16 Ways to be Yourself

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Everyone says you need to be yourself, but the problem is whenever you try to be the ‘real’ you, everyone has something to say. It is hard to express who you really are when you have to consider the opinions of the people who matter to you. Since we live in a society that is run by culture and standards, sometimes we become afraid to come out of our shell for the fear of being criticized.

If you want to show who you really are, then it is time to stand out. Check out these 16 ways of how you can be yourself.

1. Understand that you are unique.
Do not be frustrated if you cannot do what others do and you seem to think differently from others. No two people are alike, even twins, so it is not surprising that you are different. Embrace your own uniqueness and know that it makes you special.

2. Do not base your self-worth on how others perceive you.
No one knows you better than yourself. This means that how well you understand yourself matters more than the opinions of others about you. Not everything that others say about you is necessarily true, so do not take all criticisms personally.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others.
It is nonsense to compare apples and oranges, right? The same principle is true about your individuality—you are unique and should never be compared to anyone else. A comparison would only make you either insecure or proud.

4. Explore new environments and meet new people.
The best way to discover who you really are is by exposing yourself to the rest of the world, so go to different places and be surrounded by different kinds of people. As you explore, you get to know who you really want to be. You also get to meet people who are like-minded with you, and you will be encouraged to express yourself through their affirmation.

5. Express your own style.
Do not be afraid to be out of the mainstream. Yes, it is fine to be ‘in’ the trend, but it would be cooler if you could create your own trend. For instance, instead of following the fashion statement that is a hit today, introduce your deviant style that could turn heads.

6. Do not live to please other people.
You try to please a group of people today and tomorrow you get bashed by two other groups. The point here is that you cannot please everyone because all people have different perspectives about the world. You would only get tired trying to satisfy everyone but yourself.

7. Appreciate your strengths.
Instead of focusing on your flaws and what you do not have, be appreciative and proud of the positive things about yourself. Be thankful for your skills, talents, and the positive traits of your personality. Not everyone has them.

8. Acknowledge your weaknesses.
Accepting your imperfection and acknowledging the areas where you still need to improve on will help you overcome your insecurities. This will keep you from self-frustration and false pride too. Also, by acknowledging your weaknesses, you become open to improvements.

9. Pursue your passion.
Do not let practicality and what others demand dictate the course of your career. Choose the kind of job that is aligned with your passion. You will have a better chance to succeed in that area since you will be working with dedication that is out of love and joy.

10. Do not dwell in the past.
You are different from who you were five or ten years ago. Do not let former glory nor past failure keep you from striving to be a better version of yourself today. Forget what is behind and let go of anything that keeps you from soaring high now.

11. Forgive yourself and accept that you are not perfect.
Whatever mistakes you have done, understand that they are all in the past now. Do not let your failures keep you bitter towards yourself. Embrace your imperfection and make it an encouragement to move forward.

12. Choose the people whose opinions matter in your life.
Do not listen to everyone’s comments because only those who truly care about you will give constructive criticisms. Others would just want to point out your mistakes, and listening to them would only hurt you. Therefore, filter the opinions that you allow to get into you.

13. Voice out your thoughts.
Speak up for yourself or you could hold your peace forever. In group decision-making, societal concerns, or issues involving you, let your voice be heard. Do not be intimidated by the ideas of others.

14. Know that everyone is equal so you are not inferior to anyone.
You have no reason to be intimidated or feel inferior to anyone. All people, from whatever walks of life, have equal rights, so no one is more important than you. This means you should not allow others to tell you that your life choices suck.

15. Stand up for your decisions and what you believe in.
Do not let others’ opinions sway you from what you have decided for yourself. After weighing your decision, principles, or beliefs carefully, and you are convinced that you have chosen right, then stand up for those even if others disagree.

16. Do not be afraid to be different.
It is okay if others call you weird just because you follow a path that is not aligned with your culture’s standards of normalcy. As long as you are happy doing it, and you know you are not doing anything wrong, then be brave enough to be different. Only dead fish flows with the river’s current.

Be Yourself

Self-fulfillment starts with acknowledging who you really are and living your life without fearing rejection and criticisms. You will never be completely happy if you keep basing the course of your life on what others want rather than what you really want. So, just a piece of advice, be real with yourself.

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