37 Simple Ways to Love a Woman

37 Simple Ways to Love a Woman
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Is this your first time having a girlfriend? Are you getting married soon, and you want to be a better husband to your wife? Or do you simply want to know how to properly love a woman because you want to prepare for your future relationship?

Wanting to be a better man for a woman you consider special is a noble desire. But, of course, you know she deserves the best, so you have to work on becoming better. Thus, if you want to be a better boyfriend or husband, you can instill the following ways to love a woman.

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Treat Her Like A Queen

1. Be A Gentleman To Her.

Always treat your girl like you would want your mom, sister, or daughter to be treated by others. For instance, carry the heavy stuff for her and always let her choose from the menu first during dates.

2. Cook Her Favorite Food.

Most women love eating, so make it a habit to cook your girl’s favorite meals. She would love you all the more for them!

3. Give Her A Massage After A Stressful Day.

Does she always come home exhausted from work? Give her a relaxing foot and body massage before going to sleep.

4. Serve Her When She Is Tired.

Aside from the massage, she will surely appreciate it if you prepare breakfast or dinner for her during tiring workdays.

5. Give Her Presents.

Simple gifts during ordinary days, such as chocolates, comfy slippers, or lipsticks of her favorite shades, will make her eyes sparkle for sure.

6. Help Her With Chores, Especially The Heavy Ones.

Do the laundry and clean the bathroom if you want her to see you as a superhero. Washing and drying the dishes every meal will also make her smile.

7. Take Care Of Her.

Pamper your girl whether she is sick or not. For example, encourage her to get enough sleep, buy her vitamins, and deliver lunch to her office.

Be Proud Of Her

8. Hold Her Hand In The Public.

Holding her hand while walking in the mall or strolling around the park will make her feel how proud you are of your relationship.

9. Flex Her On Social Media.

You do not lose privacy by simply posting your photos together on social media once in a while.

10. Encourage Her To Pursue Her Dreams.

Make your girl feel that you believe in her capabilities. Be supportive of her dreams.

11. Praise Her Infront Of Other People.

Whether you are with your social circle or hers, do not forget to mention something good about your partner, like how a thoughtful or hardworking woman she is.

12. Compliment How She Looks.

Before going out, tell her that you like her dress or how she looks good with her hairstyle.

13. Introduce Her To Your Family And Friends.

If you are new together, do not hide her from your peers or family. Bring your girlfriend to your friend’s party and invite her to your parents’ house for dinner.

14. Celebrate Her Achievements.

Be her no. 1 fan. Take her out on a celebration date whenever she has accomplished a goal.

37 Simple Ways to Love a Woman
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Value Her Trust

15. Do Not Lie To Her.

Never ever lie to her about anything. Once she caught you lying even once, it would be hard for her to believe you again.

16. Never Flirt With Other Girls.

There is no such thing as harmless flirting. It is still cheating, which you will not do to someone you love.

17. Give Her Access To Your Phone And Social Media Accounts.

Transparency will help your girl trust you more since she is assured that you do not hide anything from her.

18. Be Open To Her About Your Temptations.

Being open about your weakness is another way of telling her that you are fighting your demons for her.

19. Share Your Secrets With Her.

Your girlfriend or wife will feel honored to be trusted.

20. Do Not Badmouth Her To Other People.

Even if you have a misunderstanding, avoid criticizing your girl in front of others. You cannot take your words back once you have reconciled.

21. Keep Your Intimate Moments To Yourself.

Your partner would not be too happy once she finds out that you share your private moments with your friends.

37 Simple Ways to Love a Woman
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Give Her Freedom

22. Do Not Stop Her From Seeing Her Friends.

You would not want her to keep you from your friends, right? So then, do not do it to her too.

23. Avoid Being Easily Jealous.

While a bit of jealousy can spice up your relationship, too much can be toxic. So avoid being jealous of every guy she talks to.

24. Do Not Be Possessive Of Her.

She may be your girlfriend or wife, but you do not own her. She still has the right to decide for herself, have her own social life, and pursue what she wants.

25. Respect Her Opinions And Beliefs.

You should not impose your principles, beliefs, and preferences on her. You have to respect your differences.

Protect Her From Yourself

26. Avoid Being Rude To Her In Words Or Actions.

As a gentleman, you should avoid raising your tone and using harsh words to your woman even if you are angry. Instead, do your best to treat her gently all the time.

27. Never Hurt Her.

No matter how intense your fight is, be careful not to hurt your girl physically or emotionally. Just leave the scene if you feel like losing your patience.

28. Do Not Embarrass Her In Public.

Do not argue with your girlfriend or wife in front of other people. If you want to correct her, do it privately.

29. Be More Understanding.

Women are prone to mood swings due to hormonal changes, so be more patient and understanding.

30. Do Not Compare Her To Other Women.

Your girl is unique. You cannot inspire her to be better by citing other women you admire. It would only make her insecure and jealous.

31. Be Humble And Apologize When You Are Wrong.

Do not let your pride ruin your relationship. Admit it and apologize sincerely when you know you have committed a mistake.

32. Avoid Doing The Things You Know Can Upset Her.

To avoid hurting your girl’s feelings, be sensitive to her dislikes.

Be A Positive Influence On Her

33. Lead Her To Be Closer To God.

In a spiritual realm, the man is called to be the family leader. So, bring her to church, initiate prayer and Bible study time with her, and make it your relationship goal to be more Christlike.

34. Change Yourself For The Better.

If you love your girl, you should pursue being the better version of yourself. Get rid of your bad habits and attitude.

35. Inspire Her To Take Care Of Herself.

Why not introduce some health and fitness goals to her? Then, plan your workout schedules together and decide on having healthy meal plans.

36. Encourage Her To Focus On Her Priorities.

Instead of being a distraction, help her focus on her priorities and responsibilities.

37. Correct Her Gently.

Love does not tolerate mistakes. So if you know your partner is doing something wrong, you have to rebuke her gently.

Love With All Your Heart

Women, in general, are complex beings. You need enough patience and understanding to love a woman. But, more than all the abovementioned ways, you can be the best partner to your girlfriend or wife if you fully commit yourself to the relationship. So, be ready for sacrifices and compromises along the way.

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