17 Motivating Ways to Improve Your Skills

Skills improvement
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Are you having self-pity because you think you are not as talented as others? Or maybe you have the skills but you wish to improve them. What can you do?

Skills are learned and anyone can be a master at one skill or more with the right amount of dedication, knowledge, and experience. If you want to enhance your skills, then there are ways you can do to help achieve this goal.

Here are 17 motivating tips to improve your skills:

1. Find out what you are good at.
First, you need to identify what are the skills that you already possess—especially those that you want to improve. No matter how many skills you have, you need to pick your topmost expertise so you can focus on enhancing them.

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2. Do not hide them.
Being shy is one of the reasons why a skill is usually left forgotten in a corner. If you want to improve your skills, then you need to come out of your closet and use them whenever and wherever needed. You need to get used to using them around people so that they can be beneficial to yourself and others.

3. Be involved in activities that will require them.
The more you use your skills, the more that they are honed. For this reason, do not miss opportunities that will allow you to showcase what you got there. For instance, if you are good at playing instruments, then be involved in a band that plays in events.

4. Enroll in short courses and training that can enhance them.
Look for short courses or workshops that will not only give you a certificate of completion but will train you to be more effective in handling your skills too. These can supply you with fresh knowledge about your specialties, which can help you level up.

Motivating Ways to Improve Your Skills
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5. Keep using them.
What you do not use, you will eventually lose. If you do not use your skills for a long time, there is a tendency that you will forget about them. Therefore, keep your skills active and growing by constantly using them, whether professionally or just for your personal satisfaction.

6. Practice, practice, and practice.
Aside from frequently using your skills, you need to be intentional in practicing them. Practice makes perfect, so if you want to improve your skills, then you need to allot a practice time for each those. It may not be possible to achieve perfection, but at least you can gain excellence.

7. Watch online video tutorials.
Another way to enhance your craft is by watching tutorials or workshops on YouTube and other sites that provide access to these resources. You can find channels and professionals who share tips and secrets on how to upgrade skills.

8. Learn from the experts.
Aside from YouTube, there are other online platforms, featuring experts, which can help you gain more knowledge about your skills. You can also read books from well-known individuals from your field. However, the best way to learn from experts is by working with them up close and being able to observe how they do things.

9. Be mentored by a pro.
Better than just observing professionals, you can ask them to mentor you. You will not only get the chance to see them using their skills, but they can willingly teach you their secrets of how they achieved mastery.

10. Do not be content with your current level.
Always be hungry for growth. Even if people look up to you for competence, do not think that you are already the best. There is always room for improvement, so take every opportunity to advance.

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11. Ask others to help you evaluate your skills.
Evaluating the current status of your skills will help you find out what needs to be done so you can improve. Of course, if you want an unbiased evaluation, then you should involve other people who see you use them. They can be your family, friends, colleagues, or mentors.

Motivating way to improve your skill
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12. Monitor your growth.
Aside from evaluation, regular monitoring can help you track your skills’ progress. You can create a checklist of the developments that you want to see in a certain period. This is a tool that can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

13. Take criticisms constructively.
If you receive not-so-positive comments regarding your abilities, do not take them personally. Instead, take them as constructive criticisms that can help you objectively evaluate your level. Use them as a motivation to improve.

14. Avoid comparing your growth with others’.
Stop comparing the level of your skills with that of others’. Do not measure your progress based on their progress because each person has his/her own pace of development. This will make you either jealously competitive or insecure.

15. Put your heart into whatever you do.
One of the best ways to improve your skills is by loving them. If you are passionate about what you do, then learn them by heart. Your dedication will make you more patient and persevering in honing your craft.

16. Give time and focus through consistency.
Make a 20-minute habit of practicing every day. You cannot learn it all in one sitting. Consistency is the difference between all-time greats and one-hit wonders. Remember, creating a routine can help you achieve your desired result.

17. Use them to serve God and others.
The Bible says that everything has been created through Christ and for Christ (Colossians 1:16). This means that talents, skills, knowledge, wisdom, and even spiritual gifts—if we acknowledge that they are from God—are meant to be used to serve Him and others. If you do, then you can expect God to increase your capabilities so you can use them to bless more people.

It Starts with Commitment

Taking your skills to the next level would not be possible without the commitment to do so. This commitment demands passion, time, effort, and consistency. However, when you see the outcome of your hard work, all your sacrifices will be worth it.

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