking for effective ways to become a morning person, then you came to the right place! Some people might find it hard to be optimistic in the mornings, but what they don’t know is that waking up early is actually one of the keys to achieving that! If you want to be an early riser, here’s how to do it:

1. Set your alarm clock.
The first way in order to become an early riser is to simply set your alarm clock to an earlier time. If you don’t wake up during the first ring, then don’t hesitate to add more alarms after that, especially if you are to attend an early meeting.

Keeping these helpful alarms will train your body to wake up earlier. Setting your alarm clock is also a good way to count your sleeping hours. Just make sure you don’t set a blaring alarm tone and end up waking the rest of your neighbors!

2. Sleep earlier.
Another way to become an early riser is to sleep earlier. This might be a bit difficult to do because of many people like waking up through the night doing various activities such as binge-watching a TV show, reading a favorite book, or even just lazing about.

Resist the urge to open your laptop or turning on the television. It may sound childish to some, but it is important to set your bedtime. Sleeping at an earlier hour will definitely make you wake up earlier!

3. Avoid social media before bed.
Fight the urge to scroll through social media. Once you lay on your bed and open that phone, you will be sucked into an endless black hole of scrolling through your feed, clicking one link after the other, like one picture after the next. So stop yourself if you can. Turn off your phone if possible.

Pouring your time on social media before bed will not only make you sleep late, it will also increase your chances of cellular radiation and waking up groggy in the mornings.

4. Meditate before sleeping.
If you want to be an early riser, you can always try meditating before you go to sleep. Mediation allows you to relax your mind and prepare your body. Sleep in an experience that your body goes through and by meditating, you are helping your body transition to this state.

Meditating before bed will also help you have a more fuller and satisfying sleep. You can also do this practice after you wake up. Taking a minute or two off from your bustling day to day activities is always healthy for the mind and the body.

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5. Refresh yourself.
Before going to sleep, refresh yourself in any way you can. Take a long and hot bath, listen to soft music, or even just washing your face can give you a bit of refreshment. The point of this is that the more refresh you feel, the easier it is to fall asleep and the earlier that you can rise.

You can always incorporate this in your night care routine. Going into bed refreshed with definitely help in waking up earlier, plus, you feel like you’re glowing too!

6. Get enough sleep.
In order to become an early riser, you must always get enough sleep. Set your sleeping schedule to a time where you can get the most sleep and rise early. When you get enough sleep, your body will naturally wake up much earlier.

Having eight hours of sleep is also very beneficial to your body. It will not only make you an early riser, but it will also make your brain more active and your body more energetic. That’s why it’s important to get enough rest.

7. Set early morning goals.
If you can, you may set early morning goals so that you can help yourself wake up earlier. Early morning goals can be activities like jogging, yoga, doing a bit of reading, or basically any activity that will urge you to wake up earlier.

Having these morning goals will also encourage you to be more productive. When you sleep in later in the mornings, you may not notice how much time is wasted for sleeping when you could have been doing more purposeful activities!

8. Establish a sleeping cycle.
When you establish a sleeping cycle, you help your body get into a natural rhythm of sleep and waking up. If you have an established sleeping cycle then it is easier and more natural for you to wake up earlier.

If you do not have an established cycle, don’t worry! You can easily do this by setting up your sleeping schedule and by strictly following your bedtime. If it’s time to sleep, then it is time to sleep. Close your eyes and get some rest!

9. Look forward to your mornings.
Having a positive mind means looking forward to all your mornings! Of course, this may not work for some because others are not really morning people. But when start looking at your mornings as an opportunity to start and do great things rather than another day of work, then you might find yourself enjoying when you wake up.

You only live once so take it! Be grateful for each day that you are given and always look forward to your mornings.

10. Just do it.
If all else fails, then the best way to be an early riser is to just do it. Set your alarm and be disciplined enough to wake up when it rings. Urging yourself to do something is one way for you to be able to do exactly that thing. You may just have to wait a while for your body clock to set in and then you’ll be able to wake up early naturally!

Sleep is very important to the body and oftentimes people may overlook this. If you don’t get enough sleep you may become cranky and less productive. If you are able to get enough sleep, then it’s easier for you to rise earlier and be more energetic. So set your alarm clock, get your beauty sleep, and welcome the wonderful mornings with a smile!

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