11 Things Girls Want in a Relationship

Things Girls Want in a Relationship

Entering a relationship is not as easy as going on a regular date and talking over the phone until the wee hours of the night. If you want to be the best boyfriend who can keep his relationship long-lasting, then you need to find out what your girlfriend needs. 

Girls are unique creations of God who have been made intricately beautiful. They may be hard to understand at times, especially with their hormonal imbalances, but they are undoubtedly lovable. 

If you love your girlfriend and want to keep her happy and content with your relationship, check out the basic things she needs. 

11 Things Girls Want in a Relationship Video

1. Unconditional Love

Like guys, girls are also flawed, and they long for unconditional love. They know they are not perfect, and sometimes, they are scared that their boyfriends would leave them for their flaws. They hope to be loved without any condition, though. No matter how they look or whatever career they have, they need someone who will love genuinely love them. 

To show unconditional love to your partner, you need to stop pushing her to lose weight or be like the girls you find fantastic on social media. Also, it is not right to threaten your girlfriend that you will leave her for some reason. You have to accept your woman wholeheartedly. 

 2. Security

In connection to unconditional love, girls need security in a relationship. A lot of women feel insecure about themselves quickly. Whenever they think that their boyfriends are attracted to someone else, they feel that they are not attractive anymore. There are also times when they feel bad about themselves because they think they are not good enough. Girls tend to overthink and become paranoid. 

If you love your girlfriend, you need to help her get rid of her insecurities. Do not make her feel taken for granted just because you are surrounded by other ladies who could be better than her. Reassure her that she is the most beautiful woman in your eyes and she does not need to compete with other girls for your attention.

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3. Honesty and Transparency

Open communication is essential in a relationship, and it is what your girlfriend exactly needs from you. As mentioned above, girls can be paranoid. They have a strong gut feeling that you cannot keep secrets from her for too long. She can sense whenever you are lying, and she has ways of finding out the truth.

If you want your girlfriend to trust you–and your relationship to be peaceful–be honest and transparent to her. Avoid lying or keeping secrets. If necessary, give her access to your social media accounts and phone. You have to remove any hint of suspicious behavior from your side. Stop insisting on your privacy if you have nothing to hide. 

4. Mutual Trust

Once there are honesty and transparency in a relationship, trust becomes easier to build. Of course, it is not only you who need to be trusted. You also need to trust your partner. Girls love it whenever their boyfriends trust them.

How can you show trust to your girlfriend? First, do not be too possessive. Allow her to meet her friends and go out with them. Do not prohibit her from talking to other guys. In short, stop being insecure that your girlfriend will easily replace you. 

5. Respect

Respect is also an essential factor in a relationship. Your girl wants and needs respect from you in all areas. You have to respect her principles and beliefs. Moreover, do not force yourself on her sexually. Do not threaten to leave her just because she does not want to give herself to you. True love waits. 

You also have to respect your partner’s decisions. Do not insist your opinions and wants on her. Let her decide for herself and find her own path. You can only suggest, but in the end, it is her who makes the decision.

Things Girls Want in a Relationship
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6. Faithfulness and Loyalty

If you are not a stick-to-one person, then you better not commit to any relationship. All girls want to have a faithful and loyal boyfriend. Faithfulness means you choose not to entertain any temptation of hooking up with someone else. Meanwhile, loyalty means remaining by her side even when you find other girls better than her. 

In short, you must not flirt with anyone else or even try checking out other girls while you are in a relationship. You have to put boundaries on how you treat other ladies. If you cannot commit to this, then just stay single for life. 

7.  Patience and Understanding

Girls also desire to have partners who are patient and understanding. As mentioned earlier, women are mainly complicated because of their hormonal imbalances. Sometimes, they are so sweet and caring, and sometimes they are irritable and emotional. If you do not understand women’s nature, you might only end up hurting your girlfriend or breaking up with her. 

Just like how you wish your partner to be more understanding and patient, be extra careful with your words whenever she is in a tantrum mode. Give her time to cool down and just talk whenever the two of you are already relaxed. 

8.  Appreciation

Your girlfriend longs for compliments and praises. Your appreciations reassure her that you still find her beautiful and special. For this reason, do not forget to thank her for her efforts to take care of you and tell her how you appreciate what she does. Praising her for every little thing will boost her confidence. 

Another way to make your girl feel appreciated is by being proud of her in public. Hold her hand when walking down the street. Introduce her to family and friends. Post about her on social media (but not too much). 

 9. Commitment and Direction

Your girlfriend surely hopes that your relationship will last and end up in marriage. Right from the start, have the right mindset on why you want to be in a relationship. It should be because you can see yourself building a family with your girlfriend in the future. Therefore, you should be committed to pursuing that goal. 

What should be the right direction for your relationship? As early as now, you must start planning for the future. Both of you must pursue to be physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially stable. Start saving too! 

10.  Practical and Emotional Support

Furthermore, your girl longs for a sensitive and supportive boyfriend. Support her every step of the way. When it comes to her career and passion, show her that you are her no. 1 fan. Encourage her to pursue her dreams and follow her passion.

You also need to be with her emotionally. Girls are more prone to depression because of their hormonal makeup. Make sure to be sensitive whenever she needs someone to be there for her. Also, do not invalidate her pains, even if they seem nonsense to you. Assure her that you understand what she is going through. 

 Things Girls Want in a Relationship
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11.  Personal Growth

Every woman dreams of having a relationship that is healthy enough to promote self-growth. Your relationship should encourage the two of you to be more mature emotionally and mentally. Both of you should work hard to make sure that your relationship will not be toxic. 

Moreover, your relationship must help you both to grow spiritually. As you will be the spiritual head of your family, start to work on making God the center of your relationship. Aside from going to church together, initiate a regular prayer time and devotion sharing. 

Be the Man She Deserves

If you believe that your girlfriend is special and cannot afford to lose her, take good care of that lady. Avoid hurting her in any way, and let her feel that she is secure with you. Also, constantly improve yourself so that you can give your best to her.

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