12 Ways to Make Your Angry Wife Happy and Forgive You

Make Your Angry Wife Happy and Forgive You
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Women can be unpredictable. They can get mad at you without leaving any clue. And when you try to talk to them, they will avoid you and ignore your intention to know what’s going on with them. If your wife is like that, you have to do something to cheer her up and make her forgive you for whatever mistake you have committed.

Remember that the happiness of your wife is essential to the healthy and blissful existence of your marriage. She also serves as the light of your home. Without joy in her heart, your home could be gloomy. Hence, if you love your wife, if you value your marriage and you care for your family, you have to be patient and have the guts to restore and maintain your wife’s happiness.

Here are 12 ways to make your angry wife happy and forgive you:

1. Show humility.
Your pride and ego will only make your wife angrier. Hence, be humble. Be down to Earth so you can lift and elevate your wife’s level of happiness. If you have humility, it will be easier for you to follow the next steps below.

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2. Realize your mistake.
When your wife is mad, do not react with another madness of yours. It will only complicate things. Instead, be proactive and reflect on yourself to find out your faults. Then with your humility, admit your mistakes.

3. Apologize sincerely.
Tell her how sorry you are. Show that you are sincere and you consider your mistake as a serious thing. Making fun of your mistake or her feeling, and taking it lightly will only aggravate your wife’s hatred toward you. Thus, don’t stop apologizing and be consistent with your sincerity.

4. Listen to her complaint.
Let your wife talk to you and unleash her grievances. Make her feel that it’s okay to be open and honest about what she truly feels.

5. Give her time and space.
If you notice that your wife doesn’t want to talk to you or even see your face, give her enough time and space until she wants to. Most women want to spend more time alone to calm themselves when they are angry. Respect their “me” time.

6. Guarantee her that you won’t do the same mistake again.
If she is angry because you have made a big decision without her consent, give her an assurance that it will never happen again. Give her confidence by becoming more open to your wife. Share your plans to her and ask her consent when you make decisions, whether they are big or small.

7. Be compassionate.
Show compassion. Feel her suffering. Make your wife feel that you can also feel her pain. Show her that you understand what she has been going through and you are doing something to solve her problems, not make them worse.

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8. Woo her.
If your wife is mad because you have broken her heart, let her broken heart heal and make it cheerful again by wooing her. Give her flowers, gift her a piece of jewelry, send her a love letter, treat her to a romantic dinner, or just cook her favorite meal. Do everything to win her heart again just like what you did when she first fell in love with you.

9. Give her something she has been longing to have.
Make her happy and forget her resentment by making one of her dreams come true. Is she dreaming of a vacation in a beautiful beach resort? Is she longing to buy that elegant and stylish dress you both saw in a boutique? Do something to make her dreams a reality.

10. Show her that you are working harder to be a better man.
Perhaps she is angry because she is already tired of you. Her patience is already falling short because you don’t change for the better. Make your wife happy again by showing her that you are doing your best to be a better person. Give her hope by starting to break your bad habits. It doesn’t need to be instant. But at least show her that you are progressing and moving forward.

11. Be happier and more forgiving.
Happiness and forgiveness are contagious. If you are a positive and jolly person, your wife might always laugh and smile at you. But if you are always sad and irritated, your wife could lose patience, hope, faith, and happiness in you. She could be infected with your annoyance and may become sad too. Moreover, if you are a forgiving person, it will be easier for your wife to forgive you too. However, if you’re harsh with your wife, she could also be unforgiving with you.

Make your wife happy by producing more happiness within you. In other words, be a happy person so you could influence more happiness to your wife. Be happy and content in life. Learn how to cherish simple things with your wife. Be a role model of joy and happiness. Furthermore, learn how to forgive your wife, as well as yourself. When you are a forgiving person, your wife will not find it hard to forgive you too.

12. Make her feel how much you love her.
Women can be jealous and insecure. They may also feel vulnerable. Those feelings can make them sad, exhausted, and resentful. If you want to make your wife happy and forgive you, show that you are faithful to her. Give her confidence that she’s the only one. And most importantly, love her truly. Love your wife by listening to her, providing her needs, and following her wants, especially if they will make your marriage happier, healthier, and last longer.

So have you ever done something that made your wife mad at you? What did you do to make her smile again and forgive you? What strategies did you use to restore the peace and joy in your marriage? I hope you have learned something from this article.

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  1. This is really problematic advice also it normalizes abuse and if you are in such a relationship im really sorry and hope uou can find your way out

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